Premium Ecommerce Subscription

Premium Ecommerce Subscription

Premium Ecommerce Subscriptions

by REC+

What This Does

The additional Premium Ecommerce subscriptions allows subscribers to use a premium set of ecommerce features in REC+.

Individual features can be purchased at the monthly prices shown. 

Premium Ecommerce Features

  • In-Cart Deals - offer discounts in the cart to entice visitors to buy more and show associated products too - £25/month
  • Expert Answers - answer visitors questions on product pages and display these to help other buyers and improve your SEO - £25/month
  • Quick Orders - quick way to add large numbers of products to your basket - great for trade customers - £25/month
  • Prospect Manager - never lose track of a sale by adding them to the in-built CRM system - From £50/month
  • Price Compare  - compare your product prices with competitors to understand your price point in the market - From £95/month 
  • Product Bundles - Sell products together as a single bundle with a lower price and calculate the VAT correctly for products with different rates (one-off template change charge also applies) - £25/month
  • Product Addons - Display additional products / services on a product page which buyers can select to purchase (e.g. warranties, installation, gift wrapping (one-off template change charge also applies) - £25/month
  • EU IOSS - calculate VAT for EU Consumers using EU IOSS rules - £25/month
  • Large File Uploads - upload up to 100Mb files on forms. Requires bespoke pricing for storage and server requirements  - From £25/month
  • SIC Industry codes - Add SIC codes to customer records andsend targeted emails via Email Manager - £25/month
  • Loyalty Coupons - Set up a time-limited coupon that encourages customers to place a repeat order - £25/month
  • Abandoned Cart Followup System - allows sales teams to record their followups for abandoned carts - From £25/month

Charges & Installation


This is made available to REC+ users under our normal terms and conditions when taking out the additional Premium Ecommerce subscription. 

Set Up

Follow the instructions provided for each feature.
An hourly charge will apply for adding features that require design changes, or for training / implementation.
In-cart deals may need template changes if the standard checkout template has been changed previously.

Ongoing REC+ Support & Maintenance Charges

Support and maintenance is included as part of the additional Premium Ecommerce subscriptions.

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