New in REC+: EU IOSS Reporting, Partial Shipments, Large File Uploads and more

Feature Spotlight

  • EU IOSS reporting
    Further to our EU IOSS compliance, we now help you report this data back to your accountants with the following reports:
    Admin > Reports > EU IOSS Reports > 2 new reports available for Country Summary or Order Line Details
    Details about EU IOSS data is also now shown on the orders CSV export directly on each order screen above the items. 
  • EU IOSS reload data
    You can now reload the saved EU IOSS data on orders quickly against any order through a new option on the order screen sidebar.
    Read more about EU IOSS
  • Partial Shipments
    On orders that contain multiple items where some are out of stock, you may want to let your customers decide between you sending the entire order, or sending them as and when items are available in partial shipments. You can offer this question to customers at checkout with the follow setting and wording which can be changed via these Site Definitions: 
    Site Settings > Delivery > Enable Delivery Options
  • Backorder required
    When ordering items that require backorders you can now auto change those order lines to this status to help you identify them in order manager (also flagged in the order email). 
    You can also enable this order status onto order manager as a dedicated tab for quickly reviewing orders that are awaiting backorder items. 
    New backorder_required state & Backorder Required status, disabled by default.
    Enabling the status, enables the feature.


  • "Is Addon" enabled products are now auto removed from more areas of the site. 
    You can prevent visitors landing directly on the addon product URL instead redirecting the user away with the following setting:
    Admin > Site Settings > Ecommerce > Products > Prevent direct URL access to addons (Shows a 404 screen for the product instead)
  • Addons options support
    Addons now also support displaying the addon's product options onto the product page, this allows you to pull in any product as an addon without issue. if they have  options present.
    Note: This may require a chargeable template change to fully apply. 
  • Cart bundle components reload data
    When an order that contains bundles is placed it saves which items made this up and the totals for each item, which it then uses to send to 3rd party services such as Tradebox. 
    You can now reload the saved bundle components data quickly against any order through a new option on the order screen sidebar.


  • Large file & drag and drop uploads
    There is now a new Form Builder field type that allows large file uploads from customers with drag and drop support from their desktop (up to 100mb total between multiple files).
    New field type in form builder > UI - Large File Uploader
    Note: This requires a Premium Commerce licence upgrade and bespoke pricing for storage and server capacity.
  • Blog posts array access for easier templating
    You can now access all blog posts in the category shell file (used to pull posts onto pages and blog category pages) 
    The new blog.blog_items_raw tag allows quick access to this.


  • API Accounts can now have data access filtered to specific group based pricing. 
    This is useful for offering public API access to specific user groups (e.g. dealers) so their developers can pull in new products and updates to pricing while making sure they only get their specific group prices shown as well as retail prices. 
    Admin > API Accounts > Edit > Extras > Group prices filter
  • Webhook account owners
    You can now set webhooks to be owned/controlled by a separate API account.
    This allows setting the group/pricing permissions of an API Account and having webhooks respect this data based on their owner.
    Admin > API Webhooks > Add/Edit > Owner API Account.
  • API HTTP response status filtering
    Allowing you to filter logs to error statuses for faster debugging.
    API Accounts & Webhooks > Logs > Filter status (new dropdown)

Development &  Servers

  • Server Updates
    We've been working on changes to move to new more powerful and modern servers, more updates to follow on this. 


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