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New in REC+: Email & Prospect Manager Improvements, Google My Business, Multistore & More

Email Manager export feature
Export user emails based on who did or didn't open an email or click links, eitheras email addresses or Google Ads Customer Match data.
This could be useful for either cleaning out your email lists, or to re-send modified emails to those who didn't open them before, or to send emails to people who have shown an interest by opening an email but not clicked a link. You can then use these email addresses for targeting in a new campaign.
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Prospect Manager improvements
A range of user experience improvements including:
- search for users based on postcode
- quick add users allows setting postcodes as well
- improvements to opening links in same or new tabs via new icons

Price list additional column data
We now show your customers/dealers additional product info in the price lists such as weight, image, descriptions and more. 


Google My Business Widgets
Adding to the Google my business reviews collection we now have, these widgets allow marking reviews as featured, as well as displaying widgets easily:
Admin > Google Reviews > Featured
Twig templates > google_reviews('slider', max="10", minScore="0", featured=false)

Multi Store Replica Differences Report
These improvements allow you to more easily see the differences between a product on the master and replica site (which is important because you can set what data is synchronised or able to be overwritten or not).
On a per product basis go to Edit Product > Multi Store tab on the replica site.
Reports > "Multi Store > Replica Diffs" report

Google shopping feed flag for auto marking items as custom if they don't have GTINs given
Adds new ?gtin_or_custom=1 for /product_feed.csv


You can no longer delete your own user
Previously if you were an admin you could delete other admins which included yourself which is now resolved.


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