Prospect Manager

Prospect Manager is our own integrated CRM system for sales and marketing teams. 

We were asked by our main reseller on a number of occasions whether we could offer this type of solution, despite there being several CRM's out in the marketplace and we initially resisted doing it because of the amount of work involved. 

However, we took the decision that it would add real value to our product and opened up a 12 month development window to build it. The primary focus was to create a simple to use system, adhering to our ruling principle of simplicity in our software, aimed at sales teams in companies without a CRM or who were subscribed to higher-priced services which hadn't been put into use properly due to being overly complex.

We engineered Prospect Manager as an integral part of the core system as it hooked into User Manager, email sending and piping and feeding in from forms created in Forms & Processes. From the engineering end, this included working out which way we should raise alerts and we settled on email notifications plus Pushbullet to display real-time alerts on desktops and mobile devices. This meant sales people would know exactly when their prospect was looking at their emailed quote and would prompt a call at exactly the right moment. Email piping was also engineered into the system so we could capture replies from prospects directly into the system. It was then easy to see what contacts had been made on each user record to avoid making too many outbound calls to the same prospect and avoid becoming a nuisance. 

We also wanted it to be used by companies who had their own website software and therefore made sure it could be used as a standalone system without the need to move to our website CMS & ecommerce system as well. 

Prospect Manager is used by us in-house and a lot of ongoing development has been driven from having it installed in one of our largest clients who generate significant sales revenues from it. 

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