New in REC+: EU IOSS Compliance, Shared Product Reviews and more

Feature Spotlight

  • EU IOSS compliance
    We fully support the optional EU IOSS framework as part of our Premium Ecommerce licence upgrade.
    Read more.
  • Shared product reviews
    If you have very similar products (such as different products for each size available, or a products that's part of a bundle) you can now share reviews across products to fill out your review tabs on the related product pages. 
    Edit Product > Reviews > Shared Reviews
  • Option level stock alerts
    Customers can now subscribe to stock level alerts for the exact option combinations of size, colour etc. 
    (Note:This may require a chargeable template change to enable on your site)


  • Exclude from price list
    If you're using the daily or weekly price list update emails to send to your user groups (e.g. dealers), you can now prevent sending specific products with this new switch: 
    Edit Product > Main Details > Exclude from price list update emails
  • Blocklist improvements
    We've completely reworked our blocklist system to better block the increase in search spam bots using offensive search terms that can make their way onto tag walls but also flood the site and slow down requests for real customers. The changes either fully block requests for the worst offenders, while for potential false positive we allow them to search but don't record the search so that it won't appear on tag walls. 
  • Email tasks that send order items can now be filtered to only send when those items are still in stock
    This allows you to send re-fill or re-purcahse emails knowing that the items are still in stock.
    Email Tasks > Criteria > Only send if the products are In Stock
  • Currency rates can now be saved on an hourly basis
    Normally we save currency rates daily if they are used, however with this new setting you can save each hour on the hour, especially useful for EU IOSS compliance and capturing currency rates. 
    Settings > Prices & VAT > Displaying Prices > Currency > "Re-download currency rates every hour. (If not enabled, we'll use the regular cache time to download which is daily)."


  • Sitemaps
    We've disabled the ability to cache sitemaps, this was originally added to help speed up the generation for these on large sites however we've optimised this over the last few years so it generates in seconds live and there's no longer any reason to have to keep generating this manually. 

Development &  Servers

  • JUNE/JULY - Server Updates
    We've been working on changes to move to new more powerful and modern servers, more updates to follow on this. 
  • JUNE - Twitter API updates
    Updated to keep our Twiter auto posting integration up to date. 
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