Changes In Visitor Traffic Volumes & Conversion Rates

Following the cookie change on 8th September to maintain GDPR compliance in line with ICO guidelines (see this article), some sites have seen a noticeable drop in recorded visitor volumes in Google Analytics. This does not mean your site is receiving less traffic, it means some visitors are not being tracked until after they click to accept cookies. Previously we tracked every initial visit (unless Do Not Track was enabled on the user's device) but then stopped tracking if they didn't click to accept or turned off non-essential cookies.

So in practice, the drop in volumes is mostly going to be from visitors who would visit a single page and then bounce off straightaway and this traffic is of negligible value.

The upside from this is the conversion rate recorded in Google Analytics is likely to increase as the ratio of orders to tracked visitors will be higher. 

How Do I Record Most Visitors & Still Comply With GDPR?

Google is moving its analytics and ad tracking to a consent model and also using aggregated tracking for non-consenting visitors which is in beta mode for a limited number of advertisers. Read more about this on Google

There are other cookieless analytical tracking tools that can collect visitor data and still comply with GDPR,  which are typically chargeable such as fathom. They will also differ in how they classify genuine traffic, real people versus bots and crawlers, so their visitor numbers may not be a direct tally with the way Google works.

Could This Impact my Ad Tracking?

People who purposefully choose to Reject cookies will be excluded from ad tracking data and so there could be an increase in this as the cookie banner has a more visible 'Reject' button than before, again in line with ICO guidance (previously people had to navigate via cookie settings). It is still possible to place an order without clicking 'Accept' first and those orders would not be tracked in that case. The cookie banner has also been made slightly larger to encourage more people to choose their preferred consent.

Will This Affect My Order Levels?

No. Genuine visitors to the site will still continue to place orders, this is just a question of whether they are tracked in Google Analytics and Ads. What it does mean is that some order data is no longer tracked in their tools making order levels look lower if you use these tools for order revenue analysis. However, it has long been the case that Google has had discrepancies tracking this data even between its own tools, and neither does it exclude returns and cancellations. The correct and accurate place to get your order data is from REC+ > Reports > Order Information Report or Report Builder where you can build your own custom management reports.

In Summary

Changes were enacted to make sure we closely follow ICO the latest guidelines on cookie tracking. Do not be alarmed if your visitor numbers have reduced since 8th September 2021, your conversion rates will likely have increased as a counter-balance to this and it will not impact your ability to take orders. For accurate order revenue data use the tools available within REC+.

GDPR Compliance & Warranties

We recommend all website owners regularly check their GDPR compliance as it remains your responsibility to be compliant. This means ensuring you regularly scan your site for cookies, especially after adding or removing any 3rd party scripts, and provide a means for visitors to enact their preferences. Our cookie manager tool is provided free to help you record and display your cookies but is not in itself a warranty for GDPR compliance. You must also ensure your cookie and privacy policies reflect your current GDPR compliance practices. We can provide cookie scans and updates to cookie manager for a charge of £295+VAT.


Server Infrastructure Upgrade Tues 14th September 2021


As described in previous bulletins, as part of our continuous investment in the technology that powers your website and provides security and data backups, we are upgrading our infrastructure next Tuesday, 14th September starting at 7am. This means your website will be offline until the upgrade is completed and a temporary notice will be displayed to visitors as shown below.


The upgrade will take a number of hours to complete and so you should expect your site to become available again during the course of early afternoon onwards.


During this period visitors will not be able to access web pages nor place / view orders and site administrators will not be able to login.


You can visit your normal website domain URL to see if it available online again and once it is then continue to login and administer your site as normal.


No. We are copying all existing data across to the new infrastructure and have already performed some test migrations to ensure data integrity.


Go to our WildfireNet twitter account to view updates and remember to follow us:


Raise a support ticket or send us an email to [email protected] and we will respond as soon as possible. 

New in REC+: Scheduled emails, Lloyds Bank Cardnet, Product review images

Feature Spotlight

  • Scheduled emails
    Through our built in Email Manager you can now schedule when to send your email campaigns ahead of time, contact us to enable this new feature.
    These scheduled emails are also now shown on the dashboard so you can see which emails are scheduled to be sent out soon.

  • Lloyds Bank Cardnet payment processor now available
    Available in Admin > Payment Processors & enter connection details in Admin > Connect > Payment Processors > Lloyds Bank Cardnet Connect

  • Product review images
    You can now let customers upload images with their reviews. Contact us for design changes, a small charge applies.
    New Site Setting: Ecommerce > Product Ratings > Show New/Pending Reviews
    New Site Setting: Ecommerce > Product Ratings > Allow users to upload image on Product Reviews
    New Template Tag: {{ review.images }}
    New System Page: review_image_upload_terms_and_conditions
    New Template: /0-base/css/modules/review-images.css
    New Template: /0-base/html/store/product_info/reviews_terms_of_use.html.twig
    New Template: /0-base/js/modules/review-images.js
    Modified Template: /responsive-base/html/store/product_info/reviews.html.twig
  • Prospect Manager export
    In Quote / Prospect Manager you can now export a CSV of filtered results allowing you to work with these directly via Excel if needed.


  • Checkout personal or business account toggle switch
    When customers register or checkout on your site, you can let them pick between registering for a personal or business account.
    Admin > Site Settings > Ecommerce > Checkout > Enable Account Type Switch
  • New tags on Invoices for showing delivery options and per line statuses
    This allows further flexibility within your invoice templates. Small charge for design.
  • Youtube thumbnails on product pages
    You can now pull in youtube thumbnails rather than just a play button on product pages with videos on them.
    A designer will need to add {{ youtube_thumbail('youtube video url') }} into the product_info.html.twig template file in the relevant place for the thumbnail image url. Small charge applies.
  • Addon & bundle component audit improvements
    Changes to addons and bundles now add their related product codes to their automated audits to help you track changes on products easier.
  • VAT switcher now shows Inc vs Ex VAT on checkout totals.
    Helping to clarify which price is being shown when switching between showing inc or ex vat prices on a site.


  • Search tags & blacklist improvements
    We've been working to decrease spam searches on websites, these are where malicious bots make searches on your site to submit spam, fill up popular searches with irrelevant terms, attempt to find security issues and so on.
    As well as improvements to this we've redesigned our Admin > Tag Wall Manager which exposes popular searches as well as blacklist terms, where words in a soft blacklist are not recorded, and words in the hard blacklist are blocked entirely.
  • Simpler add page screen
    To make managing new pages simpler on sites that use content blocks we've added a faster new page screen as well as a new way to import pages faster.

    Admin > Site Settings > General > Miscellaneous > "Use simpler add screens where available"
  • Added a new section type content block
    Sections allow for greater control over large section/blocks of content on sites with support for showing images or video to the side of ckeditor content, e.g.
    {{ rec_block("Example section type", type="section", unique=true, repeatable=true) }}

API / Integration

  • Unleashed dismiss error
    On the Unleashed Log area in admin, in the error filters we now have buttons to dismiss errors that have been manually resolved on Unleashed directly.
    Unleashed Log > view entry > Dismiss / Un-Dismiss button.
  • Unleashed > new defines for sales groups
    3 new defines available for this: UNLEASHED_SALES_ORDER_GROUP__RETAIL/TRADE/DEALER
  • Tradebox manufacturer and VAT class
    New tradebox csv columns: Item VAT Class, Item Manufacturer, Combined Manufacturer VAT Class
  • API > added order verification info to the orders responses.
    Available in the API > Orders resource > "payment_data" object.


IMPORTANT: Server Infrastructure Upgrade

The Server Infrastructure Upgrade is being planned for 14th & 15th September and there will be scheduled downtime whilst it takes place. Further information will be provided in early September regarding timings and progress updates.

New in REC+: EU IOSS Reporting, Partial Shipments, Large File Uploads and more

Feature Spotlight

  • EU IOSS reporting
    Further to our EU IOSS compliance, we now help you report this data back to your accountants with the following reports:
    Admin > Reports > EU IOSS Reports > 2 new reports available for Country Summary or Order Line Details
    Details about EU IOSS data is also now shown on the orders CSV export directly on each order screen above the items. 
  • EU IOSS reload data
    You can now reload the saved EU IOSS data on orders quickly against any order through a new option on the order screen sidebar.
    Read more about EU IOSS
  • Partial Shipments
    On orders that contain multiple items where some are out of stock, you may want to let your customers decide between you sending the entire order, or sending them as and when items are available in partial shipments. You can offer this question to customers at checkout with the follow setting and wording which can be changed via these Site Definitions: 
    Site Settings > Delivery > Enable Delivery Options
  • Backorder required
    When ordering items that require backorders you can now auto change those order lines to this status to help you identify them in order manager (also flagged in the order email). 
    You can also enable this order status onto order manager as a dedicated tab for quickly reviewing orders that are awaiting backorder items. 
    New backorder_required state & Backorder Required status, disabled by default.
    Enabling the status, enables the feature.


  • "Is Addon" enabled products are now auto removed from more areas of the site. 
    You can prevent visitors landing directly on the addon product URL instead redirecting the user away with the following setting:
    Admin > Site Settings > Ecommerce > Products > Prevent direct URL access to addons (Shows a 404 screen for the product instead)
  • Addons options support
    Addons now also support displaying the addon's product options onto the product page, this allows you to pull in any product as an addon without issue. if they have  options present.
    Note: This may require a chargeable template change to fully apply. 
  • Cart bundle components reload data
    When an order that contains bundles is placed it saves which items made this up and the totals for each item, which it then uses to send to 3rd party services such as Tradebox. 
    You can now reload the saved bundle components data quickly against any order through a new option on the order screen sidebar.


  • Large file & drag and drop uploads
    There is now a new Form Builder field type that allows large file uploads from customers with drag and drop support from their desktop (up to 100mb total between multiple files).
    New field type in form builder > UI - Large File Uploader
    Note: This requires a Premium Commerce licence upgrade and bespoke pricing for storage and server capacity.
  • Blog posts array access for easier templating
    You can now access all blog posts in the category shell file (used to pull posts onto pages and blog category pages) 
    The new blog.blog_items_raw tag allows quick access to this.


  • API Accounts can now have data access filtered to specific group based pricing. 
    This is useful for offering public API access to specific user groups (e.g. dealers) so their developers can pull in new products and updates to pricing while making sure they only get their specific group prices shown as well as retail prices. 
    Admin > API Accounts > Edit > Extras > Group prices filter
  • Webhook account owners
    You can now set webhooks to be owned/controlled by a separate API account.
    This allows setting the group/pricing permissions of an API Account and having webhooks respect this data based on their owner.
    Admin > API Webhooks > Add/Edit > Owner API Account.
  • API HTTP response status filtering
    Allowing you to filter logs to error statuses for faster debugging.
    API Accounts & Webhooks > Logs > Filter status (new dropdown)

Development &  Servers

  • Server Updates
    We've been working on changes to move to new more powerful and modern servers, more updates to follow on this. 


New in REC+: EU IOSS Compliance, Shared Product Reviews and more

Feature Spotlight

  • EU IOSS compliance
    We fully support the optional EU IOSS framework as part of our Premium Ecommerce licence upgrade.
    Read more.
  • Shared product reviews
    If you have very similar products (such as different products for each size available, or a products that's part of a bundle) you can now share reviews across products to fill out your review tabs on the related product pages. 
    Edit Product > Reviews > Shared Reviews
  • Option level stock alerts
    Customers can now subscribe to stock level alerts for the exact option combinations of size, colour etc. 
    (Note:This may require a chargeable template change to enable on your site)


  • Exclude from price list
    If you're using the daily or weekly price list update emails to send to your user groups (e.g. dealers), you can now prevent sending specific products with this new switch: 
    Edit Product > Main Details > Exclude from price list update emails
  • Blocklist improvements
    We've completely reworked our blocklist system to better block the increase in search spam bots using offensive search terms that can make their way onto tag walls but also flood the site and slow down requests for real customers. The changes either fully block requests for the worst offenders, while for potential false positive we allow them to search but don't record the search so that it won't appear on tag walls. 
  • Email tasks that send order items can now be filtered to only send when those items are still in stock
    This allows you to send re-fill or re-purcahse emails knowing that the items are still in stock.
    Email Tasks > Criteria > Only send if the products are In Stock
  • Currency rates can now be saved on an hourly basis
    Normally we save currency rates daily if they are used, however with this new setting you can save each hour on the hour, especially useful for EU IOSS compliance and capturing currency rates. 
    Settings > Prices & VAT > Displaying Prices > Currency > "Re-download currency rates every hour. (If not enabled, we'll use the regular cache time to download which is daily)."


  • Sitemaps
    We've disabled the ability to cache sitemaps, this was originally added to help speed up the generation for these on large sites however we've optimised this over the last few years so it generates in seconds live and there's no longer any reason to have to keep generating this manually. 

Development &  Servers

  • JUNE/JULY - Server Updates
    We've been working on changes to move to new more powerful and modern servers, more updates to follow on this. 
  • JUNE - Twitter API updates
    Updated to keep our Twiter auto posting integration up to date. 

New in REC+: Product Addons, Smart Types, Additional Unleashed Features and more

Feature Spotlight

  • Product Addons
    Product Addons allows you to prominently display additional products / services on the product page which the buyer can choose to add to their order if they want them. For example, addons could be useful additional parts, warranties or other services like gift wrapping.
    There is a new Add-ons tab on Edit product to add the required products.
    These addons show through on product info pages, quick shop, manual orders and customer re-order screens.  
    Note: May require template changes which are chargeable.
    Read more about addons
  • Smart Types
    Smart Types allow a way to define a user's primary group classification on a site primarily for reporting purposes currently, but this might be extended. 
    Read more about Smart Types


  • Export counts
    Exports of products now have counts showing on them so you can quickly work out if you need to increase the export limits. Applies to some other exports too.
  • Batch product processor update by product ID list
    Batch product processor now let's you search for products to update based on lists of product IDs, e.g. if you have a spreadsheet of products to update, you can copy the ID column values and paste them into this new search field.
  • Product filter now offers a quick reset button
    Especially useful for when you have many filters on a page and you want to let your users reset everything at once.
    Admin > Product Filter App Manager > Show a reset button
  • Delivery manager warnings
    Delivery manager now warns you if you have regions setup that are in countries where you don't have a default entry for the country setup, or when you don't have the required ISO code data added on the regions (needed for 3rd party integrations such as delivery systems and some payment processors)
  • Price list change email updates
    Price list update emails now only log a single primary reason against them, e.g. price changes and discontinued items will prioritse the reason for the change as being discontinued. 
  • Expert answers > All tab
    There is a new tab in Admin > Expert Answers > 'All" which offers a quick way to lookup recently asked/answered questions without needing to go through all products once the question leaves the 'New' tab. 
  • Per user group setting around allowing backorders. 
    This feature allows certain groups to still order your out of stock items, e.g. your dealers. 
    Admin > User Groups > Edit > Stock > Allow Back Orders?
  • Switch added to allow delivery price bands to include coupons in the total or not.
    By default, coupons aren't included when calculating delivery price bands to make sure the user gets the same price before and after discounts. This new setting allows you to calculate delivery price bands including or excluding the coupon amounts.
    Admin > Site Settings > Delivery > Calculate delivery price bands based on item total less discounts/coupons.


  • Page delete audits now log names
    The audits now keep track of the name & slug of deleted pages.
  • Email Manager > Send to users using pasted in email addresses 
    This new feature allows you to paste in multiple email addresses to send emails to, while maintaining GDPR compliance by checking if each has a record in the system and if they allow us to send emails to them.
    Read more about how this could be used


  • Product description layouts
    This feature allows designers to create more interesting templates for products and allows admins to choose between multiple product description designs. 
    The product description layouts is a new dropdown on edit product screen that only shows when there's more than just the default file in the html/store/product_info/descriptions/ folder.
    The default is default.html.twig which literally only contains the description tag, this allows quickly copying the file to a new name to work with.


  • Options sync key
    This can be used as a common code (other than ID) to keep options in sync such as with Multi Store.


  • Unleashed integration updates
    Our Unleashed integration is now fully out of beta and supports a range of additional options such as:
    Setting prefixes for order & customer IDs to allow sending orders from multiple sites to a single Unleashed account
    Filtering to only send retail customers orders over
    Send all products en mass to Unleashed, especially useful for after imports, batch updates,  price updates etc. 

Development & Servers

  • Google cookie updates, and (the older) domains are now included with the Google Adwords Cookies as well as other updates to their cookies used to keep your cookie complience in check. 
    Please remember to review your site cookies from time to time to make sure your site remains compliant. 


New in REC+: Email & Prospect Manager Improvements, Google My Business, Multistore & More

Email Manager export feature
Export user emails based on who did or didn't open an email or click links, eitheras email addresses or Google Ads Customer Match data.
This could be useful for either cleaning out your email lists, or to re-send modified emails to those who didn't open them before, or to send emails to people who have shown an interest by opening an email but not clicked a link. You can then use these email addresses for targeting in a new campaign.
Read more

Prospect Manager improvements
A range of user experience improvements including:
- search for users based on postcode
- quick add users allows setting postcodes as well
- improvements to opening links in same or new tabs via new icons

Price list additional column data
We now show your customers/dealers additional product info in the price lists such as weight, image, descriptions and more. 


Google My Business Widgets
Adding to the Google my business reviews collection we now have, these widgets allow marking reviews as featured, as well as displaying widgets easily:
Admin > Google Reviews > Featured
Twig templates > google_reviews('slider', max="10", minScore="0", featured=false)

Multi Store Replica Differences Report
These improvements allow you to more easily see the differences between a product on the master and replica site (which is important because you can set what data is synchronised or able to be overwritten or not).
On a per product basis go to Edit Product > Multi Store tab on the replica site.
Reports > "Multi Store > Replica Diffs" report

Google shopping feed flag for auto marking items as custom if they don't have GTINs given
Adds new ?gtin_or_custom=1 for /product_feed.csv


You can no longer delete your own user
Previously if you were an admin you could delete other admins which included yourself which is now resolved.


New in REC+: Unleashed software integration , PayPal Commerce, Bundle improvements and more

Feature Spotlight

  • Unleashed & Xero Integration
    REC+ now integrates with Unleashed's inventory management software designed to help businesses manage their stock and manufacturing processes with integration into Xero accounts. The integration allows products to be populated into Unleashed from the website, the creation of new customers and orders and stock control, plus matching product categories, manufacturers and user group price lists.
    You can view each order has been sent to Unleashed on the order information screen, as well as new export/reports to help you relate your categories, manufacturers and user groups between the website and Unleashed.
    As well as the connection to Unleashed, we offer logs of all activity back and forth, a way to simulate events, ability to sync specific products and settings to control whic data is synchronised. 
    Read more about how Unleashed integrates with REC+ on freshdesk and what to do next.

    Unleashed software

  • PayPal Commerce
    Paypal have launched their new Commerce Platform with the potential fotr better rates and the ability to show the form collecting card details embeded directly into the checkout process. All data continues to be stored and handled by Paypal who remain responsible for PCI compliance.
    Read our freshdesk article on how to set this up on your REC+ site, alternatively we can implement this for you for a small charge, contact us via a support ticket. 

  • Product Bundles improvements:
    A range of improvements have been made to the product bundle system allowing the bundle order lines to be split into their components for integration; syncing the prices, costs and weights and discounts of the component lines so that these are added up onto the overall product bundle for you. 
    This also supports bundles made from components with different VAT rates ahead of new legislation that is under consultation. 
    Here's a preview of some of the new options available, contact us to find out how bundles can work for your site:

  • User VAT & EORI Numbers
    Collect customer VAT and EORI numbers at checkout to help when shipping to business customers in the EU
    Enable this via: Admin > Site Settings > Ecommerce > Checkout > Request Customer VAT & EORI Numbers
    New definitions are available in case you want to rename these: VAT_NUMBER, EORI_NUMBER, VAT_NUMBER_HELPER_TEXT, EORI_NUMBER_HELPER_TEXT
    This changes some existing template tags: Invoice - user.vat_number => order_tax_ref and user.vat_label => order_tax_ref_label
    As well as adding in some new ones: Invoice & Purchase Order - user.vat_number, user.vat_number_label, user.eori_number and user.eori_number_label 
    Read the full article here (scroll just over halfway down). There is a charge of £395+VAT to help set this up for you.

  • Google My Business (GMB) Reviews Integration
    This new integration allows you to pull GMB reviews of your business from Google and store them in your website. 
    These reviews can currently be displayed on a page via the template system, or via the reviewsonmywebsite service, however we plan to add a page app soon so you can easily show off your reviews on any page. 
    Connect via: Admin > Connect > SEO/Analytics > Google My Business
    View your GMB reviews in Admin via the new Google Reviews link in the program sidebar.
    You can read in full about how we handle reviews and complaints on our freshdesk article

  • Google Customer Reviews (ecommerce orders)
    Google Customer Reviews are collected from your customers after they place an order on your ecommerce site. When customers reach your thanks page at the end of the checkout process, a popup will appear from Google asking if they can contact them later about their purchase.
    If the customer clicks YES they are emailed by Google approximately 8 days later to ask how the order went and about each item in the order.  These can earn review stars which Google can then display on Ads. Here's a preview of the Google popup:


    Connect this up in Admin > Connect > SEO > Google Analytics > Merchant ID & Enable Google Customer Reviews popup on the thanks page.

  • Email Manager Export Including Google / Facebook Ads Customer Match
    Export email addresses from campaigns in Email Manager > Sent Email as either email addresses only, or in a format ready to use with Google and Facebook's Ads Customer Match systems (email addresses, names, country and postcode).

    Email export for Google Ads Customer Match

Report Builder

A range of new reports and features have been added to Report builder including:

  • Form scores
    You can now report on your CES or NPS ratings collected by your forms over time. 
  • Custom titles
    Add your own custom titles for each report to make them more meaningful for your business, rather than using the default titles. 
  • Actions & comments
    Add and keep track of actions in the new Actions & Comments field which is available at the footer of the report you are building and can be included on the report when it is produced. 
  • Line chart totals
    Line charts now show a total/summary line above them to with the differences between the current and comparison date ranges.


  • SMS & Postal marketing opt in on guest checkout registration
    Gain GDPR consent for SMS or direct mail marketing campaigns during the checkout process or by editing the user profile data in User Manager. These new opt-in fields are also included in the Users export. You can change the wording that displays during registration in Site Definitions > CHECKOUT_POSTAL_OPT_IN_TEXT & CHECKOUT_SMS_OPT_IN_TEXT
    Turn this on via Admin > Site Settings > General > Registration > Newsletter > Enable Opt-In SMS Signup / Direct Mail Signup.
  • Detailed order report now includes cost & profit margin data per order line
    This report now includes Cost & Profit Margin columns as it gives you order line detail, as opposed to the Order Profitability Report which only reports this information at the overall order level. This report can also now be downloaded for you to use in Excel. 
  • Product Issues Report includes variations
    Checks added for Duplicate Variation Codes, Product Options Without Variations and Variations Without Product Options to help you track down common issues when you need to use unique variation codes for integration.
  • "Possible missing variation combinations" on products
    On the product options tab under variations, there are suggested additional variation combinations of options to prompt you to set up all possible combinations. 
    Edit product > options tab > under variations table it'll now show "Possible missing variation combinations" if any are found.
  • Tradebox order transmission indicator
    When using Sage / Tradebox integration, in Order Manager > order screen there is an indicator to show the order was sent to Tradebox plus a link to the full log entry for additional details of other orders included in the batch. This is useful if there is an issue on an order within a batch that then stops Tradebox processing the whole batch.

  • Stop back orders being taken only on specific products
    If your site is set to take backorders (i.e. you take the order even if there is no stock available) you can now stop certain products from being sold by entering a "0" into the  "Stop Selling When Stock Qty Reaches This Amount" on the product record in the Stock tab. This allows more control on what you wish to sell. 
    Enable this via Site Settings > Stock > "Stop Back Orders Via Stop Selling Qty Field"
  • PayPal Order ID Prefix - For use on multiple sites using the same Paypal account
    If you use the same PayPal account for taking payments on multiple sites,  use this new setting to prefix your order IDs so that they remain unique across 2 or more sites (otherwise a previously used order ID will cause a conflict with Paypal).
    Available in Admin > Connect > Payment Processors > PayPal Order ID Prefix
  • Improved product ajax audits
    With this behind the scenes feature we've been working to improve our reports around related product data such as options, attributes, images, variations and more.

User Management

  • Receive Notifications When New Businesses Register
    Receive an email notification when new businesses register on your site so you can follow up with them accordingly. These are identified as a new business by virtue of them entering their company name in the Business Name field during registration.  
    Set this up in Email Notifications > New Business User Registration emails. 

  • Filter for 'Businesses only' in User Manager & Email Manager
    Filter to list businesses only instead of including all retail customers in User Manager and Email Manager for better targeting. 


  • Improved Content Block Tag Filtering
    New filters have been added in Admin > Content Blocks to help manage larger number of content blocks. 
  • Module item meta tags
    Available on add/edit module item pages in a new meta tags area at the bottom of the form to help set those tags for improved SEO.


  • New email templates for: Double Opt In Email, Quote Email, User Registration Email.
    With these now in place, all system generated event-based emails should now have moved from Page Manager to templates
    Available in the /html/email/templates/ template folders.
  • Additional product template tags in product_info.html.twig.
    New arrays available for: {{ dump(product.categories) }}, {{ dump(product.options_array) }} and {{ dump(product.filter_tags_array) }}
  • Customer home template
    A new template around the text content shown on the customer logged in homepage is available here: /html/customer_home/content.html.twig allowing you to add more custom content or list products via the templates here. 


  • Google my business reviews available via /api/v1/google-reviews
    Business reviews can now be pulled in here and this can be used via the template system with easy ways to access lists of reviews or averages for creating badges showing star ratings etc. 
  • User controller post multi users now shows email & mem code in responses
    To help 3rd party devs with debugging we now output additional data in batch responses to help track down issue data. 
  • Product API: Improvements to variation code error handling
    Variation code errors would previously halt the update of a product but now these allow the main product (and batches of products) to update, while reporting back that the request was only a partial success if there were errors involved during the variation updates.
  • Products list by tags, can be useful especially when calling the api via template system to list out a specific tag of products.
    If you're building something more custom around product tags and you want to pull in specific filtered products without use of the product filter system you can now do so via the api. 


What's New & Important In 2021

In this newsletter we are going to cover a number of important subjects including legislative changes affecting VAT, Google's latest algorithm change, an upcoming upgrade to your website server infrastructure plus the newest ecommerce features in REC+.

VAT Legislative & Customs Changes 

1. EORI Numbers & Country of Origin

Brexit has meant that you are required to provide your EORI Number and Country of Origin information on product lines, which we have described in previous bulletins. You can now also store individual customers' EORI and VAT numbers on their user record should you need to refer to them. Go to freshdesk article

2. EU VAT Changes 1st July 2021

New rules come into effect for the calculation and collection of VAT when selling to the EU as outlined on the EU website and also described on the Sage website. We will be issuing a software update for this before the changes come into effect.

3. UK VAT on Product Bundles

A consultation is underway until end March 2021 to clarify the law on how VAT is calculated for product bundles where there are products with differing VAT rates. We will be pre-emptively issuing a software update to handle this in the coming weeks.

Note: Product Bundles was offered free of charge to use until 31st January 2021 and that offer has now expired. Please contact us for pricing.

Google Page Experience

Google is changing its algorithm to include a new signal for page experience. Here's what it means to you...

1. Mobile Friendly

Most sites are now mobile friendly. If yours isn't then this is a great time to get in touch to discuss moving to a refreshed site design that looks great on mobile devices too.


Your site should be running under HTTPS. If yours isn't then we can help you to migrate and provide you with a free SSL certificate.

3. ALT Text

We already automatically produce ALT text on your product images, however make sure you have ALT text set on any images you add to pages and blog content.

4. Pop-ups

Also known as interstitials, when these are intrusive then that's a no-no. Having to close 3 pop-ups when you load up a website is not what a good user experience is about.

5. Page Load

Pages should load quickly without content jumping around as it does so, like you might've seen on some large news websites where you click on the wrong thing as the content is still rendering. It's important to note that having a lot of plugins on pages can also slow down load times.

We can perform a technical analysis on the home, product and category pages to identify issues or improvements you may wish to proceed with. The cost is £595+VAT. 

6. Safe Browsing

Since 2007, Google has steered visitors away from search results where the website looks like it has been compromised. This has never concerned us as we deploy multiple layers of overlapping security and application scanning to keep your site protected.

Faster Page Load + Extra Security + Reduced Bandwidth

Cloudflare is a free service that serves page content faster and increases security further. In January alone, Cloudflare stopped over 280,000 potentially malicious events on the sites we have it deployed across. In addition it reduces bandwidth usage which enables us to keep your service charges lower, especially as sites grow in size which then increases your charges.

Contact us to schedule moving to Cloudflare.

Website Infrastructure Upgrade

As part of our continuous investment in the technology that powers your website, provides security and data backups, we are planning to upgrade our infrastructure in the coming months. We are currently planning this with our data centre specialists and will advise of more details in due course including secheduled downtime slots for data migrations. 

Newest Ecommerce Features

These are some of the latest / most useful recent ecommerce features.

1. Report Builder

Build custom ecommerce performance reports to analyse your success across a range of metrics including revenues, delivery, payment, returns, ease-of-use ratuings and more. 

Available in beta preview till 30th April 2021. Access via Reports > Report Builder.

2. Sage Integration

Integrate your web orders and stock levels with Sage via Tradebox, which also integrates with Amazon and ebay. Contact us to discuss your requirements.

3. Unleashed & Xero Integration

Integrate your website with Unleashed's best practice inventory management software and Xero for accounts. Used by manufacturers, wholesalers and distributors.

Contact Unleashed directly to discuss your requirements first.

4. Google Customer Reviews

Collect reviews via Google and have your star-ratings appear in Google Ads. Combine this with REC+ Expert Answers to provide buying assistance at the point of interest.

5. SMS & Direct Mail Opt-in

Collect consent for SMS marketing and direct mail campaigns via the checkout process, in compliance with GDPR. use this data with your preferred 3rd party services to send SMS and direct mail.

6. Offer Paypal Credit On High Value Products

Make it easier to pay on high value products by offering Paypal Credit on select product pages. Another popular alternative is Klarna. 

New in REC+: Global Search, Report Builder, Top level GTINs and more

Feature Spotlight

  • Global Search
    This fantastic new feature is available to the top right of the admin screen you'll now find a search icon that lets you quickly search key areas of your site admin. 

    Key areas this covers: Orders & Invoices (by ID), Customers (by ID, Name or Business Name), Products (by ID, Code or Name), Product Variations (by Code), Categories (by ID or Name), Manufacturers (by ID or Name), Pages (by ID, Name or Slug). 
    The autocomplete will start to show after 3 characters entered, but you can also press enter to force showing the autocomplete, e.g. if you're looking for product 42. 
  • Report Builder BETA PREVIEW
    This is a powerful new reporting tool to help you better understand your ecommerce business. Based on the order info reports, Report Builder allows you to build a print/pdf-able report with selected combinations of data including ecommerce, google analytics & adwords data and form scores.
    There is support for date ranges as well as comparison dates, and you can also build re-usable report templates to generate them more quickly next time. 
    Available in: Admin > Reports > Report Builder

  • Email Task Criteria
    Filter your email tasks to send when customers buy from specific categories, manufacturers & product tags.
    When add/editing an email task you'll now find a new criteria area where you can add these rules. 
  • Top level GTIN fields on products & variations
    We now have fields directly on products & their variations for GTINs to use instead of having to add these via product attributes. 
    Available in: Add Product > Barcode / GTIN, as well as on Edit Product > Main details > Barcode / GTIN and Edit Product > Options > Variations > GTIN against each variation.


  • CurrencyLayer enhanced / international currencies support.
    We offer a default currency integration with the ECB (European Central Bank) but CurrencyLayer is a paid service where you can gain additional currency rates such as TWD (Taiwanese Dollar)
    Available to set up in Admin > Connect > CurrencyLayer > Currency Adapter,
    once set up, you can enable in Admin > Settings > Prices & VAT > Currency Adapter
    Contact us about setting up a currency converter onto your site such as in your header for easy customer access. A small charge applies.
  • Make/Model/Year filtering in Admin of your auto parts site 
    In product manager & the auto parts export you can now filter based on your make, model & year options just like customers can on the front end of your site. 
    The MMY export has also been optimised and enhanced to make sure exporting multiple chunks of data keeps the variable option & attribute columns the same. 
  • Order Info Report Speed Improvements.
    We've improved speed so you can view reports and  analyse your performance.
  • Added postcode helper icons next to all postcode input fields around the site.
    These link over to to help international customers find out about their postcode or if they are in a country that doesn't have postcodes then they recommend entering 00000 where needed. 
  • Google product feed can now auto send category name as a custom label.
    Speeding up Google Ads campaign management.
    Enable in: Site Settings > Ecommerce > Show Categories as Custom Labels in the Google Product Feed
  • Google product feed now auto removes any enquiry-only products from the feed
    Products without the price showing and ability to buy online are not allowed in the Google Products as per Google's terms of use.
    To make complying with this easier we now auto remove those enquiry only products from the feed for you the same as draft or discontinued products. 
  • Edit Product "return to products manager" link has been replaced by a breadcrumb instead. 
    This helps you navigate back and forward in Product Manager faster from the edit product screen. 
  • Delivery Band Export
    Make changes to your delivery rates faster with this new export.
    Available in Export Manager > Delivery Bands, and import back in through Import System > Step 2 > Delivery Bands
  • Multiple coupon use improvements. 
    When a customer applies multiple lump sum coupons, e.g. a £10 off deal and a gift voucher, these now both take each other into consideration when applying the min spend limits and when reaching zero to avoid any calculation issues. 
  • Coupon invalid message improvements
    Applying an expired coupon or a coupon that is not available to a customer will now give the customer more details as to why the coupon cannot be applied to their order such as not meeting the criteria of items in cart etc. 
  • Gift Voucher emails are now fully templatable
    Previously editable as a page they now have full template functionality available, find them in /html/email/templates/voucher/
  • Manual orders > customer selector improvements
    You can now more easily search for users to attach to an order and this supports finding users by business name and membership code.
  • Tradebox support for our new Bundles system
    The new product bundles feature was released recently and now integrates with Tradebox / Sage integration sending each component product on its own order line.


  • Gallery albums tidy up
    We've simplified the process of entering album names on the built in gallery app.  
  • New "country_to_alpha_2" twig function that will convert a country name to the ISO Alpha 2 format for country names. 
    In addition the invoice template has a specific variable for using this as well {{ line.country_of_origin_alpha_2 }}
  • Deleting a template now auto clears your session preview. 


REC+ 2020 Feature Recap

2020 was a little bit of an unusual year, but at least here on REC+ we worked on a range of new features to help your site sell.

Here's our highlights, in no particular order, top features you may have missed in 2020 that we think are worth checking out:

  • Site Update Banners
    The site updates offer a simple way to show a top banner to your visitors. 
    We've been using this to show customers info on latest deals or let them know about new COVID guidance being followed. 
    Here's an example of this live in use:

    Read more in our December post
  • Multi Store
    The new Multi Store feature creates new opportunities to sell your products and save you time by replicating products from your master store to other REC+ stores you operate
    Read more in our May post
  • Product Variations
    Variations is our solution to handling stock between Products and multiple Options. 
    Each variation can have a unique code, stock level and cost that can relate to the different size, colour and other variations of your products. 
    We aim to move more option details to variations in the future such as pricing to allow even more fine grained control. 
    Read more in our July post
  • Bundles and BOMs
    Sell bundle deals of products together with a special bundle price, or make a product up from multiple other component/material products and keep track of stock. 
    This new feature allows you to create a wide range of offers, including gift sets, multiples, by the case.  
    Read more in our freshdesk article
  • Tradebox Sage Integration

    Tradebox allows us to integrate with Sage50 and SageOne, this year we added worked on improvements to this as well as a new stock sync to keep your stock on the website up to date with stock changes back in Sage. Tradebox also allows integration with Xero so contact us if you wish to discuss integration. 
    Read more about Tradebox Sage integration in our freshdesk article
  • Facebook & Instagram Products
    Advertise your products to new audiences on Facebook & Instagram easily.
    This utilises our existing Google Shopping feed to easily integrate with Facebook & Instagram shop tabs and their advertising platform.
    See this live here:
    Read more in our August post
  • Klarna

    Klarna is a fast growing and popular way to spread payments into regular installments.

    Read more in our August post
  • Stripe Checkout
    Stripe offers a modern & simple checkout experience offering the latest payment methods such as most cards, Google Pay & Apple Pay.

    Read more in our February post
  • ShippyPro

    ShippyPro offer a wide range of delivery services for live rates at checkout. 
    Read more in our October post
  • Product commodity codes & country of origin
    Working with new international shipping rules, we now offer commodity codes & country of origin settings per product with ways to pull this data onto invoices and product pages. You can set these against each product or against multiple products at the same time via the batch product processor or our product exports. 
    Read more in our December post
  • Delivery VAT numbers
    Further helping comply with international shipping rules, some regions may require you collect a VAT number or similar for delivery such as a "CPF Number" in Brazil.
    Read more in our November post
  • 3D Models & Augmented Reality
    Render fantastic 3D models of your items directly on product pages and pages throughout your site with AR support.
    Read more in our October post
  • Order Info Reports
    A fantastic new set of reporting to analyse a range of order metrics including Return Reasons, Order Statuses, Payment & Delivery methods, UK vs International, Retail vs Trade and more.
    Read more in our August post
  • Timelines
    It's important to keep track of major site changes and changes you've made to your marketing plan to see how these impact your visitors and sales. 
    To do this we have a new Timelines area in admin that let's you easily keep track of your important dates.  
    Read more in our August post
  • Content Personalisation Rules
    Personalisation rules let you determine how content is displayed on your site for different user groups. For example, setting parts of your homepage content to display different messaging for different types of customers. This is achieved by detecting the user, identifying which group they are in and switching content blocks to show one created for their user group.
    Read more in our May post
  • Quickshop
    Especially on B2B sites, your customers may want to quickly lookup product codes or even a CSV of codes and how many of each they want to add to cart without hunting round the site to find each. 
    This works with our previously mentioned Product Variations codes to allow you to quickly adding a specific option combination of a product to cart too.
    Read more in our February post
  • Expert Answers
    Allow users to submit questions on any page or product and easily reply & publish the question and answer on your site.
    Helps you to seal more conversions and to improve your content and gain additional natural keyword phrases for extra indexing by search engines.
    Read more in our January post.

Please note: Charges can apply to some features and their implementation.

Our full 2020 REC+ update posts:


Merry Christmas! New in REC+: Product commodity codes, Bundles & BOMs and more.

Feature Spotlight

  • Site Update Banners
    You can now easily display a banner at the top of your site such as for temporary holiday closures, upcoming deals or new COVID guidance. 
    Set it up in Admin > Site Updates > enter your message and preferred colours.
    (If you want it customised even more please contact us. A small design charge will apply)
  • Product commodity codes and country of origin
    To help you comply with international delivery services, you can now set the country of origin & commodity codes of your products to display on invoices. 
    Invoice Template Tags (Table Row Template) - line.commodity_code & line.country_of_origin
    Enable in Admin > Site Settings > Ecommerce > Show Commodity Code and Country of Origin fields on product record.
    This data is also available in product exports as well as through Batch product processor. 
    Read more about using this in our Brexit article
  • Bundles & BOMs - Available to preview
    Available via a new BOM (Bill of materials) tab on the edit product screen. 
    These BOM's allow you to make up a product from other products. 
    With this you can offer bundles of products on your site, or use it to manage stock of products made up of multiple sub component products. 
    New template tags are also available for use to display components of a product, or bundles a product is in. 

    Picking lists
    In addition to the new Bundles & BOMs feature, you can now print pricking lists directly from the order manager and order info screens. 
    This will list each item in the order along with it's warehouse bin (if set via Edit Product) as well as any assembly instructions and components for a product that need to be picked. 
    New html/invoice/picking_list.html.twig template
    New button to print picking list on an order info screen
    New button to export csv order lines (for delivery/export purposes) on an order info screen
    New button to batch print picking lists on order manager
  • Cloudflare cache refresh when adding new images and content.
    If your site sits behind Cloudflare, we now show an indicator to the bottom left of the admin screen. 
    Clicking this will reveal a Cloudflare area which allows you to refresh your cache with them such as after updating a number of images with the same filename and you want to see results sooner than their cache would normally allow. 


  • New Product Price export available with columns for each group price. 
    This new export makes it much easier to set up / manage products with groups prices. The data is exported in an easier way to calculate in Excel or Open/Libre Office Calc and re-import it.
    Admin > Exports > Product Prices (New / columns mode)
    Admin > Imports > Step 2. > Product Prices (New / columns)
    Note: whenever using an export for the first time, always try just a few lines of data first and check that it is working correctly when re-imported. 
  • Product variations export now allows inclusion of group prices. 
    This allows you to take this export and use it with 3rd party stock/warehouse management systems (such as our upcoming Unleashed Software integration).
    Admin > Exports > Product Variations > Optionally add group price columns
  • Product Manager search by category & brand
    You can now filter products in Product Manager's search by category & brand making it easier to track down products that need updating. 
  • Make/Model/Year setting
    To help remove confusion between product and auto part exports, only sites using the auto parts export should now be shown the export.
    This new setting is available in Settings > Ecommerce > Products > Use Make/Model/Year System
  • Manual Orders / custom items 
    By allowing draft and enquire-only products to be added to manual orders, you can now add custom items that you wouldn't otherwise offer directly on the website (i.e. you would copy a standard product to a new draft product which you then amend with the custom requirements and a custom product code).
  • Weekly price list differences email
    The price differences email can now be scheduled to run weekly instead of daily, which may be more suitable for your customers / dealers. 
    The day this runs can now be set in Site Settings > Prices & VAT > Price List App
  • Copy filter tags to a new product
    If you're setting up new products and want them to have a set of tags copied in from another product, you can now do so with this new feature.
    Available in Admin > Edit Product > Filter Tags > New "Copy tags from existing product" input & new buttons to copy in tags from entered product as well as clear all selected tags
  • Order Manager screen layout improvement
    We've improved the display of the order payment & delivery info to make this clearer and display additional info such as payment IDs from 3rd part payment providers which can be used in reference to the payment. 


  • User deletion auditing
    For improved auditing we now record the user name in the audit data so you can see who was deleted and when. 
    If you're using Quote Manager, you'll also see a new Unassigned tab appear which contains any quotes for users that have been deleted. 
  • API Accounts & Webhooks now show status on table view.
    For developers this makes it easier to see which integrations are actively running on the site.  
  • Packaging Types now sent through the API
    Making them available for 3rd party integrations as well as sync'd for Multi Store integrations. 
  • Multi Store / API setting to treat status updates as more of a boolean indicator. 
    This sounds complex but actually is just a way to have any product status such as live, featured or special offer coming in from the API or multi store to then mark a product as live on the replica site instead of the original status. 
    For example, this can avoid setting a product to special offer on the replica site when no special pricing has yet been set, instead leaving it as a live status.
    Available in API Account > Edit > Extras > Boolean statuses 
  • Major speed improvements to the Auto Parts export
    We've made several key optimisations to make this faster, with a new limit of 2500 products at a time. 

Brexit Readiness - Read What You Need To Do

At the end of the year our trading arrangements will be different with the EU. 

Read what you need to do in full on our freshdesk article: Brexit Affect On Your REC+ Site & What To Do

We have added new features recently which will be useful:

  1. Site Update Banner
    Display a banner message on every page with important news and, optionally, a link to a Brexit readiness page you can set up. Access in Admin > Site Update Banner
  2. Commercial Invoices
    Help your orders clear customs without delay by adding 'country of origin' and 'commodity codes' to your order shipment document. Read more in the Brexit article under "Commercial Invoices For International Sales".
  3. Product Price Updates
    There is a new improved product price export / import program that shows products and their options underneath each other plus group prices in columns to make it quicker to change prices or add new group prices. Go to Export > Product Prices (New / column mode) and to Import > Product Prices (New / Column) in step 2.

    Note: Not for autoparts sites. Does not support quantity break price changes.
  4. Delivery Tax Zones
    You will need to remove EU countries from your 'tax zone'. To save time you can export the data in advance and make changes, then import it on 1st January 2021. Read about this in the Brexit article under 'VAT Regions'. 

    This is an existing feature.

New in REC+: Tradebox, Delivery VAT Number, Variations Export and more

Feature Spotlight

  • Tradebox integration - stock updates
    We can now accept stock updates directly from Tradebox / Sage to keep stock on the site in sync with the accounts system.
    Available in Admin > Connect > Utilities > Tradebox
    Additional improvements made to the existing Tradebox integration including a new Tradebox Log area in admin and a way to run the updates faster. 
  • Collecting Delivery VAT Numbers / Identification Numbers
    Some regions may require collection of a VAT number or ID number for delivery (e.g. a "CPF Number" in Brazil). 
    Using this new setting you can collect this info against each order from the buyer during checkout. 
    New Definitions for default text: VAT_NUMBER & VAT_NUMBER_INFO_LINE
    Available in Admin > Add/Edit Region -> "Require Customer VAT Number at Checkout?" & "Display VAT Number as:"
  • Variations Export
    You can now quickly manage your product & variation codes, stock and costs via this new export.
    Admin > Exports > Product Variations as well as in Imports > Product Variations (step 2).


  • Report on out of stock products
    You can now easily track down stock to replenish with our new report, available in:
    Admin > Reports > Product Stock Report > new "Only show out of stock items" tickbox.
  • Order Info Reports improved charts for comparison data
    We have improved graphs available here (a pie chart and bar chart) to show reported data and comparisons on the same graph. 
  • Batch set discontinued & enquiry only
    You can now easily discontinue or mark products as enquiry only via batch product processor.
    Admin > Batch Products Processor > "Mark as Discontinued?" & "Mark as Enquiry Only?"
  • Email users who haven't bought before
    Email Manager's filters for sending now let you select to send only when a user has signed up but not purchased, allowing you to send them introductory offers. Also useful if you import a new set of cleansed email data from a prospect list or other trusted source.
    Available in Email Manager > Write Email > 5. Who do you want to send to > User filters > New "Only send to users who haven't purchased before?" tickbox available, supports the preview csv download too
  • Invoice Definition
    We now allow more control over the term "Invoice" on your site, you may choose to rename this to "Paid Order" or "Payment" or "Receipt" to avoid confusion or legal issues with the term "Invoice" (especially if you issue an invoice from your accounting system)
    Definitions -> ORDER_INVOICE (Defaults to Invoice)
  • New email templates available for order_confirmation.html.twig & order_update.html.twig
    Available in Templates > html/email/templates/order
  • Coupon Manager now shows the remaining value on each Gift Voucher (GV)
    In Coupon Manager > Gift Vouchers tab, you can now see a total value of all unredeemed GVs plus against each purchased GV line under the Value column the amount that is left to spend.  
    Reminder: you can see all purchases of a specific GV in Product Manager > select GV product > Orders 
  • Deleting a category now auto deletes all sub categories and sub products of those sub categories 
    This makes the flow for deleting large nested categories of products easier to manage without risk of products still being live but not in visible categories. 
  • Barclaycard IPN improvements
    We now auto mark orders as payment received if they come from Barclaycard before the IPN response comes in, this allows for faster order processing. 
    The order status will still change to order received once the IPN comes through, and if it doesn't you can check the order inside Barclaycard EPDQ to make sure everything has been paid correctly.  


  • We've increased our image upload limit around the system from 256kb to 512kb, allowing you to upload higher quality images. 
    On the front end of your site the thumbnailer should take care of optimising the image size for performance. 
  • Email Manager improved stats
    The Sent Emails tab in Email Manager now shows additional stats to help you quickly see which emails are performing best.  
    Admin > Email Manager > View Sent Emails > New stats inc % added.
  • Prospect Manager batch update customer & next actions.
    You can now batch update Next Action Date and Reminder messages in Prospect Manager allowing for sales team to more quickly organise work for the next work session.
    Available in Quote/Prospect Manager > scroll to the foot of the table.
  • Register page now only shows it's introduction text on the first step. 
    This cleans up the register process for users, making sure that intro text isn't shown again to them on each step of the registration process. 

Security & Maintenance

  • Blocking Bad Actors
    Improvements have been made to our blocking of known bad bots crawling the sites and slowing down the site.
  • New rate limits are now in force on the sites in key areas hit by bots
    This mostly affects product filter, no real customers should be affected by this and those that are will be shown a message explaining they made an unusually large number of requests in a short time. 
    This is another security measure we've added to help protect the speed and stability of the sites by limiting the impact bots can have on these key areas. 
  • More sites migrating to Cloudflare. 
    Cloudflare offers improvements to the speed, performance and security of your site. It also helps us in the ongoing battle against new bots hitting the server and slowing down your site. 

    > Contact us to find out if your site could benefit from Cloudflare - it's free!
    There are no charges for us moving your site to Cloudflare, the improved speed and security are free and the site will continue to work exactly as it does currently.  
  • Mini Sites are being retired. 
    Mini sites were a feature we offered as a solution to advertising your products on multiple domains and have them feed back to the central site. Google no longer gives much value to this type of advertising and we now offer a smarter alternative with Multi Store where you can have unique sites in different locations such as UK to US sites with your products kept in sync.


Integrate Your Orders & Stock With Sage 50 Accounts

Send and receive website orders and stock updates for Sage 50 Accounts using our latest Tradebox integration.

We are now able to offer enhanced Tradebox integration so that you can send website sales orders into Sage 50 Accounts and receive stock updates back from Sage which keep your website product stock levels in sync.

This requires separate monthly subscriptions for Tradebox and integration support from us, plus an implementation charge to assist you in product preparation, setup and testing. 

Please contact us for pricing information on 0330 311 2810 and ask for Neil.


New in REC+: 3D & AR model support, ShippyPro, Order Info Report improvements & more!

Feature Spotlight

  • 3D Models & Augmented Reality.
    Render fantastic 3D models of your items directly on product pages and pages throughout your site.
    These models are also available on AR supported phones so users can view the item in front of them through their camera!  
    Available on products: Admin > Product Manager > Edit Product > Images & Video > 3D / AR Model Upload (may require template change).
    As well as in template files via content blocks: {{ rec_block('3d model 1', type="model") }}
    Charge applies to implement this change.
  • ShippyPro
    ShippyPro offer a wide range of delivery services for live rates at checkout.
    New Delivery Adapter in Site Settings for ShippyPro.
    New ShippyPro area in Connect > Delivery for setting ShippyPro API Key & tickbox to send items as insured or not.
    Setup charge applies.
  • Order Info Report improvements
    We've expanded our range of new reports available in Order Info Reports (currently in beta while we work on speed improvements).
    We have new ways to switch visualizations per row on the report from graph to table views plus iie chart improvements, year on year comparisons and better visulaisation.


  • Price list email task
    Let your customers (or a specific dealer group) know when your price list is updated.
    Email Tasks -> Add/Edit -> Event -> Update Price List
    Templates -> html/email/templates/price_list_changes.html.twig
    Set up charge applies.
  • Per group hide delivery
    If set, this shows in place of the delivery methods when they are turned off by the site setting or per group.
    Admin > Groups > Edit Group > new checkbox for "Remove delivery methods?"
  • Alphabetical sort for product filter tags (inc. tag groups)
    Improvement for sorting alphabetically for product filter tags.
    Admin > Product Filter Tags > Reset Sort
  • Discontinued products are now auto removed from the Google & Facebook product feeds.
    You no longer need to manually exclude these, this is now taken care of for you.
  • Header search autocomplete improvements for searching on product codes.
    Faster requests for users searching as well as improvements in how we find products to pull through.
    We can also now offer custom designed autocompleted, complete with product images 
  • We now check from any subdomain of (e.g. as a Facebook referral for orders.
    This improves our reporting for social visits.
  • Currency Converter & Delivery Estimator Auto Height.
    The modal windows now dynamically adapt swithiching from the cart for a smoother experience. 
  • Email task unsubscribing
    Automated emails sent through Email Tasks now have a facility to manually unsubscribe users who request not to receive automated emails plus a link can be added into the emails to allow the user to unsubscribe themselves.
    Admin Area: Email Tasks > Edit > Unsubscribe Users
    Template Tag: {{ task.unsubscribe_link }}
  • Copying a product now results in a unique code
    When using batch product processor for copying products, since product codes should be unique, we now auto generate a new code based on the one it's copied from to avoid the possibility of duplicate codes.
  • Shop page layout files
    New ability to create shop layout files such as html/layouts/shop/search_results.html.twig, html/layouts/shop/product_filter.html.twig, html/layouts/shop/product.html.twig etc.
  • You can now multi select categories for delivery uplift.
    Add/edit delivery methods > Adding an uplift to a category now supports multiple categories
  • Product filter improvements
    Manufacturers now supported in sidebar product filter app for pages set to already show them.
    Fixed settings placement for "Remove Blocks where No Items are Found" & "Use Infinite Scroll"
  • You can now get a report of items in need of stock.
    Reports > Product Stock Report > new "Only show out of stock items" tickbox.

CMS & Design

  • On user registration > you can now disable auto generating membership codes
    This is especially useful for Sage & other accounting integration, including where you may wish to add the ID from the accounting system into this field. 
    Site Settings > Ecommerce > Checkout > Auto-generate Membership Codes (defaults to enabled)
  • Content block admin style improvements
    New improved design for repeatable content blocks to make it easier to work with lists of services
  • You can now set custom subjects on form builder emails
    You can use template tags to pull form field data into the subject line
    Admin > Form builder > edit form > Email subject
    e.g. "{{ input_field_102 }} selected".
  • SCSS Support Upgraded
    Latest SCSS support now available including modern CSS Grid grid-row syntax e.g. 1 / 2;


New in REC+: Facebook Products, Klarna, Timelines, Reporting, Multi Store & more


  • Facebook Products
    Facebook recently launched it's new shop feature for promoting products on pages & in Instagram. 
    Our existing Google Shopping feed integrates directly with this.
    Note: A subscription is required to use the feed and set up charges apply. Contact us for details.
  • Klarna Checkout
    Klarna is a fast growing and popular way to spread payments and is now available to use.
    To set this up:

    Register with Klarna for Klarna Checkout. 
    Admin > Payment Processors, enable the new Klarna Checkout.
    Settings available in: Admin > Connect > Payment Processors > Klarna.

    Klarna also offers banners via their "On-site messaging" section, you'll find inside Klarna on the sidebar.
    Add the main script into REC > Admin > Connect > Custom Scripts.
    Then add the banner custom html element / placement code where you want it to display.
    Note: Contact us to set this up for a small charge.

  • Return Slips
    Buyers can now print return slips when logged into their account and include this when making a return. 
    These list the items being returned and the reason.
    New html/invoice/return_slip.html.twig template file available.
    Read setup instructions on freshdesk
  • Making Returns via Order Manager
    Admins can now follow the same returns process as buyers e.g. selecting a return reason. 
    Available against all orders in Order Manager > Order Info, new Return Requests sidebar block.
  • Batch add download files to products
    Batch product processor now enables you to bulk add download files (e.g. tech spec) to entire categories of products at once. 
    Available in Batch Products Processor > Add Downloads (bottom of the edit panel)
  • Batch add YouTube videos to products
    Also available in Batch Products Processor > YouTube Video URL 
  • Enquiry Only and Upcoming products tabs added in Product Manager
    New tabs added to Product Manager to allow you to easily find Enquiry Only and Upcoming products.
  • Price lists colour coded for new and discontinued products 
    Price lists are now available in Excel spreadsheet format to allow colour coding for new vs discontinued products.
    This is especially useful when selling via dealers and distributors who can quickly see these changes in your product catalogue.
    Available via the Price List main body app on pages.
  • Email tasks can now be paused
    Allowing better control over the email tasks running on your site, such as abandoned cart emails or price list updates.
    Available in Email Tasks > Enable/Disable
  • Coupon assignments can now be sorted via drag and drop.
    This helps you more easily organise the sequence of coupon for deals being offered on your sites, especially when using In-cart deals.
  • Improved handling of order states for hiding items on invoices
    Previously items marked as on_hold would be hidden on invoices however we've changed this so that a new more specific "invoice_ignore" order state is needed to hide items from the invoice. 
  • Purchase Orders can now show the status against each order line
    In the purchase order template, the {{ order.items }} items now contain a status property.
  • Product variations now supported in all the major search areas
    This includes site search, product download search, product manager in admin and more.
  • The product issues report can now show you duplicate product codes.
    This is especially useful for the new Multi Store system, see the Product Issues Report > Duplicate Product Codes.
  • Enforce unique product codes on product entry.
    This is a new setting useful for ensuring each product has a unique code, especially useful for Multi Store where product code is used as a unique identifier.
    Admin > Site Settings > Ecommerce > Sage > Enforce unique product codes. 

Multi Store

Recap: Learn all about Multi Store on freshdesk

  • Compare Screens
    You can now compare products, categories, manufacturers and user groups between your multi store master and replica sites to identify any data inaccuracies.
    Available in Admin > Multi Store > Compare
  • Product codes can now be updated through Multi Store.
    Previously, as product codes are used as the unique key between the sites, you couldn't update the code without spawning a new product on the replica site. This has been resolved so you can update every field on products including the code. 
  • Products now sync as excluding VAT
    This enables Multi Store sites to work better for world wide stores such as versions of sites outside of your tax jurisdiction.
  • Multi Store now sync's deleted products
    This ensures everything is 100% in sync between master and replica stores.

Reports & Timeline

  • Order Information Report
    A fantastic new set of reporting to analyse a range of order metrics including Return Reasons, Order Statuses, Payment & Delivery methods, UK vs International, Retail vs Trade and more. 
    Now available in Admin > Reports > Order Information Report [beta] (also available via link in Marketing Console)
  • Timeline & Projects
    Track key website, marketing & business changes using the new Timeline program. 
    This is an invaulable reminder of actions that have been taken for when you are analysing cause-and-effect. 
    Available in Admin > Timeline
  • Form Scores report now shows totals/summaries
    You can modify the maximum for each score in: Site Settings > Leads & Alerts > Form Scores
    Average scores are also now shown in the Form Scores Report.


  • Find all cases of user details used around your site.
    Useful to speed up any subject access requests you might receive. 
    Admin > GDPR User Search
  • User Manager filter for "Active Users"
    Active users have login access to customer areas of the site i.e. an approved status, current passwords (not expired due to being too old), approved and not suspended. 
    Available in Admin > User Manager > Filter users > new "Only Active Accounts" checkbox


  • API Webhooks can now be sent with Auth Bearer tokens
    This serves as an alternative authentication method to the existing HTTP Basic Auth provided, with the new bearer tokens working better in JWT based authentication flows. 
    Api Webhooks > Add/Edit > "HTTP Bearer Authorization (e.g. for JWT)"
  • Orders API resource now exposes VAT Percentage per line.
    This aids our new integration with Sage, contact us to find out more about this. 
  • API responses now contain additional debug information
    Especially useful for Multi Store where we can now see full logs of every product as it's sent between sites.
  • New API endpoint for stock updates
    /stock, available to send both product & variation codes to with the new stock qty in large numbers.  
  • Webhooks can now choose between receiving products directly, or variations of products if the store has these set up.
    API Webhooks > Add/Edit > Products & Variations > "Prefer Variations?"
  • Batch lookup requests limited to 1,000 at a time.
    This impacts products & order lookups e.g. requesting more than 1,000 results will be capped at 1,000


  • We now expose alternative & associated products into the product template in an array form
    This allows new features such as dropdown selection of alternative products, similar to how variations work on sites such as Amazon.
    Available in the product_info.html.twig template, new array variables available for product.more.alternatives_array and product.more.associations_array
  • Search auto complete improvements
    We now allow custom auto complete extensions for the header, here's a live example of this:
  • Price break details can now be pulled into the per product views e.g. on category or search pages
    Enable in Admin > Template Data Preloads > Price breaks, new tags available to access these: {{ product.prices_table }} and {{ product.prices_array }}

Behind the scenes

  • PHP 7.4 Upgrade
    As ever we're always working to upgrade our technology stack for performance and staying with supported versions. 
  • Better issue flagging for orders
    If we detect anything unusual about the order, we're now flagging it better in Order Manager.
  • Further improvements to blocking of Bad Bots crawling the sites and slowing things down.
    We're also reaching out to sites to offer Cloudflare's free plan to speed up sites & further help block bad bots hitting the server. 
    Being on Cloudflare will become a requirement for large sites in 2021.

New in REC+: Product Variations, Manual Orders new quick add items, a new Product Downloads search app, Multi Store improvements & more

Continuing our work on the recently added "Multi Store" system, we now support more workflows, including new 'product variations', which can be used in conjunction with Sage & other accounting integrations.

Here's a rundown of the prominent features rolled out over the last few weeks:


  • File Manager Upgrade
    This brings a few minor fixes as well as to a more recent issue where non "optimised for web" images would not upload correctly. 
  • Support articles dotted around admin.
    Following the recent addition of the help icon to the top right of the navbar in admin, we've added links to Freshdesk help articles in key programs to make them easier to access. 
    For additional support, click the help icon and you can both search existing solution articles as well as contact us for assistance. 


  • Product Variations
    You can now set up combinations of options with their own product codes stock & costs.
    For example, if you already have product options for colours and sizes you could set up variations for each individual combination to record code/stock/cost e.g. red size 10, red size 12 etc
    This is also useful for integrations with accounting systems when each product combination has its own unique code. In addition, a previous code can be held in the Past Codes field for mapping against previous codes in an accounting system for continuity of reporting.
    Enable this in Site Settings > Ecommerce > Variations & Sage > Enable Product Variations
    Then set variations up in Edit Product > Options > Product Variations: 
    (Note price & weight are calculated from each product option that forms the combination)
  • Manual Order > Quick add products
    It's now faster to add manual / phone orders in Admin using our recently added quickshop functionality which is now built directly into the manual orders screen. 
    Available in: Manually Add Order > Products section
    Also available on each order's information screen under the existing items > Quick Add Products
  • Product download search
    Products often have instructions, sepcifications, warranties etc available as downloads and on large orders it can take time for a buyer to find them all  on each product page. To help speed this up, our new Product Download Search is a page app you can add to a central download page, allowing visitors to go to one place to enter a product code and find the downloads for the product.
    You can also copy a link to a result pages to forward to a customer. 
    Page Manager > Add a new doownload search page > Main Body Apps > Product Download Search
    Also consider using the Email Tasks new.order event to email the instructions directly after a product has been purchased.
  • Sage field requirements
    If your site is integrating with the Sage 3rd party accounts package, you can set limits to match what Sage allows, such as  the product code limit being 30 characters. Contact us to find out more about accounts integration
    Site Settings > Ecommerce > Variations & Sage > Enable "Sage field requirements"
  • Enforcing Unique Product Code Entry On Product Records
    When entering products you can now force unique product codes to be entered that are not in use on other product records.
    This must be set when using Multi Store and Sage integration which both require unique product codes on all product records.
    Admin > Site Settings > Ecommerce > Sage > Enforce unique product codes

  • Delayed product events
    The Delayed Product Events system delays triggering the new.product event until you click that it's ready to send over. 
    This is useful when integrating with integrated systems like Sage or Multi Store, so you can work on setting up your product, options and variations and then send it when the product is fully set up.
    Site Settings > Ecommerce > Variations & Sage > Delay sending product events in the system until a "Save & Send Events" button is clicked, allowing you to finish products before sending them to 3rd party systems and Multi Store.
  • PayPal Express Card Icons Switch
    Further customise the PayPal express button by turning on/off the card icons they show.
    Connect > Payment Processors > Show Payment Icons on In-Context Checkout button
  • Additional audit tracking
    This increases the visibility for events such as when a user goes to payment processor & when they view the thanks page
  • Gmail new order email schema
    When you buy through Amazon or similar large sites, Gmail adds additional email context to the email to help customers. We now provide the information needed for this to work for the emails we send.
    Gmail email markup
    You will first need to register with Google to use this, read more here:

Multi Store & Product Issues Report

  • Exclusions - These allow restricting access to different fields for API Accounts / Multi store sites.
    Admin > API Accounts > Edit Account > Extras (Exclude fields, etc.) > fields to setup excluded fields on create/update of the products resource.
  • Replica Diffs - Keep track of differences made on the replica sites as well as options to undo these changes or prevent undoing these changes with changes form the master site.
    Connect > Utils > Track Replica product changes
    Edit product (on replica) > New "Differences" table
  • Force Push - Easily resync your different stores with a single forced push. This is especially useful when initially setting up the sites, or after imports. 
    Multi Store > "Force Push" against each replica site. Note that images and other files will need to be FTP'd across manually due to volume/speed.
  • Product Issues Report - Unique product codes are required for Multi Store to replicate data correctly.  This could also be run for other stores where codes need to have been entered and should be unique.
    Go to  Reports > Product Issues report > tick 'duplicate codes'  and then edit the products that need attention. 

    Read full Multi Store setup notes on Freshdesk


  • New "time_diff" twig filter - for better future and past date support in your templates
    e.g. Product launches in {{ "2020-04-19" | time_diff }}!!
    Will return:  Product launches in 5 days!!


  • Order timestamp since filter - allows filtering of orders that have come in since a tracked timestamp.
    e.g. ?since_timestamp=1591970309 or ?since_timestamp=2020-06-11T07:45:02 (both accepted)
  • The "update.order" event now triggers for line changes
    Allowing integrations to check for delivery cost updates and more.

If you have any questions about the new features or want to reach out about using one such as Multi Store or an accounting integration please contact us through the support desk, thanks.

New in REC+: Personalisation rules, Multi Store, Release Dates & Notifications For Upcoming Products and more

We've been focusing on building the groundwork for some major new features around personalisation, which will continue to grow, and multi store management, as well as a range of other useful enhancements. 


  • Personalisation rules
    Personalisation rules let you determine how content is displayed on your site for different user groups. For example, setting parts of your homepage content to display different messaging for different types of customers. This is achieved by detecting the user, identifying which group they are in and switching content blocks to show one created for their user group.
    Setup the rules in Admin > Personalisation Rules
    In Page manager or directly on a content block you will have a new dropdown to select the rule and set the content to display for each rule. 
    This can also be used inside templates for example: { % if rec_rule('VIP group only') % } Welcome VIP! { % else % } You're not VIP { % endif % }
    Contact us to subscribe for personalisation.
  • New Ckeditor templates for columns.
    This improves on the default column template by introducing gaps between columns for easier styling.
  • Form scores report
    Visually see how form scores change over time. 
    For example monitoring a 1-7 CES rating on your thanks page form to measure the ease-of-use of your website. 
    You can then check how this is affected when making any major site changes ( respondants can leave other useful feedback in the comments section as well). 
    Available in Admin & Reports > Reports > Form Scores


  • Multi Store - Create multiple REC+ stores to sell your products (beta release)
    The new Multi Store feature creates new opportunities to sell your products and save you time by replicating products from your master store to other REC+ stores you operate. For example:
    - Create a US or Australian version of your store with localised branding and pricing;
    - Manufacturer? Sell direct to consumers on a separate store with different branding;
    - Target specific audience segments with particular categories (which can be renamed) and different branding.
    Check out our short video demo
    Contact us to discuss your requirements and for pricing.
  • Upcoming products now have release dates and email alerts
    Schedule your product launches by setting the product status to upcoming and entering the launch date and time.
    You can also set the product status at launch to be live, featured or special offer. 
    Customers visiting the product page can subscribe to be emailed on the date it is launched. 
  • High value abandoned cart notifications for admins
    Receive an email alert when there is a high value cart that has been abandoned so you can contact the buyer to try to close the sale. 
    To enable this go to: Site Settings > Ecommerce > Abandoned Carts > "Alert Admins when Abandoned Cart Value is over" [enter value]
  • Display store prices inc/ex vat with the new price switcher
    Users can select if they want to see prices inclusive or exclusive of tax on your site.
    Contact us to amend your templates to add this feature for a small charge.
  • Discontinued products
    Mark products as discontinued via Edit Product > Main Details > Discontinued.
    This can be displayed to customers viewing the product via a template tag change. 
  • Price lists can now export with product tag hierarchy
    Display product tag hierarchies in your price list export for greater clarity e.g. Tag1 > Tag2 > Tag3 > Category > Product Name > Price. 
    An example would be using product tagging for automotive parts and then displaying your price list as Make > Model > Submodel > Category > Product Name > Price.
    Enable this in Site Settings > Prices & VAT > Show Product Filter Tags on Price List CSV
  • Price Lists now export as CSV for ease of use by customers rather than the previous TSV/TXT format.
  • Quickshop now allows product CSV uploads
    Customers can now upload a CSV of the product codes and quantities they want to make the buying process even quicker, especially for B2B customers.
    There's more information on how users can do this via the info buble on the quick shop app.
    Quickshop is part of the Premium Ecommerce subscription.
  • "Verified Purchase" marker on reviews.
    Your product reviews will now show a marker verifying that a purchase was made before leaving the review. This helps increase confidence for future customers reading reviews left on REC+.
  • Order line comments now available
    Admins can now also leave comments against each order line, whereas previously comments were only held at order levels. There is a new notes icon to the right of each order line allowing you to see a count of current notes as well as a quick way to read and add to these notes. For example, this could be used to record custom changes against a product. The comment field is also available when manually adding an order line to an order.
  • Store locator now shows up to 25 stores at a time
    Up to 25 stores can now be displayed on the map which is an increase from 10 previously. Additionally,  the pop-up for each store can show their own individual website address if they have been entered at the store level.
  • Price manager confirmation before running price changes
    Price manager will now confirm the changes you have entered before it runs for you to double check your price changes are correct before proceeding. There is also better logging of price changes so we can debug potential issues more precisely.
  • Delivery method preview
    Delivery Manager has had a design refresh including a new way to preview your delivery methods before making them live.
    In Admin > Delivery Manager > Add or Edit a delivery method > Mode selection. 
    Defaults to 'live' but can now be set to 'test' for admin users only allowing you to view / test it.


  • Improved support for older email clients such as Outlook
    A common issue when creating emails occurs when adding images that are larger in size than the area they occupy in your email design. When these are sent, most modern email clients such as Gmail will adapt and display these perfectly well, however older clients such as Outlook may show the image at it's full size therefore breaking the design.  
    To prevent this we now automatically detect the real and visual sizes of your images when you add them, alert you and automatically adjust their size downwards so that they display properly on Outlook.
  • Scheduled email notification 
    In EMail Manager when you send a scheduled email for the coming days it will now ask you to confirm the date and time. Note that Mailgun only allows scheduling up to a few days in advance.

Site Admin & Services

  • Admin message bar
    Alert your own site admins with important news / updates.
    You can now set a banner to show at the top of your internal admin area in Admin > Site Settings > Display > Admin Message Bar.
    For front end messages for website visitors use the free new app  Our Site Updates.
  • Our Site Updates NEW APP  
    This free new app allows you to quickly publish important information via a banner that appears on the top of every page of your website.
    This was initially to allow you to display COVID-19 related notices, though we're also exploring it's uses for showing deals and other messages around your site quickly and easily. Extra features will be added soon such as date range support which would be useful for promotions such as Black Friday or Daily Deals. Sign up directly at Our Site Updates.


  • Script Manager
    Script Manager is a simpler way to add custom 3rd party scripts to your site, such as tracking codes or our new banner app.
    Go to: Admin > Connect > Custom Scripts and add your script. Give it a memorable name to remember its purpose and provider, paste in the script and it'll be live right away on your site. You can also temporarily disable the script at any time or edit/remove it later.
  • Twig v3 Upgrade
    We're now on the latest v3 release of the Twig template language. 
    Find out more about the tags, filters and functions now available to you in the latest release of Twig. These are on top of the functions we already have available for you. 
  • Module imports and exports are now CSV rather than TSV/TXT files to make them easier to work with.


  • The API Accounts & Webhooks (previously called push urls) have had a major refresh. 
    These areas have been improved with much more advanced logging, editing and manipulation options available.
  • Products API resource updated
    This now contains every possible field on products and sub product resources such as options. 
    The multi store release introduces fully automated testing to make sure the data is fully synchronised.
  • Users can now be filtered by status in the API request.
    By default the API does not show deleted users in the recycle bin, but you can now pass status=deleted to reveal deleted users or even status=* to see all users including those set as deleted.
  • Speed and stability improvements
    In addition to the changes above, we have also updated to the API to make it faster and further increase stability.

As always we hope you're continuing to stay safe during these difficult times. 

Coronavirus Business Update

We are writing to let you know what we are doing because of the Coronavirus problem.

As a business, we have told all staff to work from home for the foreseeable future which means our office will be unmanned. Service continues as normal as we can work from any location.

Support For Website Customers

The best way to contact us for support about your website is via the freshdesk system which you can access from within your admin console or via this link: and get twitter updates for news on any service disruptions: 

Support For Marketing Customers

Please contact your account manager via email or any business mobile numbers you have been given. We are actively monitoring the impact of the virus on your marketing programs on a weekly basis and contacting you to advise of changes we believe you should make, including increasing budgets due to increased demand and good ROI.

How Can You Protect Your Business During This Period?

We are all now in a period of uncertainty and it's hard to predict what will happen. If we were to give only 3 pieces of advice, this is what we would say:

  1. Look after your staff
  2. Analyse your performance on a weekly basis
  3. Keep promoting your business

For ecommerce customers, you have a wealth of data to analyse changes in buying patterns across your catalogue and customer groups which will help you understand the demand-side of the business extremely well and to take balanced decisions based on those metrics.

Our best wishes go out to you and your families during this difficult time.

The Wildfire Team.

New in REC+: Web Notifications, Stripe Checkout, Quickshop, Content Block improvements & more.

Stand out features

  • Web Notifications on desktop & mobile for new form replies & orders.
    You can now optionally receive instant desktop or mobile notifications for new form replies & orders on your site as first class device notifications.
    To do this, on the device you want to receive the notificiations, login to the REC+ admin centre and under the notifications icon on the header navigation you can tick to enable notications. The browser will then ask you to confirm this and after this you should start to receive notifications on your device as soon as new forms are filled out or orders are received (for online retailers).
    You can manage your connected devices and notifications in the edit user area of your account under a new devices tab.
  • Stripe Checkout added giving you Google Pay & Apple Pay options plus cards
    We've integrated the Stripe Checkout payment processor, allowing payment by cards, Google Pay & Apple Pay payments on devices that support this.
    Go to setup instructions 
  • Quickshop for faster ordering
    Quickshop allows buyers to speed up their ordering with product code lookup and add to cart. Perfect for B2B clients or regular bulk buyers. Here's an example of this in action: 


  • Easier content creation with repeatable & feature content blocks
    A new range of content block features have rolled out, along with with recipes for quickly building up new content layouts which can be easily edited within Page Manager once the content block has been set up. For example, displaying your team members on an About page.

    View examples and developer information on our new page
  • Page Manager tabs for navigation / Creating custom page menus with rec_menu()
    Page Manager now has simple tabs to see pages which appear in each type of menu navigation (i.e. header, footer, etc.), as well as allowing you to create your own menus. You can use these custom menus on the front end with the rec_menu() function, or you can use them to help categorise pages in the admin area.
  • Easier to view/edit Content Blocks and Forms on pages in Page Manager
    The content flow in Page Manager has been improved when editing a page so that as well as content blocks it shows forms that are present on the page, with a button present to edit  the form. This uses the pre-existing rec_form() function in layouts.
    Additionally for front end developers when designing the page content you can use effectively this function as a placeholder for a future form that hasn't yet been built and then afterwards add the form via Page Manager when editing the page using the Add Form button that will appear. 


  • Fresh new payment processor images and recommended methods.
    The payment processor images have been updated to a more modern design.
    the admin payment processors area has also had a refresh to help point out old/deprecated payment methods and the ones we now recommend using such as Stripe (which supports Apple Pay and Google Pay) & PayPal Express.

  • 'Movers & Shakers' - Top Products & Top Brand/Category Report can now sort on Revenue Change
    These reports can now be sorted by Revenue Change % compared to the same period on the previous years so you can see your Movers (% from high-low) and Shakers (% from low-high) by product, category or brand.  
    Reports > Top Products Report / Top Brands / Category Report > sort by "Revenue Change % high-low' or 'low-high'.
  • Product filter improvements
    Design improvements to long lists of filters or categories to clean up the design of this area.
    Filter tags in the sidebar app now show in Title Case.
    Header / site search can now tie into the filters by adding a search block and showing the filters on the shop layout page.
    Compatibility improvements between the instant load and infinite scroll functions.
  • Free delivery indicators show against order items in admin
    When viewing orders in admin, items with free delivery will be marked so you can better tell why delivery charges on orders are different to what you would otherwise expect if free delivery didn't apply.
  • Setting to sort items by code in admin orders & invoices
    You can now force sorting of order items in the admin area by product code (options also sort by name) to help the readability of these screens and making picking through items faster. 
    Admin > Settings > "Sort items in Admin order views & invoices by product code"
  • Template order update emails & invoice link as a variable.
    Order update emails now run full template syntax & allows use of the variable {{ }} for sending the user direct to the invoice.
  • Guest checkout - hide delivery address
    The existing "Hide delivery address if it's the same as the billing on Checkout" setting now extends to the guest checkout registration.
    This lets you visually hide the delivery address entry until users tick that they'd like to enter a different address and makes the screen look simpler to aid conversion optimisation.
  • Standard option recursive updates now apply against matching group/name/code
    This makes the mass updates of options much easier, you can even add new standard options that match the group/name/code of existing options, to then change it and have these changes apply back to the existing ones.
  • Minor cart improvements:
    The paypal & proceed to checkout buttons now only appear when items are actually in the cart
    Non js cart buttons now adapt when still in a JS browser enviroment.
    New live reloadable classes available for the cart template for "cart-subtotal-vat", "cart-subtotal-price-ex-vat" & "cart-subtotal-price-inc-vat"
  • Price Manager - Changes Under Consideration.
    We are re-thinking the flow within Price Manager to make it simpler to understand and safer, with live previews via spreadsheets before changes are applied. This would move it more into line with the way prices are handled in accounting systems like Sage.


  • New in Email Manager - Send "non-marketing" emails to all users irrespective of subscription status 
    Under GDPR, you have to have consent to send marketing emails to people and Email Manager would therefore not send email to any unsubscribed users because it was primarily intended for sending marketing emails. However, you may be sending email to customers under legitimate interests  such as important service or company updates in which case it will need to go to all users whether unsubscribed or not. To allow this, you can now mark your email as non-marketing and have it send to users regardless of subscribed status. 
    Email Manager > Write Email > "4. Additional settings" > "Mark as "Non-marketing" to send to non-subscribed users as well"
  • EU Mailgun support
    Mailgun now offer EU servers so when integrating inside Mailgun you can choose to have your emails sent from EU instead of US servers. 
    You'll then need to change this in Admin > SMTP > Mailgun API config > Region/Endpoint
  • Notification emails to admins when users subscribe or unsubscribe now contain more detail
    The membership code & business name is now included on these emails by default to help with subscriptions managed at a business level.
    These notifications are optional as configured in Site Settings.


  • Bandwidth stats
    A graph of your site's bandwidth usage is now available to you in Admin > Bandwidth Usage.

Behind the scenes

  • JS Code Assurance.
    We've been working on new static analysis tools to check sites for Javascript compatibility issues across the major browsers and on older versions such as IE11. This now lets us automatically check the core code for possible issues when deploying new releases. We're looking to take this code and make it available to all sites in time. Stay tuned for more information on this to help building new JS on the sites.
  • Redirect issues with Chrome and admin sessions fixed
    New versions of Chrome hide the www prefix which lead to an issue where if you clicked the url bar in the admin area and pressed enter to reload the page you could end up back on the login page due to cookie/redirect issues. This has now been resolved.

New in REC+: Expert Answers, Site Tests, Performance Reviews, opening times and more

Core Features

  • Expert Answers
    Allow users to submit questions to you on any page or product and easily reply & publish the question and answer on your site.
    Helps you to seal more conversions and to improve your content and gain additional natural keyword phrases for extra indexing by search engines.

    Can be shown for specific products: {{ expert_answers('product', }}
    or specific page urls: {{ expert_answers('url', '/faq') }}
    or it can figure out the url for you automatically with {{ expert_answers() }}
    NB Premium Subscription required. Contact us for details and setup
  • New Helpdesk button for fast access to support and articles
  • Opening times
    You can now manage your company opening times directly from within admin
    Site Settings > Company > Opening Times > Monday - Sunday
    And can be accessed in the templates as an array: {{ dump(company.opening_times) }}
  • Image optimisation applied to Content Sliders
    Our WebP & image optimisation support has been extended to fully support sliders in responsive templates, further optimising your image sizes for performance on desktop and mobile devices.


  • Enhanced Returns Process
    We've changed the returns process to prompt users to select a reason and provide a comment about why they are requesting a return.
    When a user requests a return they are now prompted to select which products, as well as selecting from a list of return reasons (editable in Admin > Return Reasons) and an optional comment field. This is emailed to the site admin(s) and recorded against the returned order lines.
  • Product Feed ID Lookup
    While working Google Merchant Center you may notice IDs for products are different from the website due to options spinning up different versions of the product. Our new report lets you cross-reference against the Google ID to find the product on your site.
    Reports > Product Feed ID Lookup
  • Order Manager minor style tweaks
    As part of continuously our Order Manager interface we've made some minor improvements to the display of codes & prices to prevent breaking these onto new lines as well as several other minor tweaks.
  • Coupon sorting
    Track down coupons more easily in Coupon Manager via: Admin > Coupon Manager > new "Sort By" option to top right offering: Latest, Name, Code, Start Date & Expiry Date sorting.
  • "Users making purchases" report improvements
    Two new columns added: "count_of_items" & "days_since_last_order". This helps you identify customers based on purchase histories.
    For example, the item count can help you understand whether your cross- and up-sell promotions are effective; 'Days since last order' helps you identify customers who have stopped buying from you that you want to chase up.
  • Added delivery cost template keys for Purchase Invoices 
    The purchase order templates can now contain delivery information such as cost price, available in the template with {{ dump(order.delivery_cost) }}

Outside REC+

  • Automated Site Testing 
    Automatically test specific parts of your site are working as expected such as the checkout process or form enquiries and no problems are present which would break the process. Avaiulable to run hourly or daily. Contact us for pricing and set up. 
  • Price Comparison tool updated to select crawl time/day
    This allows you to set when the crawl takes place to avoiding crawling during competitors maintenance windows. Contact us for pricing and to find out more.
  • Site performance reviews
    We're now offering optimisation & performance reviews for your website to see how page load speed can be improved and the impact of 3rd party plug-ins. Faster speeds can help increase your conversions. Contact us for pricing and to book a review.


  • New module field type for "large text" 
    We now offer a new field type on modules letting you add larger amounts of text content for when an editor interface isn't appropriate. 
  • New content block type "page-url"
    This allows admin(s) to select a page in Page Manager so that the result of the content block will be the page url string.
  • Module Import Ignore Existing Files
    When importing modules, previously it would error if the folder for the module already existed, e.g. if you imported templates from another site and then tried to import it's modules.
    You now have flexibility over this, by default it will skip adding the folder if it already exists or you can tick to override the folder.
  • Updated Modernizr to include CSS Grid
    If you're looking to trial CSS Grid in your designs but are worried about applying other properties for browser support you can now use the moderniser css grid classes, inspect the page and check the classes added to the html element.
    To see what's available & read more here:

New in REC+: Email to users based on purchase history, integration, full emoji support 🤠& more.


  • Full UTF-8 emoji support 🚩
    We previously supported many of the simpler emojis in the system but we have now launched full support for any utf-8 emoji.
    Useful especially on emails and blog posts to help grab users attention, such as for seasonal posts: 🌇 🎃 🎄 🎁
    Many emoji's available, both Windows & Mac's have emoji keyboards built in, but you can also lookup emojis from sites such as:
  • Ckeditor template improvements
    Inside our text editor, click the 2nd icon from the left to find pre-set responsive templates for building content in your page such as 2, 3 or 4 column layouts.

    These have been refreshed and given screenshots so you can easily pick the one that will help you add content in the design you are looking for.
    Remember, be careful if you tick to 'Replace actual contents', it will completely overwrite whatever text is already in the content block.
  • Forms > Multiple checkbox fields
    You can now ask users multiple choice questions on the forms displayed as multiple checkboxes on a single line.
    Available when adding a form field as the "multi-checkbox" field type.
  • Image optimisation: WebP support for sliders, products & more
    Our thumbnail script can now convert images to WebP to help optimise them further.
    We've also introduced a new helper to embed picture elements into pages to upgrade images to WebP where supported in the browser:
    {{ picture('/userfiles/path/to/image.png', { thumbnail: '250x250' }) }}
    {{ picture(product.image, { alt:, thumbnail: '250x250', class: 'pcl-product-each-image' }) }}
    This is used on sliders by default too, on mobile we've optimised this to compress the files by up to 4X smaller.
  • Longer title input on add/edit blog posts
    Making it easier to read long titles for your blog posts
  • Admin design refresh tweaks
    A few minor tweaks around the admin area such as a simpler sidebar design to help keep focus on the main area. 


  • Personalisation > New ecommerce targeting available in Email Manager
    As part of a set of new personalisation features that we are rolling out over the coming months, Email Manager has been significantly extended to allow emails to be sent to your ecommerce visitors / buyers based on the same range of criteria that is now also available in the Users Making Purchases Report. This allows you to send a much wider range of highly targeted emails to maximise relevancy and increase uptake. Users can be filtered based on order date & status, groups or tags, categories & brands they have bought right down to the tags on products.
    Contact us to talk about personalisation pricing.

    Personalised ecommerce emails
  • / integration
    You can now merge product reviews collected by your site with reviews from the service so they both display together on product pages.
    Admin > Connect > API Key & Site ID
  • exclude groups of users getting review notification reminders
    When selling to freqent buyers such as dealers or distributors you may want to stop them getting review notifications for every order. 
    This setting let's you blacklist groups from receiving these notifications: 
    Site Admin > Settings > Ecommerce > Do Not BCC Order Confirmation Emails for the following Groups (i.e.the selected groups will not be sent a product review email from the service; 'ungrouped' retail buyers will always receive the product review email).
    Reminder: the emails will be sent after the number of hours specified in the Site setting > Ecommerce > Abandoned Carts > Abandoned After How Many Hours?
  • Email Tasks are now templatable
    Introducing templates into Email Tasks means you can now have better designed content to send to your customers with more control over what content is displayed in emails such as abandonded carts, for example showing the products that were in the abandoned cart.
  • Despatched email task event
    Allows you to delay sending review reminder emails or similar until after the order is despatched to account for delivery time so that the review email arrives after the package has actually turned up.
    Admin > Add/Edit Email Tasks > New despatched.order event that can be hooked into, e.g. only send a review request emails a few days after order is despatched.
  • Coupon assignment area cleanup
    New tabs have been introduced to separate Coupons vs Gift Vouchers vs Expired in the Assign Coupons area in Admin.

  • Coupons category exclusions
    You can now prevent specific coupons from applying to categories such as clearance or ones with discounts already applied. You can multi-select a number of categories. All sub-categories will be included automatically.
    Admin > Add/edit coupons > "Exclude applying this coupon to the following categories"
    Also in Assign coupons > an edit coupon button has been added directly in here along with an indicator if category exclusions have been added back on the coupon, as shown above.

  • On invoices, you can now group the products and options together as a single combined line
    Allows you to simplify the invoice lines for customers, especially useful if you have a large number of items placed on orders as it will cut down the amount of printing.
    Admin > Site Settings > Prices & VAT > Display Products and their Options as single lines on Invoices
    + New template tag in html/invoice/table_row.html.twig > line.item_name_inc_option_values (like line.item_name but with option values only instead of groups in front)
  • Order info screen, delete lines now moved into edit line screen.
  • Google Analytics: Custom dimensions & metrics now sync with orders When a customer makes a purchase, if you're tracking custom dimensions against them such as user group, you can now track them to the point of making an order or other system level events like form submissions and downloads.
  • NOTICE: Legacy Order Manager info view - removal 15th January 2020
    We have now deprecated the legacy order view and as of 15th January 2020 we will be removing this old area.
    The new order view has been in place and working well for the last year,  make the switch today to get the latest order management features.


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