Preparing For Black Friday & Christmas 2019

As we head towards the festive season, online retailers are preparing for two of their biggest events of the year, Black Friday on 29th November  2019 and Christmas. Here's a quick memory jog to help you get ready...

  • Check out the In-Cart Deals feature for tempting shoppers to spend more in the cart and on the checkout page.
  • Add a coupon code(s), with codes normally called FRIDAY, BLACKFRIDAY, MONDAY or CYBERMONDAY
  • Create promo banners on your home page which describes the offer and displays the coupon code
  • Add a message into your product page template to advertise the offer and code
  • Add a message on your Checkout page text which describes the offer and displays the coupon code - or use the new In-Cart Deals feature
  • Create an email campaign for the promotion and send it out to users (Tip: REC+ allows timed email campaigns via Mailgun integration)
  • Run a paid advertising campaign to promote your deal 
  • Create and print coupons that can be redeemed in January, February and March and send them out with your shipments.
  • After your promotion has ended, ensure you remove any banners or other content and stop any paid campaigns.

Again last year, many of our ecommerce clients ran very successful Black Friday offers, starting with teaser emails the week prior and extending their offers for a few days after Black Friday had finished. Good luck with your campaigns!

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