New in REC+: Scheduled emails, Lloyds Bank Cardnet, Product review images

Feature Spotlight

  • Scheduled emails
    Through our built in Email Manager you can now schedule when to send your email campaigns ahead of time, contact us to enable this new feature.
    These scheduled emails are also now shown on the dashboard so you can see which emails are scheduled to be sent out soon.

  • Lloyds Bank Cardnet payment processor now available
    Available in Admin > Payment Processors & enter connection details in Admin > Connect > Payment Processors > Lloyds Bank Cardnet Connect

  • Product review images
    You can now let customers upload images with their reviews. Contact us for design changes, a small charge applies.
    New Site Setting: Ecommerce > Product Ratings > Show New/Pending Reviews
    New Site Setting: Ecommerce > Product Ratings > Allow users to upload image on Product Reviews
    New Template Tag: {{ review.images }}
    New System Page: review_image_upload_terms_and_conditions
    New Template: /0-base/css/modules/review-images.css
    New Template: /0-base/html/store/product_info/reviews_terms_of_use.html.twig
    New Template: /0-base/js/modules/review-images.js
    Modified Template: /responsive-base/html/store/product_info/reviews.html.twig
  • Prospect Manager export
    In Quote / Prospect Manager you can now export a CSV of filtered results allowing you to work with these directly via Excel if needed.


  • Checkout personal or business account toggle switch
    When customers register or checkout on your site, you can let them pick between registering for a personal or business account.
    Admin > Site Settings > Ecommerce > Checkout > Enable Account Type Switch
  • New tags on Invoices for showing delivery options and per line statuses
    This allows further flexibility within your invoice templates. Small charge for design.
  • Youtube thumbnails on product pages
    You can now pull in youtube thumbnails rather than just a play button on product pages with videos on them.
    A designer will need to add {{ youtube_thumbail('youtube video url') }} into the product_info.html.twig template file in the relevant place for the thumbnail image url. Small charge applies.
  • Addon & bundle component audit improvements
    Changes to addons and bundles now add their related product codes to their automated audits to help you track changes on products easier.
  • VAT switcher now shows Inc vs Ex VAT on checkout totals.
    Helping to clarify which price is being shown when switching between showing inc or ex vat prices on a site.


  • Search tags & blacklist improvements
    We've been working to decrease spam searches on websites, these are where malicious bots make searches on your site to submit spam, fill up popular searches with irrelevant terms, attempt to find security issues and so on.
    As well as improvements to this we've redesigned our Admin > Tag Wall Manager which exposes popular searches as well as blacklist terms, where words in a soft blacklist are not recorded, and words in the hard blacklist are blocked entirely.
  • Simpler add page screen
    To make managing new pages simpler on sites that use content blocks we've added a faster new page screen as well as a new way to import pages faster.

    Admin > Site Settings > General > Miscellaneous > "Use simpler add screens where available"
  • Added a new section type content block
    Sections allow for greater control over large section/blocks of content on sites with support for showing images or video to the side of ckeditor content, e.g.
    {{ rec_block("Example section type", type="section", unique=true, repeatable=true) }}

API / Integration

  • Unleashed dismiss error
    On the Unleashed Log area in admin, in the error filters we now have buttons to dismiss errors that have been manually resolved on Unleashed directly.
    Unleashed Log > view entry > Dismiss / Un-Dismiss button.
  • Unleashed > new defines for sales groups
    3 new defines available for this: UNLEASHED_SALES_ORDER_GROUP__RETAIL/TRADE/DEALER
  • Tradebox manufacturer and VAT class
    New tradebox csv columns: Item VAT Class, Item Manufacturer, Combined Manufacturer VAT Class
  • API > added order verification info to the orders responses.
    Available in the API > Orders resource > "payment_data" object.


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