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New in REC+: August - Backorder and Order Manager process improvements & more


Backorder improvements
Adds new "backorder" state and a top level Order Manager tab for viewing backorders along with a way for admins to set up and mark where an order is in the backorder process/status.
New "backorder" state in Admin > Order Statuses > Add/edit statuses
Admin > Order Backorder Statuses
In Order Manager, there is a new tab for backorders and when viewed it will also show as a new column for the backorder status.
On the order info screen you'll see the backorder status and comment field with colour coding.

Order Manager tab layout changes
We've cleaned up the tabs at the top of Order Manager & split the custom tabs you add onto their own line so you are no longer restricted by the space to the side of the system tabs.
Additional tidying up has been done to the filters as some will now be found under the new Additional search filters area inside Order Manager quick search.
You can also now set the sort order of these custom status tabs by dragging and dropping them in the Admin > Order statuses area.

Ecommerce & Reporting

Abandoned cart follow-ups now show recent related orders
When admins look at the abandoned cart follow-up popup for an order you can see other recent orders that user has made, helping you spot if they later went on to purchase but as a new order.

Dashboard now has a quick-link to Report Builder.
This helps you get to the fantastic range of reports available in report builder directly from your admin dashboard.

Customers subscribed to stock alerts for products now get alerts when back in stock date changes
This automatically ensures customers are kept updated if subscribed to receive stock updates.

Back in stock dates can be set at the product variation level
Allows you to set back in stock dates down to option combination/variation level. 
You can now set this via product variations with the new calendar icon next to variation stock fields.

Coupon Assignment Improvements
The coupon assignment area has been smartened up and now loads much faster even with hundreds of active coupons on the go.

Backorders > wipe stock button
Adds a new button via Edit product > Stock > Wipe product stock to clear not just the top stock level on the product but all stock against options and variations as well.
We also now indicate how many variations a product has from the stock tab to help you see its stock numbers based on the sum of variations. 

Image Placeholders
We now have a placeholder image system built into the sites rather than having to rely on 3rd party sites which can be unrelaible at times. 
This lets us put in default placeholders which you can then replace images easily, for example in email templates.

Back in stock email previews
Via email tasks you can preview back in stock emails for when either stock or the back in stock date is changed to test your email design faster.

Order confirmation, update and order email tasks can now all access User Smart types
This lets us customise the experience in the email based on whether the customer is a Retail or Trade customer.

Purchase orders can now show the customer order number.
New template tag {{ order.customers_order_id }} available in the purchase_order.html.twig file

Developers can now use a "product.combination.change" on product pages to get price, stock and back in stock dates down to the variation level for live updates on product pages. 


Spam log and whitelist
Adds a a new spam log area letting you see all blocked IP and emails via stopforumspam on a site.
In future we may extend this to all the other spam checks.


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