New in REC+: Facebook Products, Klarna, Timelines, Reporting, Multi Store & more


  • Facebook Products
    Facebook recently launched it's new shop feature for promoting products on pages & in Instagram. 
    Our existing Google Shopping feed integrates directly with this.
    Note: A subscription is required to use the feed and set up charges apply. Contact us for details.
  • Klarna Checkout
    Klarna is a fast growing and popular way to spread payments and is now available to use.
    To set this up:

    Register with Klarna for Klarna Checkout. 
    Admin > Payment Processors, enable the new Klarna Checkout.
    Settings available in: Admin > Connect > Payment Processors > Klarna.

    Klarna also offers banners via their "On-site messaging" section, you'll find inside Klarna on the sidebar.
    Add the main script into REC > Admin > Connect > Custom Scripts.
    Then add the banner custom html element / placement code where you want it to display.
    Note: Contact us to set this up for a small charge.

  • Return Slips
    Buyers can now print return slips when logged into their account and include this when making a return. 
    These list the items being returned and the reason.
    New html/invoice/return_slip.html.twig template file available.
    Read setup instructions on freshdesk
  • Making Returns via Order Manager
    Admins can now follow the same returns process as buyers e.g. selecting a return reason. 
    Available against all orders in Order Manager > Order Info, new Return Requests sidebar block.
  • Batch add download files to products
    Batch product processor now enables you to bulk add download files (e.g. tech spec) to entire categories of products at once. 
    Available in Batch Products Processor > Add Downloads (bottom of the edit panel)
  • Batch add YouTube videos to products
    Also available in Batch Products Processor > YouTube Video URL 
  • Enquiry Only and Upcoming products tabs added in Product Manager
    New tabs added to Product Manager to allow you to easily find Enquiry Only and Upcoming products.
  • Price lists colour coded for new and discontinued products 
    Price lists are now available in Excel spreadsheet format to allow colour coding for new vs discontinued products.
    This is especially useful when selling via dealers and distributors who can quickly see these changes in your product catalogue.
    Available via the Price List main body app on pages.
  • Email tasks can now be paused
    Allowing better control over the email tasks running on your site, such as abandoned cart emails or price list updates.
    Available in Email Tasks > Enable/Disable
  • Coupon assignments can now be sorted via drag and drop.
    This helps you more easily organise the sequence of coupon for deals being offered on your sites, especially when using In-cart deals.
  • Improved handling of order states for hiding items on invoices
    Previously items marked as on_hold would be hidden on invoices however we've changed this so that a new more specific "invoice_ignore" order state is needed to hide items from the invoice. 
  • Purchase Orders can now show the status against each order line
    In the purchase order template, the {{ order.items }} items now contain a status property.
  • Product variations now supported in all the major search areas
    This includes site search, product download search, product manager in admin and more.
  • The product issues report can now show you duplicate product codes.
    This is especially useful for the new Multi Store system, see the Product Issues Report > Duplicate Product Codes.
  • Enforce unique product codes on product entry.
    This is a new setting useful for ensuring each product has a unique code, especially useful for Multi Store where product code is used as a unique identifier.
    Admin > Site Settings > Ecommerce > Sage > Enforce unique product codes. 

Multi Store

Recap: Learn all about Multi Store on freshdesk

  • Compare Screens
    You can now compare products, categories, manufacturers and user groups between your multi store master and replica sites to identify any data inaccuracies.
    Available in Admin > Multi Store > Compare
  • Product codes can now be updated through Multi Store.
    Previously, as product codes are used as the unique key between the sites, you couldn't update the code without spawning a new product on the replica site. This has been resolved so you can update every field on products including the code. 
  • Products now sync as excluding VAT
    This enables Multi Store sites to work better for world wide stores such as versions of sites outside of your tax jurisdiction.
  • Multi Store now sync's deleted products
    This ensures everything is 100% in sync between master and replica stores.

Reports & Timeline

  • Order Information Report
    A fantastic new set of reporting to analyse a range of order metrics including Return Reasons, Order Statuses, Payment & Delivery methods, UK vs International, Retail vs Trade and more. 
    Now available in Admin > Reports > Order Information Report [beta] (also available via link in Marketing Console)
  • Timeline & Projects
    Track key website, marketing & business changes using the new Timeline program. 
    This is an invaulable reminder of actions that have been taken for when you are analysing cause-and-effect. 
    Available in Admin > Timeline
  • Form Scores report now shows totals/summaries
    You can modify the maximum for each score in: Site Settings > Leads & Alerts > Form Scores
    Average scores are also now shown in the Form Scores Report.


  • Find all cases of user details used around your site.
    Useful to speed up any subject access requests you might receive. 
    Admin > GDPR User Search
  • User Manager filter for "Active Users"
    Active users have login access to customer areas of the site i.e. an approved status, current passwords (not expired due to being too old), approved and not suspended. 
    Available in Admin > User Manager > Filter users > new "Only Active Accounts" checkbox


  • API Webhooks can now be sent with Auth Bearer tokens
    This serves as an alternative authentication method to the existing HTTP Basic Auth provided, with the new bearer tokens working better in JWT based authentication flows. 
    Api Webhooks > Add/Edit > "HTTP Bearer Authorization (e.g. for JWT)"
  • Orders API resource now exposes VAT Percentage per line.
    This aids our new integration with Sage, contact us to find out more about this. 
  • API responses now contain additional debug information
    Especially useful for Multi Store where we can now see full logs of every product as it's sent between sites.
  • New API endpoint for stock updates
    /stock, available to send both product & variation codes to with the new stock qty in large numbers.  
  • Webhooks can now choose between receiving products directly, or variations of products if the store has these set up.
    API Webhooks > Add/Edit > Products & Variations > "Prefer Variations?"
  • Batch lookup requests limited to 1,000 at a time.
    This impacts products & order lookups e.g. requesting more than 1,000 results will be capped at 1,000


  • We now expose alternative & associated products into the product template in an array form
    This allows new features such as dropdown selection of alternative products, similar to how variations work on sites such as Amazon.
    Available in the product_info.html.twig template, new array variables available for product.more.alternatives_array and product.more.associations_array
  • Search auto complete improvements
    We now allow custom auto complete extensions for the header, here's a live example of this:
  • Price break details can now be pulled into the per product views e.g. on category or search pages
    Enable in Admin > Template Data Preloads > Price breaks, new tags available to access these: {{ product.prices_table }} and {{ product.prices_array }}

Behind the scenes

  • PHP 7.4 Upgrade
    As ever we're always working to upgrade our technology stack for performance and staying with supported versions. 
  • Better issue flagging for orders
    If we detect anything unusual about the order, we're now flagging it better in Order Manager.
  • Further improvements to blocking of Bad Bots crawling the sites and slowing things down.
    We're also reaching out to sites to offer Cloudflare's free plan to speed up sites & further help block bad bots hitting the server. 
    Being on Cloudflare will become a requirement for large sites in 2021.
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