REC+ 2020 Feature Recap

2020 was a little bit of an unusual year, but at least here on REC+ we worked on a range of new features to help your site sell.

Here's our highlights, in no particular order, top features you may have missed in 2020 that we think are worth checking out:

  • Site Update Banners
    The site updates offer a simple way to show a top banner to your visitors. 
    We've been using this to show customers info on latest deals or let them know about new COVID guidance being followed. 
    Here's an example of this live in use:

    Read more in our December post
  • Multi Store
    The new Multi Store feature creates new opportunities to sell your products and save you time by replicating products from your master store to other REC+ stores you operate
    Read more in our May post
  • Product Variations
    Variations is our solution to handling stock between Products and multiple Options. 
    Each variation can have a unique code, stock level and cost that can relate to the different size, colour and other variations of your products. 
    We aim to move more option details to variations in the future such as pricing to allow even more fine grained control. 
    Read more in our July post
  • Bundles and BOMs
    Sell bundle deals of products together with a special bundle price, or make a product up from multiple other component/material products and keep track of stock. 
    This new feature allows you to create a wide range of offers, including gift sets, multiples, by the case.  
    Read more in our freshdesk article
  • Tradebox Sage Integration

    Tradebox allows us to integrate with Sage50 and SageOne, this year we added worked on improvements to this as well as a new stock sync to keep your stock on the website up to date with stock changes back in Sage. Tradebox also allows integration with Xero so contact us if you wish to discuss integration. 
    Read more about Tradebox Sage integration in our freshdesk article
  • Facebook & Instagram Products
    Advertise your products to new audiences on Facebook & Instagram easily.
    This utilises our existing Google Shopping feed to easily integrate with Facebook & Instagram shop tabs and their advertising platform.
    See this live here:
    Read more in our August post
  • Klarna

    Klarna is a fast growing and popular way to spread payments into regular installments.

    Read more in our August post
  • Stripe Checkout
    Stripe offers a modern & simple checkout experience offering the latest payment methods such as most cards, Google Pay & Apple Pay.

    Read more in our February post
  • ShippyPro

    ShippyPro offer a wide range of delivery services for live rates at checkout. 
    Read more in our October post
  • Product commodity codes & country of origin
    Working with new international shipping rules, we now offer commodity codes & country of origin settings per product with ways to pull this data onto invoices and product pages. You can set these against each product or against multiple products at the same time via the batch product processor or our product exports. 
    Read more in our December post
  • Delivery VAT numbers
    Further helping comply with international shipping rules, some regions may require you collect a VAT number or similar for delivery such as a "CPF Number" in Brazil.
    Read more in our November post
  • 3D Models & Augmented Reality
    Render fantastic 3D models of your items directly on product pages and pages throughout your site with AR support.
    Read more in our October post
  • Order Info Reports
    A fantastic new set of reporting to analyse a range of order metrics including Return Reasons, Order Statuses, Payment & Delivery methods, UK vs International, Retail vs Trade and more.
    Read more in our August post
  • Timelines
    It's important to keep track of major site changes and changes you've made to your marketing plan to see how these impact your visitors and sales. 
    To do this we have a new Timelines area in admin that let's you easily keep track of your important dates.  
    Read more in our August post
  • Content Personalisation Rules
    Personalisation rules let you determine how content is displayed on your site for different user groups. For example, setting parts of your homepage content to display different messaging for different types of customers. This is achieved by detecting the user, identifying which group they are in and switching content blocks to show one created for their user group.
    Read more in our May post
  • Quickshop
    Especially on B2B sites, your customers may want to quickly lookup product codes or even a CSV of codes and how many of each they want to add to cart without hunting round the site to find each. 
    This works with our previously mentioned Product Variations codes to allow you to quickly adding a specific option combination of a product to cart too.
    Read more in our February post
  • Expert Answers
    Allow users to submit questions on any page or product and easily reply & publish the question and answer on your site.
    Helps you to seal more conversions and to improve your content and gain additional natural keyword phrases for extra indexing by search engines.
    Read more in our January post.

Please note: Charges can apply to some features and their implementation.

Our full 2020 REC+ update posts:


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