New in REC+: PDF invoices, social share images, mobile touch icons, further order manager improvements & more

In this weeks issue we focus on smaller day to day improvements, let's dive in:


  • PDF downloads for Invoices.
    You can now download order invoices directly from order manager as PDFs.
    Available in Order Manager > Orders > "PDF Invoice" button under the summary details.
    This uses the design of your print invoice which is also available to customise in Templates > select the active template > html/invoice/base.html.twig
  • Further order manager improvements.
    Continuing from last week we've made further improvements to the flow of the new order management screen based on the feedback we've had so far from you. If you've switched to the old version, please consider trialing the new order experience again to see the latest changes. Your feedback is always welcome. 
  • Mobile touch icon.
    On mobile devices this is shown when adding to favorites, bookmarks & adding to the home screen (similar to favicons)
    We automatically create scaled down versions of your mobile touch icon for the most popular different mobile browsers. 
    Available in Site Settings > Company > Company Details > Mobile Touch Icon.
    Recommended size: at least 200x200px & must be a square image.
  • Social Sharing Image.
    Ever shared your site and wondered why Facebook / Twitter / Instagram used a specific image? This change let's you have more control over this by setting a default image for sharing. This image applies to all main pages of your site, while blog & product pages still use their main images by default. 
    Available in Site Settings > Company > Company Details > Social Sharing Image
    Recommended size: 600x315px or 1200x630px.
    You can test with Facebook's Sharing Debugger tool.

Tweaks & Improvements

  • Rename delivery countries 
    Though you can rename countries in the system already, this would lead to issues with existing data in the system.
    An example of this would be renaming UK to UK Mainland to seperate out Islands for delivery rules.
    To resolve this, we've added a new "Country display name" feature to delivery regions letting you set a different name for countries to appear as. 
    When setting this, please make sure you set all the relevant regions for that country. 
    Available in Delivery Manager > View Delivery Regions > Edit delivery methods, set "Country Display Name".
  • Form sign up process now supports updating existing users
    Previously the sign up process on forms would only subscribe new users, and if a user had unsubscribed they'd need to resubscribe from their account page.
    Now existing users who have unsubscribed can resubscribe on sign up forms easily through the form they originally subscribed through. 
  • Email deliverability improvements.
    Continuing our work to prevent emails going to spam, we've made further changes to the FROM addresses we use on all admin notifications.
    Follow the full guide on better email deliverability & troubleshooting here.
  • HTTPS additional domain redirects
    Multiple domains pointed at a single IP doesn't work with HTTPS, but you can redirect to the main domain from these additional domains. 
    Previously this meant also setting up HTTPS for the other domain due to how the HTTPS connections happen prior to redirects.  
    We've now introduced a way to have HTTPS enabled redirects setup for any addition domains you might have that you want redirected to your main site.
    Please contact us if you need one of these enabled for your site with the domain name(s) you'd like to have redirected.  
  • Facebook Analytics.
    Similar to Google Analytics, Facebook offer their own form of analytics.
    Available in Connect > Social > Facebook Analytics, app id can be set here and then you can enable the js tracking too.
    You can set this up in Facebook: > "+ Add a New App", setting the name to your domain name & any contact email.
    App ID given at the top of the screen, click to copy it and paste over in REC > Connect > Social > Facebook Insights APP ID.
    Under "Analytics" click "Set Up", then click "Web".
    Click "I already set up the Javascript SDK" & skip adding the code as REC handles this for you.
    Enter your Site URL, click Save & then Continue, then skip through the remaining steps by clicking Next on each screen.
    Last screen leaves you on there so now you can click to view your Analytics.

Designers & Developers

  • Users API can now accept delivery prices with or without VAT set
    You can set custom delivery prices (when enabled) on user records & the API can now handle this with a way to set if you're passing a VAT / non-VAT price.
    In the Users API, you can send the following against each user: "delivery_charges": {  "default": "", "free_threshold": "" },
    we assume VAT prices by default but pass the "use_non_vat_prices" URL param.
  • WebP & SVG images support.
    We now support images throughout the system for Google's WebP image format & as SVG.
    With SVG please optimize the images before uploading them to the site & when using WebP please be mindful of browser support as this is a new format. 
    Available throughout the system such as product/blog images as well as logos and all other image uploads.
  • Mailchimp Upgrade.
    Keeping up with the latest Mailchimp upgrade, all users should be able to be synced once again.
  • SMTP email debugging.
    If you're having issues sending emails through SMTP you can get full debug logs.
    This new area is available at the bottom of SMTP Settings section in Admin.


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