New in REC+: Unleashed software integration , PayPal Commerce, Bundle improvements and more

Feature Spotlight

  • Unleashed & Xero Integration
    REC+ now integrates with Unleashed's inventory management software designed to help businesses manage their stock and manufacturing processes with integration into Xero accounts. The integration allows products to be populated into Unleashed from the website, the creation of new customers and orders and stock control, plus matching product categories, manufacturers and user group price lists.
    You can view each order has been sent to Unleashed on the order information screen, as well as new export/reports to help you relate your categories, manufacturers and user groups between the website and Unleashed.
    As well as the connection to Unleashed, we offer logs of all activity back and forth, a way to simulate events, ability to sync specific products and settings to control whic data is synchronised. 
    Read more about how Unleashed integrates with REC+ on freshdesk and what to do next.

    Unleashed software

  • PayPal Commerce
    Paypal have launched their new Commerce Platform with the potential fotr better rates and the ability to show the form collecting card details embeded directly into the checkout process. All data continues to be stored and handled by Paypal who remain responsible for PCI compliance.
    Read our freshdesk article on how to set this up on your REC+ site, alternatively we can implement this for you for a small charge, contact us via a support ticket. 

  • Product Bundles improvements:
    A range of improvements have been made to the product bundle system allowing the bundle order lines to be split into their components for integration; syncing the prices, costs and weights and discounts of the component lines so that these are added up onto the overall product bundle for you. 
    This also supports bundles made from components with different VAT rates ahead of new legislation that is under consultation. 
    Here's a preview of some of the new options available, contact us to find out how bundles can work for your site:

  • User VAT & EORI Numbers
    Collect customer VAT and EORI numbers at checkout to help when shipping to business customers in the EU
    Enable this via: Admin > Site Settings > Ecommerce > Checkout > Request Customer VAT & EORI Numbers
    New definitions are available in case you want to rename these: VAT_NUMBER, EORI_NUMBER, VAT_NUMBER_HELPER_TEXT, EORI_NUMBER_HELPER_TEXT
    This changes some existing template tags: Invoice - user.vat_number => order_tax_ref and user.vat_label => order_tax_ref_label
    As well as adding in some new ones: Invoice & Purchase Order - user.vat_number, user.vat_number_label, user.eori_number and user.eori_number_label 
    Read the full article here (scroll just over halfway down). There is a charge of £395+VAT to help set this up for you.

  • Google My Business (GMB) Reviews Integration
    This new integration allows you to pull GMB reviews of your business from Google and store them in your website. 
    These reviews can currently be displayed on a page via the template system, or via the reviewsonmywebsite service, however we plan to add a page app soon so you can easily show off your reviews on any page. 
    Connect via: Admin > Connect > SEO/Analytics > Google My Business
    View your GMB reviews in Admin via the new Google Reviews link in the program sidebar.
    You can read in full about how we handle reviews and complaints on our freshdesk article

  • Google Customer Reviews (ecommerce orders)
    Google Customer Reviews are collected from your customers after they place an order on your ecommerce site. When customers reach your thanks page at the end of the checkout process, a popup will appear from Google asking if they can contact them later about their purchase.
    If the customer clicks YES they are emailed by Google approximately 8 days later to ask how the order went and about each item in the order.  These can earn review stars which Google can then display on Ads. Here's a preview of the Google popup:


    Connect this up in Admin > Connect > SEO > Google Analytics > Merchant ID & Enable Google Customer Reviews popup on the thanks page.

  • Email Manager Export Including Google / Facebook Ads Customer Match
    Export email addresses from campaigns in Email Manager > Sent Email as either email addresses only, or in a format ready to use with Google and Facebook's Ads Customer Match systems (email addresses, names, country and postcode).

    Email export for Google Ads Customer Match

Report Builder

A range of new reports and features have been added to Report builder including:

  • Form scores
    You can now report on your CES or NPS ratings collected by your forms over time. 
  • Custom titles
    Add your own custom titles for each report to make them more meaningful for your business, rather than using the default titles. 
  • Actions & comments
    Add and keep track of actions in the new Actions & Comments field which is available at the footer of the report you are building and can be included on the report when it is produced. 
  • Line chart totals
    Line charts now show a total/summary line above them to with the differences between the current and comparison date ranges.


  • SMS & Postal marketing opt in on guest checkout registration
    Gain GDPR consent for SMS or direct mail marketing campaigns during the checkout process or by editing the user profile data in User Manager. These new opt-in fields are also included in the Users export. You can change the wording that displays during registration in Site Definitions > CHECKOUT_POSTAL_OPT_IN_TEXT & CHECKOUT_SMS_OPT_IN_TEXT
    Turn this on via Admin > Site Settings > General > Registration > Newsletter > Enable Opt-In SMS Signup / Direct Mail Signup.
  • Detailed order report now includes cost & profit margin data per order line
    This report now includes Cost & Profit Margin columns as it gives you order line detail, as opposed to the Order Profitability Report which only reports this information at the overall order level. This report can also now be downloaded for you to use in Excel. 
  • Product Issues Report includes variations
    Checks added for Duplicate Variation Codes, Product Options Without Variations and Variations Without Product Options to help you track down common issues when you need to use unique variation codes for integration.
  • "Possible missing variation combinations" on products
    On the product options tab under variations, there are suggested additional variation combinations of options to prompt you to set up all possible combinations. 
    Edit product > options tab > under variations table it'll now show "Possible missing variation combinations" if any are found.
  • Tradebox order transmission indicator
    When using Sage / Tradebox integration, in Order Manager > order screen there is an indicator to show the order was sent to Tradebox plus a link to the full log entry for additional details of other orders included in the batch. This is useful if there is an issue on an order within a batch that then stops Tradebox processing the whole batch.

  • Stop back orders being taken only on specific products
    If your site is set to take backorders (i.e. you take the order even if there is no stock available) you can now stop certain products from being sold by entering a "0" into the  "Stop Selling When Stock Qty Reaches This Amount" on the product record in the Stock tab. This allows more control on what you wish to sell. 
    Enable this via Site Settings > Stock > "Stop Back Orders Via Stop Selling Qty Field"
  • PayPal Order ID Prefix - For use on multiple sites using the same Paypal account
    If you use the same PayPal account for taking payments on multiple sites,  use this new setting to prefix your order IDs so that they remain unique across 2 or more sites (otherwise a previously used order ID will cause a conflict with Paypal).
    Available in Admin > Connect > Payment Processors > PayPal Order ID Prefix
  • Improved product ajax audits
    With this behind the scenes feature we've been working to improve our reports around related product data such as options, attributes, images, variations and more.

User Management

  • Receive Notifications When New Businesses Register
    Receive an email notification when new businesses register on your site so you can follow up with them accordingly. These are identified as a new business by virtue of them entering their company name in the Business Name field during registration.  
    Set this up in Email Notifications > New Business User Registration emails. 

  • Filter for 'Businesses only' in User Manager & Email Manager
    Filter to list businesses only instead of including all retail customers in User Manager and Email Manager for better targeting. 


  • Improved Content Block Tag Filtering
    New filters have been added in Admin > Content Blocks to help manage larger number of content blocks. 
  • Module item meta tags
    Available on add/edit module item pages in a new meta tags area at the bottom of the form to help set those tags for improved SEO.


  • New email templates for: Double Opt In Email, Quote Email, User Registration Email.
    With these now in place, all system generated event-based emails should now have moved from Page Manager to templates
    Available in the /html/email/templates/ template folders.
  • Additional product template tags in product_info.html.twig.
    New arrays available for: {{ dump(product.categories) }}, {{ dump(product.options_array) }} and {{ dump(product.filter_tags_array) }}
  • Customer home template
    A new template around the text content shown on the customer logged in homepage is available here: /html/customer_home/content.html.twig allowing you to add more custom content or list products via the templates here. 


  • Google my business reviews available via /api/v1/google-reviews
    Business reviews can now be pulled in here and this can be used via the template system with easy ways to access lists of reviews or averages for creating badges showing star ratings etc. 
  • User controller post multi users now shows email & mem code in responses
    To help 3rd party devs with debugging we now output additional data in batch responses to help track down issue data. 
  • Product API: Improvements to variation code error handling
    Variation code errors would previously halt the update of a product but now these allow the main product (and batches of products) to update, while reporting back that the request was only a partial success if there were errors involved during the variation updates.
  • Products list by tags, can be useful especially when calling the api via template system to list out a specific tag of products.
    If you're building something more custom around product tags and you want to pull in specific filtered products without use of the product filter system you can now do so via the api. 


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