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Business Growth

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Christmas Support

As usual, we only provide technical support over the Christmas period, namely server and uptime monitoring, starting 12pm on Friday 22nd December. Regular advice, support and project services wi… Continue Reading »

New in REC+: Invite System, Management Reports & 30-day Session Cookies

We have introduced a new Invite system, helpful management reports on pages and products and extended the session cookie.  

Read full details and setup instructions on freshdesk

Invite System

The Invite system can be used to send out emails to invite people to use your site. This allows them to accept the invite and set up their own password.

Top Pages Report

This displays the top 100 most viewed pages on your website.

Top Products Report

View your top 500 most popular selling products with the facility to select by specific categories or brands. 

Top Manufacturers (aka Brands) / Top Categories Report

View sales grouped by manufacturer / brand to see which brands are most popular, or by category for your most popular categories.

Revenue Sources & Form Responses

Available for marketing clients to view the different sources driving revenues or replies to your forms, directing you to the detailed information on the Marketing Console.

Session Cookie Change 

We have changed the session cookie so that users can now see their incomplete shopping cart baskets for up to 30 days after they have closed the browser. This will help to increase conversion rates for returning users who abandoned the shopping process and can still see the products in their baskets when opening a new session.

Read full details and setup instructions on freshdesk.

These new features are available in REC+, remember to click on the top right link in the header to upgrade for free currently. Charges will apply in the future!

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