Blog Manager

Blog Manager

Blog out your news and views on your own site and to social media

by REC+

What This Does

Blog Manager allows you to set up and categorise blog posts which can then be displayed on pages via Page Manager. During the publication process you can also post out to linked social media accounts on Facebook and Twitter.

Charges & Installation


This is made available to REC+ users for free under our normal terms and conditions.


Follow our instructions on Freshdesk or book training with your web designer. Prices depend on location and number of people needing training.


Integrates with Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn


Publish blog posts out to your connected social media accounts. 


Developers can access this data via the system API.

Ongoing REC+ Support & Maintenance Charges

Blog Manager is fully supported within our standard charges.

Freshdesk Documentation

Click here to go to the article on Freshdesk

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