Merry Christmas! New in REC+: Product commodity codes, Bundles & BOMs and more.

Feature Spotlight

  • Site Update Banners
    You can now easily display a banner at the top of your site such as for temporary holiday closures, upcoming deals or new COVID guidance. 
    Set it up in Admin > Site Updates > enter your message and preferred colours.
    (If you want it customised even more please contact us. A small design charge will apply)
  • Product commodity codes and country of origin
    To help you comply with international delivery services, you can now set the country of origin & commodity codes of your products to display on invoices. 
    Invoice Template Tags (Table Row Template) - line.commodity_code & line.country_of_origin
    Enable in Admin > Site Settings > Ecommerce > Show Commodity Code and Country of Origin fields on product record.
    This data is also available in product exports as well as through Batch product processor. 
    Read more about using this in our Brexit article
  • Bundles & BOMs - Available to preview
    Available via a new BOM (Bill of materials) tab on the edit product screen. 
    These BOM's allow you to make up a product from other products. 
    With this you can offer bundles of products on your site, or use it to manage stock of products made up of multiple sub component products. 
    New template tags are also available for use to display components of a product, or bundles a product is in. 

    Picking lists
    In addition to the new Bundles & BOMs feature, you can now print pricking lists directly from the order manager and order info screens. 
    This will list each item in the order along with it's warehouse bin (if set via Edit Product) as well as any assembly instructions and components for a product that need to be picked. 
    New html/invoice/picking_list.html.twig template
    New button to print picking list on an order info screen
    New button to export csv order lines (for delivery/export purposes) on an order info screen
    New button to batch print picking lists on order manager
  • Cloudflare cache refresh when adding new images and content.
    If your site sits behind Cloudflare, we now show an indicator to the bottom left of the admin screen. 
    Clicking this will reveal a Cloudflare area which allows you to refresh your cache with them such as after updating a number of images with the same filename and you want to see results sooner than their cache would normally allow. 


  • New Product Price export available with columns for each group price. 
    This new export makes it much easier to set up / manage products with groups prices. The data is exported in an easier way to calculate in Excel or Open/Libre Office Calc and re-import it.
    Admin > Exports > Product Prices (New / columns mode)
    Admin > Imports > Step 2. > Product Prices (New / columns)
    Note: whenever using an export for the first time, always try just a few lines of data first and check that it is working correctly when re-imported. 
  • Product variations export now allows inclusion of group prices. 
    This allows you to take this export and use it with 3rd party stock/warehouse management systems (such as our upcoming Unleashed Software integration).
    Admin > Exports > Product Variations > Optionally add group price columns
  • Product Manager search by category & brand
    You can now filter products in Product Manager's search by category & brand making it easier to track down products that need updating. 
  • Make/Model/Year setting
    To help remove confusion between product and auto part exports, only sites using the auto parts export should now be shown the export.
    This new setting is available in Settings > Ecommerce > Products > Use Make/Model/Year System
  • Manual Orders / custom items 
    By allowing draft and enquire-only products to be added to manual orders, you can now add custom items that you wouldn't otherwise offer directly on the website (i.e. you would copy a standard product to a new draft product which you then amend with the custom requirements and a custom product code).
  • Weekly price list differences email
    The price differences email can now be scheduled to run weekly instead of daily, which may be more suitable for your customers / dealers. 
    The day this runs can now be set in Site Settings > Prices & VAT > Price List App
  • Copy filter tags to a new product
    If you're setting up new products and want them to have a set of tags copied in from another product, you can now do so with this new feature.
    Available in Admin > Edit Product > Filter Tags > New "Copy tags from existing product" input & new buttons to copy in tags from entered product as well as clear all selected tags
  • Order Manager screen layout improvement
    We've improved the display of the order payment & delivery info to make this clearer and display additional info such as payment IDs from 3rd part payment providers which can be used in reference to the payment. 


  • User deletion auditing
    For improved auditing we now record the user name in the audit data so you can see who was deleted and when. 
    If you're using Quote Manager, you'll also see a new Unassigned tab appear which contains any quotes for users that have been deleted. 
  • API Accounts & Webhooks now show status on table view.
    For developers this makes it easier to see which integrations are actively running on the site.  
  • Packaging Types now sent through the API
    Making them available for 3rd party integrations as well as sync'd for Multi Store integrations. 
  • Multi Store / API setting to treat status updates as more of a boolean indicator. 
    This sounds complex but actually is just a way to have any product status such as live, featured or special offer coming in from the API or multi store to then mark a product as live on the replica site instead of the original status. 
    For example, this can avoid setting a product to special offer on the replica site when no special pricing has yet been set, instead leaving it as a live status.
    Available in API Account > Edit > Extras > Boolean statuses 
  • Major speed improvements to the Auto Parts export
    We've made several key optimisations to make this faster, with a new limit of 2500 products at a time. 
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