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A Happy & Prosperous 2019

A Happy New Year to all our customers and a prosperous 2019!

As always, the team at Wildfire will be working diligently to improve and enhance REC+ functionality, security and performance this ye… Continue Reading »

Mega Menus In REC

REC's default menu is simple by design, allowing you to customise it without needing to change many declarations & it's also designed to work for the most common use cases as well as being able … Continue Reading »

Christmas Support

As usual, we only provide technical support over the Christmas period, namely server and uptime monitoring, starting 4pm on Friday 21st December.
Regular advice, support and project services wi… Continue Reading »

REC+ behind the scenes: Content Blocks

Content blocks let you as a designer dictate editable areas on pages back to admins.
Mixed with the new auto layout files feature they make the workflow of creating pages much simpler.
In this video, we'll show a workflow for designing custom page layouts with multiple editable areas.

Chrome Dev Summit Highlights 2018

Each year Google run a Chrome Developer Summit for a couple days highlighting what they've been working on in Chrome & what's available back to us as designers & developers.

One big takeaway … Continue Reading »

System Upgrade Completed

The system upgrade has been completed successfully this morning. The update will move us onto the newest version of PHP which is extends its supported life to 30th November 2020. This version also brings further security and performance improvements. 

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