Ecommerce Personalisation PREVIEW

Ecommerce Personalisation PREVIEW

Personalise products and emails to increase sales to visitors

by Wildfire Internet

What This Does

The additional Ecommerce Personalisation subscription allows you to use a premium set of ecommerce personalisation features to display products to visitors based on their browsing and buying habits and to allow therse to be used as filters when sending emails. More information will follow in 2020.


Charges & Installation


This is made available to REC+ users under our normal terms and conditions when taking out the additional Ecommerce Personalisation licence and subscription.  

Note: A personalisation licence will need to be pruchased in addition to the monthly support charge. Contact us for details.

Set Up

Instructions to be provided.

Ongoing REC+ Support & Maintenance Charges

Support and maintenance is included as part of the additional subscription.

Freshdesk Documentation

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