Content Blocks

Content Blocks

Make it easy to manage blocks of contents on web pages

by REC+

What This Does

Content blocks allow you to more easily manage content on web pages that needs to be styled in a more specific way than the standard web editor allows. The key benefit for administrators is that it is easy to change the elements within the styling via Page Manager without breaking them by accidentally breaking custom HTML or CSS which is hidden away.  You can also consider using the Module System where there is repeatable data entry required.

Charges & Installation


This is made available to REC+ users for free under our normal terms and conditions.

Set Up

Setting it up initially is usually chargeable work via your web developer unless you have HTML and CSS experience


This is not required once the Content Block has been professionally set up as it forms part of Page Manager.

Ongoing REC+ Support & Maintenance Charges

Maintenance of the Content Block software is included within the monthly subscription charge.
The custom work created using Content Blocks is not supported free of charge as it is custom work. 

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