New in REC+: Slider & Logo personalisation rules, Order charge lines, Loyalty coupons for returning customers and more


  • Loyalty coupon
    Loyalty coupons allow you to reward customers who have just made a purchase by giving them a time-limited discount applied to their next purchase to tempt them to buy again. This keeps repeating with every order they place. You can also select to which groupings of users it is available e.g. retail customers using Smart types.
    When enabled on your site this is available via Admin > Loyalty Coupon System.
    Read more about Loyalty Coupons
  • Slider personalisation rules
    Want to run automated Easter or Christmas deals? Or change slides shown based on your user group between Retail vs Dealer. You can now use personalisation rules (which support per group or date ranges) to set which slides/images on a slider show and to whom. 
    Read more about personalisation
  • Logo manager
    We've moved where you manage your site logo, instead of via Site Settings this is now managed in a Logo Manager area in admin. 
    This allows adding multiple logos for use in different areas around the site such as emails or invoices or the logo displayed on the front end of the site. 
    You can also utilise the personalisation rules here to set date range specific changes to your logos.
    Available in Admin > Logo Manager
    New template function available for designers and developers to access different logos by name:
    {{ rec_logo('NAME') }}
    Read more about Logo Manager with an example of setting a seasonal logo
  • Order charge lines
    We've introduced a new line type to orders, similar to products or coupon lines but for adding custom service charges to orders manually or via extra features (like DDP contribution) that add their own surcharges.
    You can setup types of charges via Admin > Cart Charge Line Types
    Then add them to orders manually via Admin > Order Manager > Order Info > Add/edit lines > New "line type" option of "Charge" which lets you add arbitrary amounts to orders. These must map to a charge type set above for reporting but the name and amount can be anything you like.
    Read more about charge lines & DDP


  • Email manager follow-up filter
    You can now use Email Manager to send follow up emails based on subscribers who opened, clicked or didn't open a specific previous email.
    Useful for following up in case subscribers missed a previous email or for emailing customers who were previously interested. 
    Please use this with caution, repeat sending can often lead to increased spam ratings for your emails.
  • Email country filter
    New "Country" filter when sending emails to help you optimise your emails based on the location of the customer, such as sending emails to users in their native language or offering region specific deals.  
    Available via the email by filters option on Email Manager


  • Order info reports filters
    These now support filters for Category, Manufacturer & User Smart Type (e.g Retail vs Dealer / Trade). 
  • Order info reports exc. VAT switch
    Using this you can optionally toggle the Order Info Reports on Report Builder to remove VAT from their values.
  • Conversion funnel report redesign
    We've re-built this report to visually display as a funnel allowing you to see where in the process users are dropping out as well as a new stage showing the cancelled/returns rate after a sale. 

    Contact us to engage in a Conversion Rate  Optimisation program to increase revenues & profits
  • Variations export now contains additional info
    This now includes columns for each product description, link & images.
    Admin > Exports > Product Variations > new "Show extended columns" tickbox to add the new columns


  • Duties paid contributions
    Building off our new charge lines feature, using this new feature you can offer customers in selected countries to pay a contribution towards delivery and duties so you can ship as DDP (Deliveries Duties Paid) thereby eliminating the uncertainty of costs for the buyer. An example of this is to allow EU customers  a way to pay a set percentage increase on their order to help cover the cost of taxes/duties along with the rest being covered by your company to help secure the order.
    Read more about DDP in our Charge Lines article and contact us about enabling this feature on your site. 

    Admin > Duties Paid System
    Checkout > New duties paid area enabled in the new admin area above.
    New charge type: DUTIES_PAID (will be used for reporting later)
    Admin > Order Manager > Filter by duties paid (title comes from define title)
    Admin > Order Manager > Order Info > Shows selection on sidebar on orders that are applicable.
    Invoice template tag: {{ dump(invoice.duties_paid) }}
  • Download deduplication
    Download files can often be duplicated where they've been added to multiple products which makes it difficult to manage when the download file is updated. 
    To help, the system will now automatically relate downloads with the same name to avoid duplicates on add/edit of downloads & products. 
    The system will warn you when this happens, and we've also introduced a new area in Admin > Download Manager > View Duplicate Downloads, which can help you fix existing duplicates.
  • Coupon code check to avoid duplication
    When managing large numbers of coupon based deals, over time it's possible you may use a code twice. 
    The system now warns you when adding coupons and in coupon manager to help you ensure your codes are unique.This also improves reporting on coupons later as the code is used for this. 
  • Manual order tracking improvements
    We've added a number of improvements to the manual order process in Order Manager including audits when a manual order is placed to record which admin placed the order for the customer.
  • Price manager easier exports
    Price Manager now let's you quickly export all existing prices before running price updates, this acts as a backup but you can alternatively use the export to do the update using calculations directly in Excel/Libreoffice Calc and import it back in. This has the added benefit of letting you preview the price changes in the spreadsheet before making them.
  • Show multiple manufacturers products on pages
    You can now select multiple manufacturers/brands on add/edit pages to group together similar/related brands.
  • Product created date now more visible
    The system now displays the date when products were added at the top right of the edit product screen.

CMS / Design

  • The blog editor toolbar now scrolls with you for long posts.
    When editing large blog posts it was inconvenient to scroll back to the top to change font styling or add images & links. Now the editor toolbar will scroll with you so it's always at the top of the visible screen ready for you to use. 
  • Smart type template tag access
    There is now a template tag available to designers and developers of sites to allow access to the "smart type" of a user which lets the code know if the user is a Retail user or another type such as a Dealer. You could add these to the order/invoice or PO documents if you wish to identify the type of user (for example to send out coupons/flyers for promotions for retail customers).
    Here are some examples:
    Retail only: { % if not user.is_logged_in or user.smart_type == 'Retail' % } ... { % endif % }
    Dealer or trade only: { % if user.smart_type == 'Dealer' or user.smart_type == 'Trade' % } ... { % endif % }


  • Facebook product & blog post integration
    After working with Facebook we are re-approved to post from sites to your company Facebook accounts. 
    Please note the connections were reset at the start of this year due to this so if you haven't re-connected this year it's worth doing so to ensure your posts still send over correctly.
  • Multi store improvements
    The switch to exclude from multi store has been re-worded to "Exclude from Multi Store & API Webhooks" to make it more clear it affects both areas.
    Batch product processor will now copy the status of that column as well to cloned products on copy.
    The Unleashed 3rd party integration can now be filtered to only send products added via Multi Store to Unleashed on updates rather than on initial add giving the replica site admins more control over what is then sent to Unleashed. 
  • Unleashed retail order ID prefix
    As well as the default order ID prefix, you can now set a specific prefix to order IDs just for retail customer orders to help you identify the difference in Unleashed.
  • Unleashed sync flag now available in the products export.
    On sites with Unleashed connected, when exporting products you now have 2 additional columns to help you identify and unsync products based on the new unleashed_guid column as well as setting if the product should or should not sync to Unleashed via the new unleashed_sync_product column (1 to sync and 0 to disable the sync).


  • Cookies updated for Adwords
    The Google Adwords cookies have recently updated so to help keep your cookie policies up to date we've updated the cookie names they use.
  • Accessibility improvements for pagination
    To help visitors using screenreaders we now ensure disabled pagination links (such as to the first page when you're already on the first page) are no longer announced to them by using the aria-disabled=true attribute. 
  • Quick add user on add quote now auto selects the new user.
    When adding a user to a new quote in Prospect Manager we now ensure they are then auto selected as the quote customer.
  • Google Analytics > We now ensure all sites on install have the IP anonymization feature enabled by default. 
    We've also forced this to be enabled on all existing sites, you can optionally disable this if you'd like via Admin > Connect however please first read more about this from Google
  • Reviews rich snippet improvements to tell Google the author is a "Person"
    Test your page rich snippets here
  • Modules system is now compatible with multiple modules on sub pages of other modules.


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