Time To Migrate To HTTPS !

Time To Migrate To HTTPS

What Is HTTPS?

HTTPS (Hypertext Transfer Protocol Secure) is an internet communication protocol that protects the integrity and confidentiality of your users' data as it is sent from their computer to your website over public networks including WiFi hot spots. Secure sites running on HTTPS have an SSL certificate and a visible green padlock in their browser to show the connection is secure.

Why Is It Important?

It helps stop criminals intercepting data as it passes over the internet, preventing them stealing valuable data entered via forms, such as logging in to a site, making a purchase or subscribing to newsletters. Having login data is especially valuable because it can be used to steal identities or access sensitive data on any other sites users access using the same login details. It also reassures people to see the green padlock on your site.

There is a big push for businesses to move to “SSL everywhere”,  and Google already confirmed that HTTPS has become a lightweight ranking signal so there is even a small SEO benefit to be gained too.

You may also have noticed many sites that have login forms or ask for credit card details now show as "Not Secure" in the browser. Google Chrome, Firefox & others have started to point out when sites don't have HTTPS like so:

How Do You Migrate To HTTPS?

You can migrate yourself with the instructions on the Migrating to HTTPS site or purchase one of our services to perform the migration for you: 


How Do I Arrange To Have My Migration Started?

Contact your regular Account Manager or the support team on 01386 570 360 to discuss our paid migration services.

NB New pricing applies and supercedes previous offers or quotations. Prices are subject to change. Any assistance given for "Do It Yourself" migrations or resolving issues arising from work undertaken by yourself or other parties will be strictly chargeable at £60 per hour or part thereof. 

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