Expert Answers

Expert Answers

Provide useful answers to potential customers on your product and content pages

by Wildfire Internet

What This Does

Expert Answers directly increases your conversion by enabling you to provide useful answers to questions from your potential customers when they are visiting your product or content pages. The answers can then optionally be displayed on the products or pages to help other potential customers. 

NB This feature can also be incorporated from the service.

Charges & Installation


The software is from Wildfire Internet and provided under the Premium subscription.

Installation & Training

We will help you set up this feature for £199+VAT which includes displaying it on your product or content pages and explaining how to use it.

Ongoing Support & Maintenance Charges

Support and maintenance is included within the Premium subscription charge. 


This integrates with your existing REC+ website.


This automates the process of publishing answers to questions back on to product pages to help others.

Freshdesk Documentation

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