CES Ease Of Business Rating

CES Ease Of Business Rating

Collect Customer Effort Scores (CES) to measure how easy it is to do business with you

by REC+

What This Does

Allows you to collect CES ratings from 1 - 7 on order thank you pages and for other services by adding other custom forms on your site. 

Charges & Installation


This is made available to REC+ users for free under our normal terms and conditions.


You can set this up using Form Builder with the rating field type or we can set this up for you on a chargeable basis.
Charges vary dependent upon complexity and form process flows once the form has been submitted.


This information feeds into the business Heads Up Display module to collate and report your overall rating.

Ongoing REC+ Support & Maintenance Charges

This program is fully supported within our standard charges.

Freshdesk Documentation

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