New in REC+: Checkout improvements, Twitter Cards support, Security improvements & Chrome Dev Summit Highlights and more

Last week we had the Chrome Developer Summit, check out our rundown of the most important features here & let's dive into what's new in REC:


  • Ability to hide the checkout delivery address if it's the same as the billing address:
    On the checkout confirm screen you can have the delivery address hidden if it's the same as the billing address.
    This is an optional display change you can use to help clean up the layout of the checkout. 
    Available in Settings > Ecommerce > Checkout > "Hide delivery address if it's the same as the billing on Checkout"
  • Twitter cards large image support:
    Similar to the social share image Facebook & other social networks use, Twitter also support sending them a larger version of the image to be used when a link to your site is shared.
    Available in Settings > Company > Site Images > Twitter Cards > "Enable Twitter Cards" switch & "Twitter Card Large Image" uploader.
  • Paypal express 'in context' buttons are now automatically tracked in Google Analytics
    Monitoring the effectiveness of buttons on your site is important and you can now automatically monitor which of your paypal buttons are clicked under Events > PayPal Buttons in Google Analytics. 
  • Addon products
    If you have products such as setup charges or similar services that you don't want showing up in best seller, latest products & other lists & you don't want them to show in the abandonment emails then this new setting can help.
    Available in: Add product > Extra > Is this an addon product? As well as on: Edit product > Prices & delivery tab > Is this an addon product?
  • Form replies source/medium tracking.
    You can now track which sources bring in the most form replies in the Form
    Available in Forms & Processes > View form replies > new Medium/Source column & there's a new Medium & Source columns in the CSV
  • Form replies improvements
    In response to your feedback we've made a few useful improvements to the Form replies area including moving the export to the top so you can get to the data faster as well as making replies now sorted by newest first instead of by unread.
  • Users API improvements
    The users API events for updates now include unsubscribes as well as supporting the GDPR "is_restricted_user" field in user api responses.

Security Improvements

  • SRI on CDN scripts
    SubResource Integrity provides a little extra protection when we reference scripts on 3rd party sites.
    This now covers all the default CDN js files we use so that if ever they were hacked and the hacker poisoned these files, the integrity check would instead request a trustworthy local version of the file instead.
    Using this method, the site still functions without using the CDN & the user is still safe.  
  • Secure & SameSite Cookies experiment
    Secure cookies make sure that they are only loaded over HTTPS, while SameSite cookies make sure they are only used when in the context of this site, adding an additional level of protection to the session cookies used on your site. 
    Available in Settings > Security > "Use Secure & SameSite Cookies - Experimental!"
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