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IMPORTANT: PCI DSS Compliance v4 - New Scanning Service For Ecommerce Sites

What is PCI DSS v4 & What Has Changed?

PCI DSS v4 is the next evolution of PCI compliance affecting ecommerce websites which take payments and it is in effect now. Read documents about PCI v4 here

A significant change is that in the past your website did not need to be PCI scanned since you use 3rd parties to handle payments, such as Paypal, Stripe, Klarna, Barclaycard ePDQ etc, and the burden of PCI compliance fell onto those companies. However that has changed and banks and payment processors may now ask for your website to be regularly scanned as well due to the evolving threat landscape, which is set out under Requirements 6 and 11. There are changes to the Self Assessment Questionnaires SAQs you fill in which now mirror v4 compliance.  Read more about the SAQ changes and requirements here

Why Do Vulnerabilities Arise?

Hackers are always searching for ways to exploit websites with new methods or tools. We have extensive multi-layered security tools and processes to protect your core site from exploits, however there may be scripts that have been added to your site in the past which were secure at the time but a new exploit has subsequently been found for them. These will be flagged up in a scan and require attention to negate the vulnerability.  It's a fast-moving game, even a new script added today could become vulnerable in a short period of time, hence more regular and more comprehensive scanning requirements. 

How Do I Do PCI Scans?

Your bank or payment processor may provide you with an approved PCI scanning system (ASV - Approved Scan Vendor) which can be used to perform a scan. Otherwise it will be necessary to purchase this service. The scan produces a detailed report which needs to be checked through to ensure there are no identified vulnerabilities on your website, including picking through false positives. This is best tackled by us since your website application and hardware infrastructure is provided by us. This includes switching some of our security tools into PCI Compliance test mode to eliminate false positives.

How Often Do I need To Run PCI Scans?

This may be needed as often as every 90 days.

How Do I Check What Scripts Are On My Site?

You can use the Script Finder program in the website Admin Centre to see all the scripts that are in use on your website. This is important if you are using embedded payment pages or forms including iframes, such as for Klarna or Paypal Commerce.

What Else Needs To be Updated?

We will have to enable HSTS (which forces the browser to always use HTTPS with your domain) and secure cookies, both are settings in the admin centre.

What Does It Cost?

We can perform PCI scans for you and interpret the scan reports. The charge for this is £105+VAT per scan request per website. This includes scan re-runs to check any issues identified in that scan are resolved. We can either use your bank's scanning tool if it's provided or a paid service such as HackerGuardian which is typically around £70 per annum. 

Script audits can be undertaken at a charge of £105+VAT.

If we find 3rd party scripts or other work that require remediation, the charge is £105+VAT per hour and would typically take a few hours to complete unless the scripting work was particularly large or complex. You would also need to test your website functionality relating to the scripting work after it is completed to ensure it is functionally working.

How To Book

Please raise a support ticket stating you require a PCI Scan in the subject line and whether you have access to PCI scanning software in the description and we will schedule in the work. 



Spotlight On Ecommerce Features Released This Year

Top Picks

Here's a roundup of the changes we've released this year so far. It heavily showcases new e-commerce features but you can see all changes in detail covering the Content Management System, sales and prospect management, tracking and of course security updates. Visit the Update page.

If you are interested in enabling these features, please contact your account manager regarding licence upgrade and implementation costs.

Google Shopping Automated Discounts / 'Dynamic Re-pricing'   
Major new feature for ecommerce stores advertising on Google

Google has launched a major new feature to help improve online product sales by dynamically lowering the price of your products shown via Google Ads compared to your competitors. The new product price is displayed on Google's Search Engine Results Pages and once the ad is clicked the price is then automatically lowered on the website product page to match. The amount of discount given can be set as a percentage across all products, or with specific prices on a per product basis. The price offered by Google is honoured for 48 hours only. Read the full article.

Free Samples
Secure more sales by offering free samples to prospective customers as trials, matching up products etc. Mark a product as a free sample with free delivery and as an addon so it doesn't show up in latest products etc. Free samples are ignored in the minimum order value checks at checkout when ordered without other products. However, if you then add a £10 item to cart, that item triggers the minimum value check and prevents the checkout from allowing the order to go through until the minimum order level has been reached. You can also set the maximum number of free samples you allow per customer order. Read the full article.

Re-Engagement Reminders
Remind new customers who haven't purchased to come back to the site, or specific groups of customers who haven't purchased in a set time frame.
Read full article.

Additional Abandoned Cart Followup Email Task
Further to the default abandoned cart followup email, you can now set additional followups such as a week or a couple weeks later as extra reminders to bring in sales. 
Read about all abandonment followup features

Send personal-looking automated emails from account managers
Make automated emails to customers appear as personal emails from your account managers. Great personal touch for increasing open rates.
We've also added BCC support & ability to BCC account managers on emails being sent to their customers so they know what's going on e.g. dropping out of a VIP Club.

GA4 Consent Mode v2
We've updated our consent mode integration to ensure we share if the user has accepted different tracking and ads based storage and personalisation permissions so that Google can respect the visitor's choice. This is to bring the cookie policy, GA4 & Ads integration up to speed with the latest rules and best practice.

Auto Discontinue Products
Set products to automatically discontinue when they run out of stock as part of improving your stock management.

Admin alert emails modernised & improved
We've redesigned all the system alerts to bring them into 2024 and emphasise important actions you need to take.

Google Sheets integration for custom sales data reporting
Automatically sync your new order data to Google sheets allowing you to build custom reports or dashboards that are automatically updated and can be viewed on mobile and desktop devices.

Back In Stock Dates report
A single screen to view back in stock dates for all products and see which have expired but haven't been re-stocked yet.

Customer Order Analysis 
Track trends over time for different groups/types/classifications of customers using this on-screen report and record sales contact actions and updates to main customer notes. Read more about Customer classifications, order analysis, sales summary and product discovery.

Customer Quotes via Manual Orders & Making Payments
We've introduced a new 'Quote order' state for orders, used when quoting via a manual order in admin so that your customer is be able to find the quote in their customer 'Previous orders' section when logged into their account, under a new Quotes tab. 

Product Sales on-screen report
A valuable report for Product Managers and Product Development staff to to compare changes in sales and conversion rates of specific groupings of products, such as a range of product IDs or product categories by date ranges.
Read about Product Lifecycle & Forecast Reporting and Product Sales Report

Product Data Quality Report
Target high value or converting products with data issues to improve their quality and boost sales. 
Read about our wide range of reporting

First Added To Cart (FATC) report
Find which items are added to cart first before buying other items. 
Read about our wide range of reporting

Switching customers between different VIP Clubs / Managing Discount Levels Automatically
Alert customers when they are switched from one VIP club to another with a new email alert using the Email Task 'Swap VIP Club', such as upgrading from a trade club to a distributor club.
Read about the VIP Club system and uses

Our Magento integration now pulls in categories, manufacturers, orders & customers.
New admin areas are now also available for Magento Integration & Magento Order States to help manage the integration and update sync'ing between a Magento instance and REC+

Page Slices Mobile Styles
We've re-designed the way you manage many of the style/design settings with additional support for changing some styles between how they look on Desktop vs Mobile, such as different paddings and text alignments. 


New in REC+: Google Shopping Automated Discounts, Free samples and more.


Google Shopping Automated Discounts / 'Dynamic Re-pricing'   
Major new feature for ecommerce stores advertising on Google

Google has launched a major new feature to help improve online product sales by dynamically lowering the price of your products shown via Google Ads compared to your competitors. The new product price is displayed on Google's Search Engine Results Pages and once the ad is clicked the price is then automatically lowered on the website product page to match. The amount of discount given can be set as a percentage across all products, or with specific prices on a per product basis. The price offered by Google is honoured for 48 hours only.

The discount given is stored in Coupon Manager > Google Shopping Auto Discount tab for all resulting visits, not just successful sales. The side benefit is being able to see the level of discount that has been offered by Google which indicates how over-priced it considers your products to be on a given date.  You can cross-reference this to views and conversion rates in the Top Products Report to adjust your price position further in the market, since you may be losing out on visits not coming via Google Ads. 

This feature is available to our marketing clients. Requires cost data to be set up on product/variation records and Google Ads Tracking to be enabled (see 3645 below). Contact us for details.

Setup documents are available on Drive to support staff only: Google Shopping Automated Discounts.
3596, 3646

Free samples
Secure more sales by offering free samples to prospective customers as trials, matching up products etc. Mark a product as a free sample with free delivery and as an addon so it doesn't show up in latest products etc. Free samples are ignored in the minimum order value checks at checkout when ordered without other products. However, if you then add a £10 item to cart, that item triggers the minimum value check and prevents the checkout from allowing the order to go through until the minimum order level has been reached.
Admin > Product Manager > Add/Edit products > Is this a free sample? (under 'Is addon')

You can also set the maximum number of free samples you allow per customer order via:
Admin > Site Settings > Prices & VAT > Free Samples > Max free samples

Ecommerce & Tracking

Back in stock alerts for backorder items
Users buying backorder items can now be opted into alerts to find out when it'll be back in stock.
Contact us to enable this new feature. 

CMS & Admin

Modernised page urls
You can now set Page Manager pages to no longer add .html by default and ensure the urls are lower case in line with current practice by large sites.
Please note this currently only applies to Page Manager pages.
Admin > Site Settings > General > Miscellaneous > More modern page URLs.
You will typically also want to have the previous .html URLS auto redirect to the new ones with this new setting:
Admin > Site Settings > General > Miscellaneous > Auto redirect to the modern URLs.

Email notifications now warn if you have duplicates. 
Email notifications work based on a single rule & group combination. If you have any duplicates here, the system will prompt you to resolve this so that the system knows which to use to send the notifications.

Email Manager warning about slow SMTP
We allow sending via SMTP instead of our default mail server. However SMTP emails are slower which means when sending larger email campaigns it may result in the email not fully sending due to slowness. We now show a warning about this. We recommend using Mailgun to send these emails instead, or contact us and we can help set up an API for faster email sending through most other mail providers.


Google Ads conversion code  *Required for the Google Shopping Automated Discounts feature
Increased integration with Google Ads you using Google ads conversion code complete with cart data for the thanks page via this new connect setting.
Admin > Connect > SEO > Google Ads Tracking > Tick: Enable Ads Conversion tracking on the thanks page?
Enter the "send_to" part of the code provided by Google in: Ads Conversion Tracking ID / "send_to"

Unleashed order status updates now mark as "via Unleashed"
To help tell the difference between updates made by admins and those made by the system, we now append "via Unleashed" to these audits.

The Orders API resource per item now contains the "extra_data" field to pass additional custom data to 3rd party integrations.
Such as for use with free samples to pass the name of the free sample item as this extra custom data.

Retirement of old Universal Analytics integrations.
Google has now shut down the old UA analytics in favour of GA4. Read more here
Removed Setting: Connect > SEO > Analytics > Reporting Method


Added Tiktok, Snapchat, Whatsapp & Vimeo social icons for site footers.
Admin > Connect > Social > find the new Tiktok, Snapchat, Whatsapp & Vimeo URL fields.
You may need to upgrade your site's footer/social-icons template to add these icons in. 

jQuery 3.7.1 upgrade
Minor upgrade to sites using the 3.x version of jquery to keep it up to date with latest security fixes.
Please note, many sites still use 1.x versions of jquery for customisations on pages and this should be upgraded. We have a site setting to enable 3.x in a preview for testing through your web pages and processes and then you can fully enable it if no issues are found or the issues found are resolved.

Modules > you can now select fields to show in the "all" table to make the screen more useful.
Enable via Admin > modules > edit > fields

Thumbnails showing "Image Unavailable" now properly send a 404 HTTP header.
This is to help ensure they can be easily found and not detected as any other sort of issue.

Important Announcement: Google Universal Analytics Retirement & Your Website

This bulletin applies to REC+ users who use Google Analytics to track their website metrics and have not upgraded to GA4. If you do not use Google Analytics or you are already using GA4 then you do not need to take any action.

Google officially retired its Universal Analytics (UA) platform in July 2023 and will be stopping all reporting & API access as of July 2024. 

This means that any remaining reporting connections between your websites and UA will cease to function. If you haven't already transitioned to Google Analytics 4 (GA4), it's crucial to do so now to ensure uninterrupted tracking and analysis of your website data.

Why the Change?

Google Analytics 4 represents a significant shift in how website data is collected and analysed. It's designed to be more privacy-focused, adaptable to future changes in technology, and better equipped to provide insights into the complex customer journeys that span multiple devices and platforms.

What Does This Mean for You?

If you've already moved to GA4: No action is required. Your website analytics will continue as normal.

If you're still using Universal Analytics: You'll lose access to your website data. It's essential to migrate to GA4 as soon as possible.

We're Here to Help!

We understand that migrating to GA4 can seem daunting. That's why we offer comprehensive support and services to make the transition smooth and seamless for your website. 

We have put together an in-depth article to guide you through making the changes.

Read how to migrate to GA4

Or if you prefer us to set this up please click Request Assistance to log a support call. Our charge for this is £95+VAT. You will need to be able to access your Google Analytics account for any changes to be made.

Get in Touch

Contact us today to discuss your GA4 migration needs and let us help you unlock the full potential of your website data.

Further Information

You can read more about this change directly on Google's support site here.

What's new in REC+: Re-Engagement Reminders, Additional abandoned cart followup emails, Custom down for maintenance pages and more.


Re-Engagement Reminders
Remind new customers who haven't purchased to come back to the site, or specific groups of customers who haven't purchased in a set time frame.
Once enabled, this will be available via Admin > Re-Engagement Reminders and Email Tasks.

Additional Abandoned Cart Followup Email Task
Further to the default abandoned cart followup email, you can now set additional followups such as a week or a couple weeks later as extra reminders to bring in sales. 
Add this as an Email Task with the event of Abandoned Order Followup and set up the rest of the details and content as required.
3585, 3588

Custom Down For Maintenance pages
We've split the down for maintenance pages out so that for database maintenance we have a static version which currently is not editable, however the default down page which you can enable in admin > site settings, can now be customised as you need.
New down-for-maintenance page & html/errors/down-for-maintenance.html.twig for the page design. 

Ecommerce & Tracking

V2 variations Google product feed now supports top level products and using the same Google option combinations.
By default the v2 variations product feed shows each variation but this new feature lets you customise this.
Admin > Site Settings > Ecommerce > V2 product feed product split.
3569, 3575

Product Imports > optionally disable price updates
The 'Products' import can now also update base prices of products.
Note: If you're updating product details via this method but using the dedicated 'Product Price Columns (New) prices import for managing prices, you may want to ensure they don't conflict by setting the Products import to not update prices.

Product Manager categories table now shows additional data
Helpful little change to show status & product counts against each category in Product Manager.

Manual Orders can now set delivery directly on the Add Manual Order screen
Previously only possible on the edit order screen, you can now set a delivery method while adding the order to save time.
You can also manually set a custom name & price for delivery here or select based on a delivery method set in the admin area.

Order history audits for when new and updated order emails send.
Additional tracking has been added to show customers have been sent emails. 
Please note, this is just to log that we sent the email, not that they received or read it, or that it didn't go to their spam (this extra level of monitoring is possible using Mailgun).

CMS & Admin

Require setting groups for new admins
If you are using access control rules for admin groups, enable this new setting to ensure all admins are set into a group to make sure they then fall into the correct access group.
Site Settings > General > Require setting a group on new admins

User Manager admins count
New section at the top of user manager to show a count of admin users. This is clickable to reveal all admins.

Prospect Dashboard now available
For ecommerce or CMS sites, you can now access a new Prospect Dashboard overview screen whilst retaining your normal dashboard screen.
Access via the admin sidebar > Prospect Dashboard.


Unleashed order status sync
Automatically keep orders on your website in sync with Unleashed order status changes by enabling this feature.
When enabled we'll detect when an order is: complete and mark it as despatched on the site; mark partial shipments; if the order is deleted on Unleashed it will be set to Cancelled on the website.
Admin > Connect > Utilities > Unleashed > Sync Order Statuses

Unleashed customer types
We've added 3 new defines for letting you sync the customer type on new users when sending their data to Unleashed.

Unleashed > You can now disable syncing tax rates per product.
If you prefer to set these directly in Unleashed, or don't want the system to sync these outside of orders, enable this feature. 
Admin > Connect > Utils > Unleashed > Sync Products with the site default tax rates. Ticked by default but can be unticked to disable this.

Unleashed log filters
We've added new filters to the Unleashed logs to give you much more granular access to changes made or observed between Unleashed and the website.

ShippyPro > No longer logging common errors that otherwise fill up the order history.
We generally log all issues from delivery adapters against orders in case you need to track why specific methods were available or not to a customer. 
However for ShippyPro, it would provide logs in too much detail causing the logs to fill up with less useful information. 
We now strip out common issues such as specific delivery methods not being available based on location etc. while logging real issues.


Pages & Templates ajax save
Helpful improvement that retains your undo history, unless you reload the screen, and keeps your position in the content when saving changes.
We also introduced a new cleaner save notification that handles page/template errors to make these very obvious when saving. 
3561, 3570, 3572

Mobile specific heights can now be set on Page Slices

Products API sorting improvements for more custom designs
You can now sort by 'updated since' & other advanced sorting options to create more custom designs. See the new ?since_timestamp, since_timestamp_field & sort fields in the API docs:

Frontend performance improvements with meta preloads.
Added link preconnects to speed up DNS & connections etc. to the 3rd party sites we pull in resources from, such as Google, cdn.js, etc. in both frontend website & backend admin.

Variations on the Products API resource now exposes back in stock dates.
Available as back_in_stock_date on each variation object on products.

New in REC+: Variation Prices, Personal-looking Email Tasks, GA4 Consent Mode and more.


Variation prices v2
By default, variations prices are the sum of the product price + option prices however this new features allows you to simplify this and instead have each variation set it's own price directly.
Admin > Site Settings > Ecommerce > Variations & Sage > Use Variation Prices, you can also preview this mode without affecting the live site however setting this up on a clone of your site may be preferable. You can migrate to this using the Products & Variations export, or use the Price Columns export. Contact us for assistance.
3488, 3492

Send personal-looking automated emails from account managers
Make automated emails to customers appear as personal emails from your account managers. Great personal touch for increasing open rates.
Use the from_name and from_email template tags in the template where needed for supporting multiple account managers from a single template.
Email tasks > add/edit > Override "from" details.
We've also added BCC support & ability to BCC account managers on emails being sent to their customers so they know what's going on e.g. dropping out of a VIP Club.
3519, 3526

GA4 Consent Mode v2
We've updated our consent mode integration to ensure we share if the user has accepted different tracking and ads based storage and personalisation permissions so that Google can respect the visitor's choice. This is to bring the cookie policy, GA4 & Ads integration up to speed with the latest rules and best practice.
Enable via Admin > Connect > SEO > GA4 > Enable Consent Mode

Ecommerce & Tracking

Show customers which coupons they have available
A new area has been added to show customers any coupons directly assigned to them, such as from specific deals or through loyalty. This is templateable and the name can be set in the Site Definitions.
Enable via Admin > Customize User Area > General > Show "Your Coupons"?

Price Lists email redesign
Our automated price list for Dealers feature has been redesigned to be clearer and contain more context for dealers about the price or tag changes to each product. 
The tag change detection is available via a new setting in Site Settings > Prices & VAT > Price List App > Show Product Filter Tag changes on Price List Changes email task.

Pause products in Google Shopping
Pause a product from being in Google Shopping for up to 14 days rather than remove it from the feed and have to wait for Google to bring it back. This helps keep your product in the Google Shopping index but just pause it for a short time.
Admin > Product Manager > Edit Product > Main Details > Pause Google Shopping Ads
Batch Product Processor > Pause Google Shopping Ads

Auto discontinue products can now be applied to specific variations
Under the discontinue tickbox on variations, there's a toggle to reveal a tickbox to mark it as auto discontinuing so that when it's stock runs out, that specific variation will be marked as discontinued.

RRS Manual overrides
Use RRS Overrid to force a product to be a specific RRS group rather than have it automatically set.
Available in Add/Edit Product > RRS Override

Variations version of the Google product feed.
The existing product_feed.csv works with variations to show relevant variation codes etc, however rather than bringing in each variation directly, it splits out options of a product based on a setup area in admin. This means the product feed is actually built just from specific option combinations rather than being able to simply take in your variations. 
This new /product_feed_v2.csv feed fixes this and works to bring in all variations, or can still be set to only show the first of each set combination, while also supporting the new v2 variation prices.

Variation weights
The final missing piece from option combinations now available directly on variations. This requires using the v2 variation prices.
When enabled, a new weight column will appear on the variations table in admin.
The products & variations export contains a combined_weight column for the old product + sum of option weights value per variation, which you can then use to migrate over to the new variation_weight, or set this specifically per variation as needed.

Imports with missing or invalid fields should now error louder.
When importing data, the last thing you want is for it to appear to work but then find out it's not imported correctly somewhere. 
Improved imports automatically fix issues where possible and errors loudly showing you more context about the issue when it can't be fixed automatically.
Found an issue during imports? Let us know so we can improve our checks. 

Draft products tab in Product Manager
Find your draft products easier with a new top level tab option for them in the Admin > Product Manager area.

Auto discontinued product notifications can now be routed to specific admins.
Using the Admin > Email Notifications you can now have product discontinued notifications go directly to a specific product manager.

Product Filter > automatically fill out product filter blocks based on a viewed product.
If you have a lot of filter combinations, automatically populate the filters based on a product that's been viewed so that customers can easily change one dropdown and redirect to see other similar products. 
Available via Admin > Product filters app manager > Auto fill on product pages

Product Filter > per block clear/reset buttons now show
When a block has a selected value, rather than having to scroll through it or use a summary block, each block has it's own dedicated clear button to the top right for customers to be able to navigate it easier.

CMS & Admin

Email Tasks > filter by events and user groups
To help sites that have a large number of automated emails being sent for different events and groups of users, you can now filter these to quicker find which apply under different circumstances. 

REC+ terms now exposed in admin when clicking the REC+ link in the sidebar footer
Quickly view the latest signed terms for your REC+ platform directly in the admin area.
3501, 3503

Optional additional fields for Enhanced Conversions for Google Ads
We recently released Enhanced Conversions for Google Ads which shares a secure hash of the customers email, this new setting allows sending hashes of their first name, last name & phone number. You may need to update your terms to include this. It's shared in a one way hash for Google to compare against it's own hash of customer data sent to the site via ads. Though it doesn't expose user data directly, it increases Google's ability to profile the customer and relate the to the conversion.
Admin > Connect > Enable Additional Fields for Enhanced Conversions for Google Ads


Obfuscated email links / Site Update Banners
Template filters are now available for obfuscate_emails & auto_email_links. 
This is automatically in use for the Site Update Banners so that if you enter email addresses then they are obfuscated so they can't be scraped.

Products templates in cart/checkout can now detect the categories of products for more custom changes. 
Using product.category_id for the default category and product.categories for an array, you can make changes to the display of these items in the cart and at checkout based on their category. 

Back in stock dates now available as template tags on new & updated order status emails
Exposed as product.back_in_stock_date, you can now use this to let customers know when your product is likely to be able to be shipped.

Performance optimisations to category pages.
Performance improvements were made to improve the loading speed of categories that contain large numbers of products and variations.

New in REC+: Auto Discontinue Products, Modernised admin alert emails, Google sheets integration and more.


Auto Discontinue Products
Set products to automatically discontinue when they run out of stock as part of improving your stock management.
Set this up via Admin > Edit Product > Main Details > Auto-Discontinue

Admin alert emails modernised & improved
We've redesigned all the system alerts to bring them into 2024 and emphasise important actions you need to take.
This is templateable and you can also set a custom footer logo in Admin > Logos > add a logo for "admin-email-footer".

Google Sheets integration for custom sales data reporting
Automatically sync your new order data to Google sheets allowing you to build custom reports or dashboards that are automatically updated and can be viewed on mobile and desktop devices. Contact us to find out more about this.

Ecommerce & Tracking

Filter Tag ranges
Introducing a new "range between" with from & to filters for tags, for example having a range of years
Admin > Product Filters App Manager > Blocks with a type of filter tag group now have a Display type option appear for Range between, similar to Autotrader's car year style.

Product Filter short description search & field name defines.
You can now change the following product field names for: product name, code, GTIN, short description and full description.
Additionally you can use the short description and GTIN directly in product filter as a dedicated field, for example if you have 2 different codes for a product and want to allow visitors to search on them in the product filter.
Admin > Product Filters App Manager > new text search options for search areas: short desc & gtin

Top Products speed improvements
We've optimised this report to run much faster, allowing you to access and evaluate this data more quickly. 


Sales targets improvements in the customer hub
New template tags are available in the customer hub for year & month totals.

Product template tag
New tag added to detect if backorders are enabled on the site: product.allow_back_orders.

Minor design improvements to the rating icons on forms.


Further security & spam bot blocking improvements
Additional improvements as part of our constant work to ensure the security and availability of your sites as a top priority.

Security.txt improvements to bring this up to the latest standard.
This provides 3rd party security researchers a simple way to contact us if they have any security improvements to offer. 
Please remember we run multi-layered security scanning and vulnerability testing as standard.

SECURITY: Maintaining HTTPS Security, Stopping Spoof Emails & GDPR Compliance

Yes we know that this is a dull topic to cover in a blog post, and we would rather be creating new and interesting features for everyone or cutting our toenails instead, however from time to time we do a sweep around with our clients to check on things like having HTTPS present (so people trust your site is secure) and that your email records are set up to stop spoof emails and increase deliverability especially with large email providers like Gmail, Yahoo and others tightening up on email security in 2024.

In addition businesses need to maintain their GDPR compliance, so if certain things have changed on your website then it needs a re-check.

So, we will be contacting you in the coming weeks with what's relevant to you and to book you in to have it sorted. There is a cost to do this but we will be keeping it as cheap as possible and quoting based on your individual needs.

So grab a cuppa and read on about the key areas that matter and learn some snazzy new phrases to throw around the office and impress people:

Managed SSL Certificate

A website needs to have an SSL certificate added to make it secure and ensure all the content on your web pages can be properly viewed by website visitors or, worst case, to stop them seeing a warning message saying the site is unsafe. You can check your site has an SSL certificate already by going to your website and making sure it starts with "https://" in the browser search bar. Most sites have it, but a few still don't so definitely worth making the move.

Whether you have an SSL or not it's worth having a scan of the website to identify any content / broken link issues that exist and we can then fix them.

Stopping Spoof Emails & Reducing Bounces

The immediate term here is 'SPF' (Sender Policy Framework). It's a method to prevent spammers sending emails from your domain without your permission which people then believe are authentic and get redirected to other sites to harvest their data and defraud them. SPF allows you to define which email servers are permitted to send emails on behalf of your domain. In addition, having SPF set up correctly stops emails bouncing from email services like Gmail, Yahoo and other large service providers. An SPF record therefore needs to be set up if not present or amended where it does not appear correct (which may need us to talk to your IT/email provider). 

Reaching The Next Level Of Email Security

Later in the year, we strongly recommend implementing something called 'DKIM' (DomainKeys Identified Mail) which helps ensure that the content of your emails remains trusted and unaltered during transit. It uses a digital signature linked to your domain to verify the email's source and integrity. And also 'DMARC' (Domain-based Message Authentication, Reporting, and Conformance) which combines SPF and DKIM to provide a robust email authentication system. It allows domain owners to specify how email receivers should handle emails that don't pass SPF or DKIM checks.

To do that we recommend using Mailgun as the email service provider, which is built-in to your website software and let's you send 5,000 emails for free each month . It also brings greater email deliverability rates plus individual email tracking so you can check if somebody did or didn't receive an email when they ask. By the way we could set this up now if preferred, otherwise more on that later in the year and let's at least get SPF sorted.

GDPR Review

GDPR came into place 6 years ago (yes that long ago!), so if you have made updates to your website since last checking it was up to date, such as adding scripts on pages, which you may not even remember doing it was so long ago, installing pop-ups, adding extra analytics tracking, social media stuff, then we recommend undertaking a GDPR review which includes re-checking scripts and cookies via a website scan and that your policies are in place. This is one of those things that nobody ever wants to revisit, but once its' done you feel like you've had a walk through a fresh Spring meadow.

Congratulations for reading this far. Medals will be sent out shortly. Or more likely you will receive a call or email from us to agree what needs to happen for your site. If you want to get ahead of everyone else then you can always call your Account Manager to discuss next steps.


New in REC+: New Reports For Back in stock dates, Products Sales, Order Analysis plus Customer Quotes and more.


Back In Stock Dates report
A single screen to view back in stock dates for all products and see which have expired but haven't been re-stocked yet.
Available in Admin > Reports > Back in stock dates expiring

Customer Order Analysis 
Track trends over time for different groups/types/classifications of customers using this on-screen report and record sales contact actions and updates to main customer notes. Once enabled, it's available via Admin > Reports > Customer Order Analysis

Customer Quotes via Manual Orders & Making Payments
We've introduced a new 'Quote order' state for orders, used when quoting via a manual order in admin so that your customer is be able to find the quote in their customer 'Previous orders' section when logged into their account, under a new Quotes tab. 
To set this up, add a new Order Status using the 'Quote' state and then add an order and set it's status to be a quote. The customer can login and see the quote and make it their live cart then go through checkout to pay for it. 

Product Sales on-screen report
A valuable report for Product Managers and Product Development staff to to compare changes in sales and conversion rates of specific groupings of products, such as a range of product IDs or product categories by date ranges.
3386 & 3443

Ecommerce & Tracking

Product Lifecycle now shows RRS information.
The Product Lifecycle available on Edit Product's Orders tab now shows which RRS group by product & selected variation.

First Added To Cart (FATC) Report Improvements
This report can now also show not just items added first, but also second and third to cart, as well as the total added across all carts.
You can also now filter by multiple categories at once, different product groups, as well as restrict by Retail vs Trade vs Dealer orders.
Available in Admin > Reports > First Added To Cart (FATC) Report
3405, 3407, 3401

Order Manager > new filter for account manager
If you have set different account managers for specific customers, you can now filter to show customers orders for the selected account manager.

New filters for Orders per User CSV report.
You can now filter these results by Smart Type and Order Count.

Product audits now also show the product code
Previously these showed only the name of the affected product but now also show the code to easier see which product was updated.

Order Info Reports
New switch to show prices as exc. delivery
Admin > Reports > Order Information Report > Order Modifiers > Prices Exc. Delivery

Min/max order value
This can now be based on either before or after delivery
Admin > Site Settings > Prices & VAT > Order Value Range > Calculate min/max based on: Either "Total of everything" (default) or "Total before delivery".

Product Data Quality report
Now offers quick links to products.

GMC summary
This can now be used as your dashboard for sites using the system primarily for monitoring advertising via GMC.

Duplicate user detection
The system automatically prevents duplicate users being added by email. However older sites may still have 2 records for the same user. This new admin area gives you a place to find and resolve these duplicates easily.
Available in Admin > Duplicate Users


Magento support for the Product Data Quality Report
Our support for reporting on Magento sites now extends to the Product data quality report.

Unleashed stock syncs
This can now be done without overriding cost data.
Admin > Connect > Utilities > Unleashed > Update Cost on Stock Sync, defaults to enabled.


Order confirm/update emails
These can now be customised by product category.

Order confirm emails
These can now render the delivery description line.

Twig templates can now use arrow functions anywhere
Design custom sort functions easier or use the new call() function to utilise your arrow functions anywhere you need in twig templates for even more flexibility.

New remaining_options_only filter for the /product-filter-blocks API resource.
This allows you to pre-filter the options in the response.

Finally, a little REC+ tip of the month...
Content editors like on pages or blog posts highlight spelling issues. Right clicking them though shows the paste or contextual edit popup, however if you hold down ctrl and right click you'll get spelling fix suggestions. (ctrl for Windows & Linux, possibly cmd on Mac)

New in REC+: Product Data Quality, First Added To Cart, VIP Club Discount Management & more


Product Data Quality Report
Target high value or converting products with data issues to improve their quality and boost sales. 
Contact us to enable, then this will be available via: Admin > Reports > Product Data Quality

First Added To Cart (FATC) report
Find which items are added to cart first before buying other items. 
Contact us to enable, then this will be available via: Admin > Reports > First Added To Cart (FATC) Report

Switching customers between different VIP Clubs / Managing Discount Levels Automatically
Alert customers when they are switched from one VIP club to another with a new email alert using the Email Task 'Swap VIP Club', such as upgrading from a trade club to a distributor club.

Ecommerce & Tracking

GMC boost performance
CSV exports added

RRS report
Can now optionally show just top level products
Admin > Reports > RRS Report > Top level only? (Without variations)

RRS changes can now be detected directly on product templates
This can be used to show custom messages to customers based on product RRS level

Top Products report
Now shows a status if a product is live, special, draft, discontinued, restricted.  

If your site has GMC connected, it shows the GMC status directly such as being disapproved warnings affecting it's saleability or if it's not found in GMC.

PDF product listings
New tickbox to hide a given categories description from being shown in the PDF.

Export filter tags
Manage tags across all products easily. Keep tag lists up to date with redundant tags removed automatically.
Admin > Exports > Product Filter Tags
Admin > Imports > Product Filter Tags

Export product images
Manage all product images en masse.
Admin > Exports > Product Images
Admin > Imports > Product Images

Standard options, standard attributes & price manager audits
New audits to help you track more changes on your site.

Minor design improvements to prices tab on products.

CMS & Admin

Page Slices
Additional fields can now be changed between desktop and mobile styles.
The responsive changes for slice styles now extends to height, width & background images, allowing even more custom designs 

2fa Remember Me
Admins who have our 2fa 'remember me' setting enabled can now set for their browser to be remembered for 30 days to save them having to re-enter it on every login for the same browser.

User Import > Joined Date Checks
During import of users, we now ensure the date formatting is correct for joined and similar fields.

Expert Answers

Vote / Like Answers
Allow customers to vote / like answers to help see which are important or most helpful.
To use on expert answers, you must enable ea_likes cookie in Admin > Cookie manager

Spam now flagged instead of blocked by default
Previously we blocked spam sending, however we now still send it in case of false positives. 
You can undo this by enabling the following setting:
Admin > Site Settings > General > Spam Prevention > Enable Spam Checks on Expert Answers.


Top Products report now supports non REC sites connected through Magento


New order emails can now show/use category ID
For example, having more custom show/hide messages when purchasing specific ranges.

New in REC+: Page Slice Improvements, GA4 Ads & Social Tracking Plus More Magento Data Integration


Our Magento integration now pulls in categories, manufacturers, orders & customers.
New admin areas are now also available for Magento Integration & Magento Order States to help manage the integration and update sync'ing between a Magento instance and REC+
Sites not previously using REC+ for ecommerce can now pull in their products 
3297, 3308

Page Slices Mobile Styles
We've re-designed the way you manage many of the style/design settings with additional support for changing some styles between how they look on Desktop vs Mobile, such as different paddings and text alignments. 

Ecommerce & Tracking

Google Ads Enhanced Conversions
Enabling this will send users sha256 hashed emails to Google to help associate their conversions in Google Ads. 
We match users emails by either their logged in user email or emails entered on any forms on the site.
Admin > Connect > SEO > GA4 > Enable Enhanced Conversions for Google Ads

GA4 JS conversions
Enabling this improves how conversions are associated with sessions in Google Analytics GA4. The aim here is to minimise 'unassigned' traffic which can happen for multiple reasons but a big reason can be a disassociation between the session in GA from the JS / front end and conversions sent on the backend vs JS / front end side. 
Admin > Connect > SEO > GA4 > Enable JS Conversions for Google Analytics?

Improved social visitor tracking support for instagram, tiktok, and more. 
Previously we showed social tracking for orders/forms only from Facebook or Twitter, with others being tracked and shows as a referral. 
We've re-worked this so we track many different types of social referrals into a top level Social traffic medium.  In Order Manager you can still see the exact social source either by hovering over the Social icon in the traffic column when listing Orders, or in the Traffic Source box on the actual order itself (very bottom box in the right hand column)

RRS template tags for the front end products
You can now add Runner Repeater Strangers (RRS) template tags to the product_info.html.twig & order_confirmation.html.twig template files, using this you can render different messages about products on the product page such as their manufacturing lead time based on their RRS group.

CMS & Admin

Hover tile effects for Flip vs Fade
New flip effect available on the hover-tile slice, a nice alternative to the default fade effect when building designs with Page Slices.

Responsive admin dashboard improvements
The admin dashboard screen now flows onto smaller mobile screens better for quickly checking on stats and using the Site Banner Update area for updates on your phone for example.


Merry Christmas | Support Cover

Merry Christmas!

From everyone at Wildfire we would like to wish you and your families a Merry Christmas & Happy New Year!​​​​​​​ 

Thank you for using our services during 2023

It's been a busy 12 months with many new features added to our REC+ ecommerce & CRM platform including the addition of AI for content and product descriptions and translation, a raft of new page building features, customer sales classifications, enhanced expert answers, VIP Clubs, product lifecycle reports and many other features which are fully listed here plus the switch to GA4 which many customers made with our assistance

More Marketing, More Revenues...

We continued to help customers drive more revenues across paid advertising and brand build on social media. Google advertising remains king of the jungle for gaining revenue and because paid advertising is so critical, we also introduced a new automated monitoring service for Google Merchant Centre so you can ensure all of your products are available to advertise.

Price Compare...

Our essential price comparison app continues to help customers set their prices correctly in the market and this combines well with Top Product reporting to prioritise which popularly viewed products to work on first to drive up conversion.

Increased Security, Fast Performance...

Our server infrastructure remains updated and secure for combatting the ever-present threats from bad actors on the web. Whilst we seldom ever talk about this, rest assured it remains the cornerstone of our service for keeping your REC+ website secure and performant.

Again, thank you!

We'd be nothing without our customers and as always we value your custom and look forward to doing great things together in 2024.  

Starts Friday 22nd December - Tuesday 2nd January 2024
During this period we provide technical support over the Christmas period, namely server and uptime monitoring. Regular support and project work resumes on our return.

Change Freeze Thursday14th Dec - Wednesday 3rd January 2024
We will not release any new REC+ software changes after Thursday 14th December until we return in the new year.

System Availability
You can view service status on our WildfireNet twitter account 

Raising Support Requests
Please log any calls on our ticket system as the office will be unmanned for this period or email [email protected]

New in REC+: Magento Integration For GMC Summary, Discontinued Product Variations & More


Magento Integration for GMC.
REC now supports Magento integration so you can pull Magento product and order data into your REC instance, for reporting and monitoring using GMC Summary & Top Products reports. Contact us to find out more about this.
Once enabled, as well as new connect details in the Admin > Connect area, you can also view a log of activity in Admin > Magento Log.

Discontinued variations
Product Variations now support the "Is Discontinued" tickbox like top level products. This allows you to discontinue just specific versions of a product such as a limited edition Red variation while keeping other colours live. 
Admin > Product manager > Add/edit products > Variations > new checkbox for "is discontinued".
Also in Admin > Exports > Variations > now supports a variation_is_discontinued column which uses either, the top level product if it has no variations, or the specific variation

More GMC

GMC conversion source switcher
Via the Boost Performance tab you can select the conversion source tracker as either Google Ads or REC (recommended if you use REC for your ecommerce system). 

GMC pause tracking
Pausing a product in GMC allows you to temporarily remove it from Ads without needing to remove it from the feed entirely.
We now track this so that if you're monitoring products in promotion groups and some are paused that you'd otherwise expect to be available to buy on your site, you'll see it on the GMC summary emails & in the GMC admin area. 

Design improvements to the GMC email & loading bar.
We've reworked how the GMC email and admin areas handle differences in monitored grouped products so they display better. 
Additionally, we also now show a loading bar when re-syncing with GMC so you can see progress.

Ecommerce & Reporting

Sales Summary product group filters
New improved filters are available on the customer view of the sales summary to let customers discover more products they haven't yet purchased including a switch between showing all top products they haven't bought before vs ones just relating to makes they've bought from before.
Enable which individual groups to show in the Sales Summary via Admin > Product Groups > Add/Edit > Filterable in Sales Summary.

Product Manager > new filters
New search filters are available for Tag Groups & tags.

Refund only required state
A new Refund Only order state can now be used for where a customer requests a return but the items haven't yet been set out. If enabled on an order via Admin > Order statuses, then the system will pick this status if the order item hasn't been despatched instead of return required.  

Price list exclude switch per product
Previously to exclude a product from the Price List available to Distributors you'd need to exclude the product from Google Shopping as well, this is now split out so you can have products in or out of Google and not impact if a product is in or out of the price list. 

Product filter > new setting to hide blocks where only a single result shows.
Building off the existing setting to remove blocks where no filterable values are found, this new setting lets you also hide where there's only a single value found as that doesn't really give the user much option to actually filter. This is optional for cases where you don't want this, such as where you only add a tag where it has something, but generally we'd recommend enabling this new setting to simplify filters for your end customers. 
Available in Admin > Product Filters App Manager > "Also remove single value blocks".

SagePay renamed to Opayo by Elavon
Recently Opayo was bought by Elavon, all existing old SagePay endpoints & references are being removed by them and replaced with Opayo by Elavon. To keep sites up to date and not confuse users, we've renamed this for you and updated references ready for their migration. 

Multi Store > ability to batch exclude products from Multi Store
When discontinuing products on one store, you may not want to discontinue them on the other. To do this you'll need to disable that product's updates in multi store and this can now be done en masse at the same time as discontinuing them via Admin > Batch Product Processor > new "Exclude from Multi Store & API Webhooks?" switch.

Product groups > counts of products
You can now see counts of products in each product group and these are clickable to reveal those grouped products. 

VIP Club

Manually trigger VIP club calculation run via this new button. 
This works especially well when initially designing and building out your VIP club so that you can test it faster. 
Once your VIP clubs are live, you'll normally not want to use this as running it can trigger emails to customers. 
Available via Admin > VIP Clubs > Manually Run

Prospect Manager

User Manager comments for calls
Using User Manager for call lists? With this new feature you can quickly review existing user notes/comments and add to them on the fly. 
Contact us to talk more about this feature. Once enabled, this shows as a new column in Admin > User Manager, as a comment icon against each user in the table.


Exit Popup > Country Setting
Restrict your exit popups to only show for customers in specific countries. 
This requires your site to be using Cloudflare which provides the customers country. 

Increase file uploads from 16mb to 24mb.
This doesn't impact images, instead use to optimise your images. We're adding links to this service around image uploads as well to help you do this. 

Google connect/OAuth changes
In accordance with Google's branding requirements, we've re-designed the connect / sign in with Google buttons in Admin > Connect for GA, Google Ads, Google My Business, GMC & YouTube integrations. 
Our REC+ Terms, Privacy Policy & Support links are now available in the footer of the admin area of all pages. 


New in REC+: Ad Feed Tracking & Customer Sales Classifications

Two major new feature sets have been added to our Advanced Edition of REC+ to help track issues stopping ads appearing in Google and to increase revenues based on segmenting customers based on purchasing patterns and displaying suggested products in their account area.

Google Merchant Centre Summary & Alerting Tool

Advertising on Google? Don't miss out on sales! Make sure your products are able to be advertised on Google Ads with this essential monitoring and alerting tool.

How GMC Works 

Products are uploaded from your website to Google Merchant Centre (GMC) to then be advertised within your Google Ad campaigns. GMC has strict conditions on whether a product is set up correctly to be advertised.

What This Tool Does

This tool enables you to monitor higher level account issues and which products have issues according to GMC and send out email alerts to staff plus to be able to view them on a summary screen within Admin which is easier to access  rather than logging into GMC. The issues shown are a direct reflection of how GMC reports them. More features will be added over time.

Read more

Customer Sales Classifications, Sales Summary & Product Discovery

These features help you achieve greater revenues by better understanding your customer base in terms of their buying patterns, performance against annual targets and showing customers best selling products & categories they haven't previously purchased, plus producing customer-based reports. This feature set comprises:

Sales Classifications
Classify customers according to their sales performance and risk levels

Sales Targets 
Measure customers actual v target revenue over a 12 month period

Individual Customer Reporting
Use Report Builder to build customer-specific reports which can be printed / saved as PDFs

Sales Summary & Product Discovery
Show trade/distributor customers a summary of their sales on their account page and display other popular categories & products they haven't yet purchased 

Read more


New in REC+: Top Products Report Custom Date Ranges, Exclude Options From Variations & More


Top Products > Custom comparison date range
Previously Top Products report would automatically calculate a comparison date range for you, this still happens but you can now override it. 
This lets you run monthly, quarterly and half-yearly reports.

Ecommerce & Reporting

Exclude options from variations
Some options on products may not mean that a product needs to be split out by variations. For example, size & colours combinations would be variations whilst a part being painted with primer does not form a variations, they are simply fixed price increases in the cart.

Product Variation Lifecycle
The product lifecycle report on the edit product screen can now be filtered to a specific variation, using this you can see trends of sales for specific option combinations of a product. 

Append content to product descriptions in a category.
Need to add some text to the bottom of all products in a certain category? This new feature allows you to do this en masse.
Available via Admin > Product Manager > Edit Category > Append content to product descriptions

Variation option combinations can now be shown to users with custom built product option templates.
Option level stock can already show on options to disable different values, but if you're out of stock of only specific variations (red in a medium size for example), then you can now make it so after selecting red, the Medium size disables automatically for the customer so they can instantly see availability. 
This is a custom template change which can be applied, contact us to find out more about this and what else is possible to improve product page designs.


New in REC+: Google Ads Integration In Report Builder, Stock History Tracking & More


Report Builder Google Ads integration
We now have reporting integration with Google Ads in our Report Builder tool. 
Using this you can add graphs of clicks, impressions, conversions, CPC, CTR, ROAS and much more. directly in your reports. 

Track in and out of stock products & variations
Available in Admin > Reports > Stock History, this new report lets you track the history of your in and out of stock items at both top product level as well as variation level. 

Ecommerce & Reporting

Run reports for specific customers
Looking to see sales details of specific big customers? Our Report Builder tool now allows you to filter to a specific customer. To make this easier, there's now a dedicated button to the top right of the user profiles to go direct to Report Builder with this customer pre-selected.

Edit Product > Orders Tab Lifecycle Date Range
By default the Lifecycle report on products defaults to the date range the product has been live on your site, but you may want to restrict this down to a specific range to see recent sales for example. 

Customer level address matching switch
On a per user basis, require their billing & delivery address/country match for added restrictions, optionally overriding the group level settings for this. 
Enable via Admin > Site settings > Ecommerce > Checkout > "Enable Checkout Address Matching Checks"
Admin > User Manager > user profile > status & levels > Address Checks

Reworked design for Report Builder > Saved Templates
Saved templates have been redesigned to be easier to use and modify with drag and drop support.

Filter by Product Groups in Report Builder
Use this to see sales growth for specific groupings of your products for example ease-of-fitment levels.

Sales Targets have moved to the top of the user profile.
This makes it easier to set these for your customers and spot them at a glance when opening their user profile. 

Purchase orders can now render product tickboxes checked by the customer on each order. 
Access `detail.options` directly as an array in the `purchase_order.html.twig` file.

Invoice PDFs can now generate with the Order ID in the name instead of Invoice ID if preferred.
Enable in Admin > Site Settings > Prices > Invoice Display > Generate Invoice PDF with Order ID instead of Invoice ID in the filename.
As part of this we also simplified the order lines CSV available from the order info screen's filename and it uses either the Order or Invoice ID following this setting as well. 

Product data validation for GTINs
Adding to our automated safety checks for product data in the system, we now monitor for invalid GTINs such as "#", "N/a" or "none" where these may have been imported by accident. Our checks run each hour so if this happens on your site, it is reported to you to fix the issue so it doesn't affect your products on Google.

Security & GDPR

These are now re-recorded behind the scenes for sessions where the user returned with cookies already accepted. 
This fixes an issue where though initially we let you know if cookies were accepted on a session (such as against an order or form) where the user accepted them in the same session. But as cookies stick around for multiple sessions, they are now associated to those new sessions as well so you have a complete picture when reviewing sessions like this. 

Bot Blocking
Further improvements in Bot Blocking added to help block new bots from slowing down sites. 


New in REC+: Exit popups, Customer-specific products, 2 Factor Authentication and more


Exit popups

Engage your customers before they leave your site with our new exit popups feature.
You can use these popups to ask customers if they want to subscribe to your newsletter or offer them a special deal before they exit.
You can set up exit popups in your admin account by going to Admin > Site Exit Popup.
PR 3036

User specific access to products

With this new feature, you can restrict access to specific products to individual customers. This is useful for offering custom items or exclusive deals to specific users.
Once enabled, you can set up user-specific access to products in the Add/Edit products section by going to the Prices tab and selecting Restricted user access.
To enable this feature, please contact us for pricing.
PR 3044

Admin 2fa on login

Two factor authentication is now available for all Admin level accounts.
This feature adds an extra layer of security to protect access to your admin account.
You can enable this feature in your admin account settings by going to Admin > Top right dropdown menu > Your 2FA Settings.
PR 3056

Expert Answers > Brand new UI

We've redesigned the Expert Answers area in the admin interface to make it easier for you to manage customer questions on a large scale.
The new UI includes helpful filters to navigate through questions more efficiently, and you can now close questions without answering them.
Enjoy the improved experience!

VIP Club

Admin VIP Club Override
We've added the ability to fake that an admin is part of a specific VIP Club & Level so they can preview the VIP club on the front end of the site.
PR 3059


Preview blog urls
Send previews of your blog posts for review before publishing them to others without your reviewers needing to login.
PR 3051

Page Slices > new height setting
This new height only kicks in on desktop but lets you design even better layouts. This can also be combined with vertical alignment if you set a container with the height and then the alignment on the inner slice.
PR 3070

Audits added to the Customise User Area in Admin.
Similar to Site Settings & other areas, we've now implemented full audits of each change made here so it's easier to know when key features have been enabled for your customers to see.
PR 3061

Ecommerce & Reporting

Product price imports renamed
We've clarified the difference between the 2 different price imports, "Product Price Columns" vs "Product Qty Break Price Rows" and why you'd pick either method.
PR 3057

Report Builder > New table display when comparing between 2 dates.
We have a brand new display for showing each value and the % difference so you can see if your sales have gone up or down highlighted in green or red.
PR 3086

Report Builder > % ratio columns for the traffic sources.
With this change it's easier to see which traffic source makes up the largest percent of your sales traffic.
PR 3086

Report Builder > new Traffic Medium filter
The order info reports now have a traffic medium filter available. 
PR 3084

Report Builder > Charge types report
When using custom charge types (e.g. Delivery Duties Paid), you can now get a sales report in Order Information Report. 
PR 3064

Report Builder > more fields on the Ecommerce Revenue. report are now optional
Allowing you to build reports easier and not need to select "All" when running through the different options. 
PR 3052

Delivery method & region audits
We now keep audits when you add/edit and remove delivery methods and regions, further helping you keep track of when changes are made on your site.
PR 3053

Autocomplete for many areas around admin now support ID based search as well as their existing searches. 
E.g. Restricted access products lets you search on User name or email but if you type a "#" and then an ID it'll only bring up that specific customer, letting you find people easier when you have 2 customers with the same name but you know the ID of the one you want.
PR 3072

Designer / Developer Changes

Products API now exposes back in stock dates.
This is useful for any trade/distributor customers you may have that access your API list of products so they can find out when you're aiming to have an item back in stock to keep them and their customers up to date easier. 
PR 3062

Admin tips have been disabled after logging in.
These quick tips have been disabled for now, they previously showed to the bottom right of the screen but we've decided to disable them while we rework their tips and reconsider how best to help you with these.
PR 3071

New in REC+: Runners, Repeaters & Strangers, Email Task Analytics, New Page Slices & More


Runners, Repeaters & Strangers For Enhanced Product Demand Analysis.
Introducing Runners, Repeaters & Strangers. Allowing you to easily determine the average weekly demand of your products and feed this into your procurement and manufacturing teams to optimise purchase ordering and manufacturing schedules. 
Contact us to enable this on your store. Licence upgrade required.

Email Task Analytics
Introducing Email Task Analytics. Gain valuable statistics on your automated emails, for example views and clicks for abandoned carts. Easily accessible under Admin > Email Tasks > Stats, this powerful feature provides you with comprehensive data in a simple, user-friendly format.


New Form Builder filters
These new filters to help you sort through responses including date range and traffic source/medium
You can also now group the responses to remove duplicates.

Page slices > new "hover tile" slice
When hovering over an image show content over the top of it.

Page slices > new "text carousel" slice
Similar to image carousels, these text carousels let you rotate text such as slogans or select testimonials on your site.

Page slices > new "content switcher" slice
Similar to sliders or carousels, these switchers are a 50/50 split with image to the left & content to the right, with numbered buttons to switch between each slide.

Page slices > border styles & radius
Round your slices with the border radius & optionally set different border styles to have further control over the display of slices.

Page slices > new featured slices for common uses.
Quick reusable patterns to display content such as: Articles, Services you offer, Quick Feature Overview, Team members.

Page slices > new tabs & FAQ slices
Easily add an FAQ section to your site with this new slice type or build a more interactive area with the new tabs.

Duplicate page
Quickly make a copy of a page with the new Duplicate Page button, available in Admin > Page Manager > Edit Page > new button to top right for Duplicate Page.

Page slices > gallery modals for image grids
Optionally enable modal popups on click of images in your grids, as well as control aspect ratios of the thumbnails to maintain a clean looking grid layout.

Ecommerce & Reporting

User Group Delivery Address Matching & Restrictions
Restrict delivery for specific groups to require either their full address, or just the country being delivered to is the same as the customer billing address. This lets you optionally require that your UK distributors aren't using you to dropship abroad. 
User Groups > Edit User Group > Enable Address Matching?

Report Builder exclude manual orders by default
Now possible by enabling the existing "exclude vat" site setting: Reports > Default the Order Info Reports & Report Builder to exclude VAT & manual orders

Coupon Manager search
As your store grows, the number of coupons/deals increases. This new feature lets you search through them faster by name or the coupon code.

Payment method address match restriction
Restrict payment methods to only show when a users billing & delivery address matches. Useful for selecting the most appropriate payment processor for financial inspection, for example Stripe may prefer the same billing and delivery addresses to process an order.

Unlimited YouTube videos per product. 
You're no longer limited to a maximum of 3 YouTube videos per product, now you can upload as many as needed, each displayed with thumbnails on the product page. 

Reports can now exclude restricted access products
This allows you to filter reports to exclude items restricted for sale to specific dealers only. 
Admin > Order Manager > Quick Search > Additional search filters > Restricted Access
Admin > Report Builder > Advanced > Exclude Restricted Products

Order Manager > Delivery method filter
Quickly find all orders placed with a specific delivery method quickly with this new filter e.g. all orders set to Collection or ones awaiting to be delivered through DPD for example. 

Prospect Manager

Prospect Manager > optional comment field on batch edit quotes.
You can optionally batch set a comment on multiple quotes at once for example setting which invoice they are part of.
Available under the table of quotes in Prospect Manager.

Prospect Manager > Auto watcher
When adding a quote for a customer, if that customer record has a Sales Manager set they will be automatically added as a watcher on the quote. This helps ensure your sales team are kept up to date on quotes relating to their clients.

Designer / Developer Changes

Modules > new colour type field
You can now use colour pickers directly inside modules to help make design changes per module item for example.

Meta tag character counts
All meta title, descriptions & keyword fields now have recommended maximum character counts 


SPF record examples
An important piece of email security is setting up an SPF record to help ensure emails are delivered correctly and not spoofed from mail servers you don't trust.
We now show example SPF records for you in the admin area > SMTP settings to help you get this sorted for your site. 
SPF is also becoming a requirement for delivering to many email providers such as Google/gmail so it's an important step for all sites to consider.

Admin login IP checks
When logging in we now verify the IP/location you're logging in from is one we've seen from you before. 
Edit Customer > Subscribe to Security Emails

Suspended admins are now immediately logged out.
Previously suspending another user would only affect them on log in, this has now been re-worked to immediately invalidate their session in the case that they are already logged in, letting you take action right away if an admin needs to be removed from your site.


We Celebrate 15 Years Today!

🎉 Exciting News: Wildfire Internet Celebrates 15 Years of Success🎉

It is with immense joy that we announce the milestone of Wildfire Internet turning 15 years old. Since our inception in 2008, we have witnessed remarkable transformations in the realms of Google, website development, and digital marketing. Throughout this journey, we have constantly adapted and updated our services, employing innovative software and robust security measures to ensure our clients' continued success.

When we were presented with unprecedented challenges during the pandemic, we stood steadfast in our commitment to supporting both our clients and our team. As we stride into 2023, we have proudly pioneered the integration of AI into our software, marketing services and client business strategies, unleashing the full potential of this powerful technology.

We extend our heartfelt gratitude to all our clients for placing their trust in us over the years. We recognise that it is their unwavering faith in our capabilities that has fuelled our growth and inspired us to reach new heights. Also, our appreciation to our dedicated and longstanding Wildfire team, who are the very essence and heart of our company.

Should you seek guidance on expanding your business or enhancing its profitability, we invite you to contact us today. Our experts will collaborate with you to identify the perfect solution tailored to your unique needs.

Here's to another year of remarkable achievements and shared success!

Wildfire Logo

Ecommerce Specialists

- Expert advice, software, AI and digital marketing -

Google Analytics v4 tracking switch over

Starting July 1st, Google is discontinuing the use of old Universal Analytics that all sites used and will be switching to GA4. 

You can find our migration guide here


If you prefer, we can take care of the migration process for you. 

Our charge is £95 + VAT, and we will handle setting up your GA4 account with our production-ready settings, connecting your site, and conducting thorough tests to ensure everything is functioning correctly. To request this service, please email us or contact us here with a subject line of "GA4 migration"

We can also assist you with any Google Ads changes that may be required if you utilise this feature. 


If you have already requested our migration service or if you are a current marketing customer of ours, your site has already been migrated. 

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us

Thank you. 

New in REC+: GA4 Reporting, VIP Club changes, Expert Answer followups and more


Expert Answer followups
Follow up with customers who asked questions about products but haven't since purchased to see if there's anything else you can help with to help bring in the sale.
To enable Expert Answers Followup Emails, go to: Site Settings > Leads & Alerts > Enable Expert Answers Followup Emails
PR 2999

GA4 Reporting
As part of the recent move to GA4, we now support Google's latest Analytics Reporting/Data APIs to pull in analytics data onto your dashboards & reports in admin. 
PR 3028

VIP Club

VIP Club reporting
We now keep track of how many customers are in each VIP club & level each day and report this back to you on the VIP club screen with new graphs to break down and compare this data by day, week or by month.
PR 3025

VIP Club level previews
Quickly preview how your changes to the VIP club levels will affect the number of users in that level before you save.
PR 3012

Track VIP Club on orders
We show a customer's current VIP club on orders in admin but sometimes you may want to know what VIP club level they were when they placed that order, in case it's since changed. If the customers current level does not match the one saved on the order, we'll add a line to the vip club message on orders to let you know the level they previously had. 
PR 3011

Toggle VIP Club summary on customer home. 
By default if you have VIP club enabled your customers will see a simple summary, however you can now disable this and instead we can use the customer hub template to create a more custom display for users around their vip club level. Contact us for pricing.
PR 3046


Sliders now warn if your content may break the slider display
Sliders can be linked to URLs but if you were to put another link inside, then this would break the display of the slider due to browsers restricting nested links. To help admins and designers, we detect this on save of a slider panel and warn you so it can be resolved. 
PR 3002

Audit search improvements
The admin comments area now has improved search capabilities for audits such as filtering on the related item ID & audit action. 
PR 3027

Ecommerce & Reporting

Product issues report > detect zero priced products
Both the site issues & detailed product issues report now alert you when you have zero priced products, even if there is a retail price but specific group prices are zero.
PR 3018

Hidden categories
Categories used only for promotions on your site can be hidden so they do not display.
Available to set via Admin > Add/Edit Category > Hide this category from the website
Categories Export > is_hidden => 0 or 1
PR 3001

Orders now report if the custom accepted cookies or not
Sometimes order counts in Google Analytics & Ads will not match the website and one reason for this can be that users didn't accept cookies and so can't be tracked. To help you identify if they did accept cookies or not, we now indicate this on a per order basis alongside the traffic source & medium and on forms.
PR 2997

Report builder > filter the ecommerce revenue report type by traffic medium.
You can now optionally report on specific traffic source/medium's such as just Ads/CPC sales in reports in Report Builder.
For example you might wish to see ad-generated revenue across different states.
PR 3048

Report builder > option to default all reports to exclude VAT.
Easily set all Report builder reports to exclude VAT.
Admin > Site Settings > Prices & VAT > Reports > Default the Order Info Reports & Report Builder to exclude VAT.
PR 3010

Sales targets export against users
If you're using the sales targets feature, the users export will now contain their sales targets for easier management & mass modification. 
PR 3007

Checkout confirm screen > Newsletter signup
As well as offering newsletter signup during customer registration, you can also prompt for this on the checkout screen as a reminder during the order process. 
Admin > Site Settings > General > Registration > Newsletter > Enable Newsletter Signup on Checkout confirm screen
PR 3028


Unleashed > Delivery tracking
Automatically update orders on the website when you add tracking codes against orders in Unleashed. 
Admin > Connect > Utilities > Sync Shipment Tracking
Contact us to have the required scheduled task set up as well. 
PR 3031

Google Analytics > Cookie improvements
Google Analytics sets cookies when loaded, because of this we don't load their script until the user accepts the cookies in order to ensure your site follows GDPR compliance.
However, if the visitor doesn't accept cookies until the 2nd or 3rd page view, the previous URL google would be seen as internal and they would assume the user came here directly instead of via organic search or Ads. To resolve this, we now hold onto the visitors previous and entry URLs so that even if they are several pages down the line when they accept cookies, we replay the original pageview event for Google so they can track them correctly.
PR 2996

Designer / Developer Changes

Modules > New file upload field type
Similar to the existing image field type, you can now have modules attach related files such as PDF downloads. 
PR 3004

Module audits
We've now implemented audits for the Modules system so any new modules created, updated or removed will have full audits as well as changes to their items inside. 
PR 3033

Form Builder > Ajax helpers for forms
If you're building custom forms or calculators on sites and using frameworks like Vue.js, you'll want to submit the data via Ajax. We've simplified how this works and also offer a helper example ajax call directly from the edit form screen in admin.
PR 3003

jQuery upgrade
Allows easily switching from 1.x to 3.x as well as a 3.x-preview where it'll stay 1.x for most visitors but admins will see 3.x to help test the migration. 
Admin Site Settings > General > Front end Javascript > jQuery Version
PR 3019

New template keys for detecting subscribed users
user.send_emails now allows you to detect if a customer is subscribed or not, as well as user.send_emails_encrypted_id which gives you access to the hash used in subscribe or unsubscribe links for logged in customers. 
PR 3040

New in REC+: Modules within Page Slices, Expert Answers reporting, security and more


Using Modules With Page Slices
Our modules system, for use when adding data records in a structured way, is now even more flexible. You can bring in module items directly to pages built with page slices. This gives you the best of both worlds, allowing you to build pages with the flexibility of page slices while keeping your content structured for easy reuse, mass management, importing, and uniformity. 
PR 2984

Expert Answers Sales Report
Our Expert Answers system has a new report available that helps you identify sales resulting from answered questions, thereby gaining insight into the impact answering questions has on your revenue generation to help motivate sales and support teams. 
To access the Expert Answers Sales Report, go to Admin > Reports > Expert Answers Sales Report.
PR 2943

CMS & Design

We've added a quick link to Content Search from Page manager.
Content Search, our useful admin program for finding content on your site, can now be accessed right from the page manager screen where you'd find most site pages set up.  
PR 2945

Timeline reminders
In the admin area, we have a website timeline available for you to track when key changes on the website and it's marketing have been made. 
Now when saving Site Settings, the Connect area or making a new template live, we prompt to ask if this is something worth adding to the timeline to help encourage the use of this. The info is then useful when tracking changes in visitors & conversions on your site to see what made the improvements. 
PR 2971

Ecommerce & Reporting

Product filter tags cleanup.
While managing large volumes of tags against all your products, over time there will inevitably be old tags no longer in use. This new report helps you track these down and keep the tag list on your site clean, as this is used by customers when filtering products. 
Available in Admin > Product Filter Tags > Report: Tags not in use
PR 2981

Users Making Purchases report includes additional fields. 
This is a useful report showing each customer and their sales as well as other key data about them. the new fields include their business names, VIP club & level if you use this on the site, their saved vehicle (again if in use), smart type including if they are a Retail, Trade or Dealer account, as well as if they have been granted access to the Dealer/Shopify exports. 
PR 2969

Shopify export for Dealers now offers additional non standard Shopify fields. 
These currently include the packaging sizes but we'll expand on this in the future. This is primarily for use with other platforms and is not supported by Shopify.
PR 2987

The categories export now also contains a "shopify_category" column.
This allows you to set the related category for the Shopify export for it's sub products. 
PR 2987

Price List > Exclude specific categories
If you're using some categories only for promotional purposes, you may want to exclude that category from Price Lists shown on the site and their export. 
Available via Add/Edit Category > Exclude this category (and all sub-categories) from the Price List App.
PR 2961

Price List > Indicate discontinued products on the front end
The Excel version of the export already marked discontinued products in red but this now extends to the front end of the website.
PR 2956

User Manager > Revenue Range setting
To the bottom right of the user manager screen you'll now find a new drop-down for "Show Revenue over the last:" where you can select the range you want to use for the revenue totals shown against each user in the above users table.
PR 2952

User Manager > VIP override filter
If you're using the VIP club, from time to time you may want to set several specific customers to be in specific levels. Using this new filter in User Manager you can find all the customers with these custom levels set.
PR 2951

Purchase Order Coupons
The purchase_order.html.twig can now also show coupons/discounts applied to orders for dispatch teams that need to take actions when these are on the order .
PR 2957

Purchase Order VIP Club Tags
Your Purchase Orders can be customised based on the VIP club and level the customer is part of via the purchase_order.html.twig file.
PR 2950

Picking lists can now show more details about orders with new template tags.
New template tags inside each order object in the picking_list.html.twig file for user details, order dates and item prices.
PR 2963


Alto properties feed
For Estate Agent sites, we have a new integration to bring in your properties to display as items on the website directly from the Alto feed using their Zoopla format. 
Contact us to find out more about this.
PR 2964

Further security improvements on the platform and servers to keep everything secure and up to date.
PR 2967 PR 2977

New in REC+: Page Slice, VIP Club and other changes, plus server security updates


Redesigned Page Slices Interface
We have updated the page slices interface to make it more straightforward and intuitive. The new design includes new features that allow you to name different blocks/slices on the page for quicker reference and collapsible sections for easier drag and drop positioning.

Twitter API Version 2 Update
To keep pace with Twitter's latest updates, we have upgraded to the new API version. In order to keep posting your new products and posts to Twitter, you may need to reconnect with Twitter via the Admin > Connect screen. 

Ecommerce & Reporting

Top products report conversion rates are now 2 decimal.
This allows you to view this metric at a more granular level.

The Partial Shipment option can now be restricted by smart type.
There's an existing site setting that can be enabled which allows customers to select if they are happy for their order to be sent in partial shipments or wait for the entire shipment at once. This new setting allows you to restrict this to a specific smart type, e.g. only your dealers.
PR 2912

Product Launch alerts are now fired at point of change rather than on an hourly schedule.
Customers subscribed to product launch alerts will now receive these whenever the status changes, especially useful when it is changed by an import rather.
PR 2850

Vehicle search > further customisation for text
We've added customisable definitions so you can modify all the content shown to users around the Vehicle search, find these over in Admin > Site Definitions. 
PR 2937

VIP Club

VIP Club Rewards & Requirements can now be dragged into the order you'd like them to display on the front end to users in their VIP club page.
VIP Clubs > Levels > Add/Edit > Rewards & Requirements
PR 2924

VIP Club requirements for reviews can be marked as optional.
There's often a delay between an order being placed and it then being dispatched, received and used, meaning there can be a longer time to collect reviews. To cater for this we have made reviews an optional requirement so that customers can still move between bands without reviews. Set this in VIP Clubs > Levels > Add/Edit > Product Reviews Requirement > Do not make this a compulsory requirement to achieve this level
PR 2918


ShippyPro Click & Collect
When using our ShippyPro delivery adapter, you can now offer an alternative click & collect delivery option at checkout. 
Connect > Delivery > ShippyPro
PR 2908

Discontinued products now indicated in Shopify export.
The 'Published' field will now be set to False when the item is discontinued, also Status will be set to archived instead of active. 
Contact us to find out more about our export options for Distributors.
PR 2903

Server security
We wish to highlight that several new server security improvements have been implemented to keep your websites up to date and secure. 
PR 2906

Unleashed weights support against products can now be disabled.
Sometimes you may want to use "each" as your measurement rather than an exact weight.
This lets you switch all products away from using weight measures when sending them to Unleashed.
PR 2923


New in REC+: AI for content, translation and sentiment reporting plus other features


OpenAI Generated Content
Say goodbye to writer's block and hello to AI-powered content creation. With our OpenAI helper, you can now effortlessly generate content ideas and improve your existing copy. Use it to write blog posts, product descriptions, and more. Plus, we've added a feature that enables the creation of engaging email campaign subjects. You have control over the tone and style of your content by setting a constant prefix.
Available in REC Advanced Edition. Contact us for pricing. 

OpenAI Reports
New AI-powered reports are now available that analyse your customers' form replies and questions to help you understand their overall perspective. This simple but powerful feature lets you grasp your customers' views on your site quickly and efficiently. 

Google Cloud Translate Integration
With our new Google Translate integration in CKEditor, you can now easily translate your content directly from the page editor. This means that you can offer your products and services to an international audience without having to master multiple languages. 
There is also added support for translating questions submitted by non-English speaking customers, along with the ability to translate responses directly within the admin area. 
Available in REC Advanced Edition. Contact us for pricing.

And yes, we used AI to help us generate the above descriptions!

CMS & Design

Expert answers > spam detection improvements & the reason we marked them as spam are now recorded.
There are several improvements to our spam detection for the question/answer system including recording the reason we marked something as spam against the question itself.

Personal email template
There is a new email template available which can help you send emails that look more personal and hand written but can be sent en masse. 
This feature also brings in better support for preview emails and the From name/email selection has autocomplete to pick any admins set up on the site. 
Available via Admin > Email Manager > new "Personal Email" layout.

User manager > Add User lets you select from existing business names in the business name field.
This helps when adding new users who are from an existing business already registered on the site and ensures spelling of business names is consistent.

Page slice width & alignment settings now available
These allow you additional customisation options when building slices in page manager.
Found in slice settings > Width & Alignment against all slices. 

Image carousel slice speed setting
You can now set the speed at which carousels rotate.

Page slice gradients
The new background gradients section on the slice style popup allows you to make your backgrounds more interesting. This also brings the ability to set alpha transparency for all background colours, the 2 combined allow you to add semi transparent colour tints over background images.

Admin Content Search
Introducing a useful new program to search the site to find specific words or phrases quickly including pages, product descriptions, blog posts and more.

Ecommerce & Reporting

Trade/Distributor Sales Targets
Do your trade customers have targets they need to meet each month or over a year? Track they are meeting these targets with this new feature. Targets can be set and viewed per customer and reported en masse via the new report in Admin > Reports > Sales Targets. 
This can also be displayed on a revamped distributor hub using the template system.
Contact us for pricing. 

Edit Product > Lifecycle Graph
The orders tab on the Edit product screen has had a refresh and offers a whole new product life-cycle report, which is well worth a review on your top products. 

Top products report now shows products that have not been purchased.
Using the qty sold sort in reverse order you can now see products that have not been bought at all between a date range. 

Forms tab on the Edit Product screen
This new tab reveals enquiries made about the product. Also if the product is set to upcoming with a launch date, this tab will list the subscribers signed up to be alerted when it goes live. 

New in REC+: Order Tracker app, Product Lifecycle & Forecasting report, Vehicle search


Order Tracker App
Allow your customers track their orders with our new Order Tracker app. 
It provides a full timeline of their order from when it's placed to when each item is dispatched along with the relevant shipping codes (if supplied in admin).
This can be shown as an app on any page via: Edit Page > Main Body Apps > Track Orders
As well it can be linked to via order emails such as order confirmation and status update emails so the user can always find where their order is at easier.
Contact us for pricing. 

Product Lifecycle & Forecast Report
Our new report available in Admin > Reports Product Lifecycle & Forecast, offers you a snapshot of how products are added, how often they are purchased and if you track stock on the site we can even predict when an item is likely to run out of stock. 
Contact us for pricing.

Vehicle Search (for automotive parts sellers)
A new feature which shows a floating vehicle finder for users to quickly find related parts and items for their car (works when using product tagging to identify vehicles). 
The vehicle selection saves against user records allowing for extra email targeting in Email Manager. Vehicle can be selected when running the Users Making Purchases report (UMP). 
Admin > Site Settings > Ecommerce > Vehicle Search.
Saved vehicles show against users & on their orders.
When enabled, product filter shows a way to save if a tag used in search, and to display your current or previous saved tag. Searching will also auto save the vehicle as well.
When floating search is enabled, it should display on all pages to the bottom left (except process pages: login, checkout & register).
Using "?vehicleSearch=open" url param will auto open & focus the search.

Ecommerce & Reporting

Previous orders summary display mode and tidy up
The previous orders screen has been improved to make it easier to navigate and we have a new display mode that switches from showing each item to a single table of orders complete with tracking codes. Dealer groups are automatically shown this version by default as it's easier to track large numbers of orders at once. 

Collapsible Price List
Price lists on the site can now be collapsed by category making it easier for users to drill through and find the specific pricing data they need. 
However users can also hold Ctrl and click to open all sub categories of a top level one at once, and press ctrl+f to find on page.

Automatic cleanup of group prices on delete of groups
When deleting a user group, all related group prices will be removed with it.

Product feed > additional images
For Google & Facebook product feeds we now support sending up to the first 10 product images instead of just the default, giving these platforms more image choices and helping users choose your products over others.

RRP display on products for Dealers
Dealers can now see the retail price a product sells at next to their dealer specific price. This is enabled in the template, contact us for a quote to change this. 

Upcoming Products report
This new report lets you see how many people are waiting for new products awaiting launch.
Admin > Reports > Upcoming Products Report

The "People who bought this bought that" listing on products now filters to just retail customers
This overcomes distorting the products being displayed due to dealer sales.

Stripe 2020 API auto select
For new sites using Stripe, we now automatically set Stripe to use the correct API versions behind the scenes.

Now check out last month's enhancements to be fully up to date

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