New in REC+: 3D & AR model support, ShippyPro, Order Info Report improvements & more!

Feature Spotlight

  • 3D Models & Augmented Reality.
    Render fantastic 3D models of your items directly on product pages and pages throughout your site.
    These models are also available on AR supported phones so users can view the item in front of them through their camera!  
    Available on products: Admin > Product Manager > Edit Product > Images & Video > 3D / AR Model Upload (may require template change).
    As well as in template files via content blocks: {{ rec_block('3d model 1', type="model") }}
    Charge applies to implement this change.
  • ShippyPro
    ShippyPro offer a wide range of delivery services for live rates at checkout.
    New Delivery Adapter in Site Settings for ShippyPro.
    New ShippyPro area in Connect > Delivery for setting ShippyPro API Key & tickbox to send items as insured or not.
    Setup charge applies.
  • Order Info Report improvements
    We've expanded our range of new reports available in Order Info Reports (currently in beta while we work on speed improvements).
    We have new ways to switch visualizations per row on the report from graph to table views plus iie chart improvements, year on year comparisons and better visulaisation.


  • Price list email task
    Let your customers (or a specific dealer group) know when your price list is updated.
    Email Tasks -> Add/Edit -> Event -> Update Price List
    Templates -> html/email/templates/price_list_changes.html.twig
    Set up charge applies.
  • Per group hide delivery
    If set, this shows in place of the delivery methods when they are turned off by the site setting or per group.
    Admin > Groups > Edit Group > new checkbox for "Remove delivery methods?"
  • Alphabetical sort for product filter tags (inc. tag groups)
    Improvement for sorting alphabetically for product filter tags.
    Admin > Product Filter Tags > Reset Sort
  • Discontinued products are now auto removed from the Google & Facebook product feeds.
    You no longer need to manually exclude these, this is now taken care of for you.
  • Header search autocomplete improvements for searching on product codes.
    Faster requests for users searching as well as improvements in how we find products to pull through.
    We can also now offer custom designed autocompleted, complete with product images 
  • We now check from any subdomain of (e.g. as a Facebook referral for orders.
    This improves our reporting for social visits.
  • Currency Converter & Delivery Estimator Auto Height.
    The modal windows now dynamically adapt swithiching from the cart for a smoother experience. 
  • Email task unsubscribing
    Automated emails sent through Email Tasks now have a facility to manually unsubscribe users who request not to receive automated emails plus a link can be added into the emails to allow the user to unsubscribe themselves.
    Admin Area: Email Tasks > Edit > Unsubscribe Users
    Template Tag: {{ task.unsubscribe_link }}
  • Copying a product now results in a unique code
    When using batch product processor for copying products, since product codes should be unique, we now auto generate a new code based on the one it's copied from to avoid the possibility of duplicate codes.
  • Shop page layout files
    New ability to create shop layout files such as html/layouts/shop/search_results.html.twig, html/layouts/shop/product_filter.html.twig, html/layouts/shop/product.html.twig etc.
  • You can now multi select categories for delivery uplift.
    Add/edit delivery methods > Adding an uplift to a category now supports multiple categories
  • Product filter improvements
    Manufacturers now supported in sidebar product filter app for pages set to already show them.
    Fixed settings placement for "Remove Blocks where No Items are Found" & "Use Infinite Scroll"
  • You can now get a report of items in need of stock.
    Reports > Product Stock Report > new "Only show out of stock items" tickbox.

CMS & Design

  • On user registration > you can now disable auto generating membership codes
    This is especially useful for Sage & other accounting integration, including where you may wish to add the ID from the accounting system into this field. 
    Site Settings > Ecommerce > Checkout > Auto-generate Membership Codes (defaults to enabled)
  • Content block admin style improvements
    New improved design for repeatable content blocks to make it easier to work with lists of services
  • You can now set custom subjects on form builder emails
    You can use template tags to pull form field data into the subject line
    Admin > Form builder > edit form > Email subject
    e.g. "{{ input_field_102 }} selected".
  • SCSS Support Upgraded
    Latest SCSS support now available including modern CSS Grid grid-row syntax e.g. 1 / 2;


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