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New in REC+: GA4 Reporting, VIP Club changes, Expert Answer followups and more


Expert Answer followups
Follow up with customers who asked questions about products but haven't since purchased to see if there's anything else you can help with to help bring in the sale.
To enable Expert Answers Followup Emails, go to: Site Settings > Leads & Alerts > Enable Expert Answers Followup Emails
PR 2999

GA4 Reporting
As part of the recent move to GA4, we now support Google's latest Analytics Reporting/Data APIs to pull in analytics data onto your dashboards & reports in admin. 
PR 3028

VIP Club

VIP Club reporting
We now keep track of how many customers are in each VIP club & level each day and report this back to you on the VIP club screen with new graphs to break down and compare this data by day, week or by month.
PR 3025

VIP Club level previews
Quickly preview how your changes to the VIP club levels will affect the number of users in that level before you save.
PR 3012

Track VIP Club on orders
We show a customer's current VIP club on orders in admin but sometimes you may want to know what VIP club level they were when they placed that order, in case it's since changed. If the customers current level does not match the one saved on the order, we'll add a line to the vip club message on orders to let you know the level they previously had. 
PR 3011

Toggle VIP Club summary on customer home. 
By default if you have VIP club enabled your customers will see a simple summary, however you can now disable this and instead we can use the customer hub template to create a more custom display for users around their vip club level. Contact us for pricing.
PR 3046


Sliders now warn if your content may break the slider display
Sliders can be linked to URLs but if you were to put another link inside, then this would break the display of the slider due to browsers restricting nested links. To help admins and designers, we detect this on save of a slider panel and warn you so it can be resolved. 
PR 3002

Audit search improvements
The admin comments area now has improved search capabilities for audits such as filtering on the related item ID & audit action. 
PR 3027

Ecommerce & Reporting

Product issues report > detect zero priced products
Both the site issues & detailed product issues report now alert you when you have zero priced products, even if there is a retail price but specific group prices are zero.
PR 3018

Hidden categories
Categories used only for promotions on your site can be hidden so they do not display.
Available to set via Admin > Add/Edit Category > Hide this category from the website
Categories Export > is_hidden => 0 or 1
PR 3001

Orders now report if the custom accepted cookies or not
Sometimes order counts in Google Analytics & Ads will not match the website and one reason for this can be that users didn't accept cookies and so can't be tracked. To help you identify if they did accept cookies or not, we now indicate this on a per order basis alongside the traffic source & medium and on forms.
PR 2997

Report builder > filter the ecommerce revenue report type by traffic medium.
You can now optionally report on specific traffic source/medium's such as just Ads/CPC sales in reports in Report Builder.
For example you might wish to see ad-generated revenue across different states.
PR 3048

Report builder > option to default all reports to exclude VAT.
Easily set all Report builder reports to exclude VAT.
Admin > Site Settings > Prices & VAT > Reports > Default the Order Info Reports & Report Builder to exclude VAT.
PR 3010

Sales targets export against users
If you're using the sales targets feature, the users export will now contain their sales targets for easier management & mass modification. 
PR 3007

Checkout confirm screen > Newsletter signup
As well as offering newsletter signup during customer registration, you can also prompt for this on the checkout screen as a reminder during the order process. 
Admin > Site Settings > General > Registration > Newsletter > Enable Newsletter Signup on Checkout confirm screen
PR 3028


Unleashed > Delivery tracking
Automatically update orders on the website when you add tracking codes against orders in Unleashed. 
Admin > Connect > Utilities > Sync Shipment Tracking
Contact us to have the required scheduled task set up as well. 
PR 3031

Google Analytics > Cookie improvements
Google Analytics sets cookies when loaded, because of this we don't load their script until the user accepts the cookies in order to ensure your site follows GDPR compliance.
However, if the visitor doesn't accept cookies until the 2nd or 3rd page view, the previous URL google would be seen as internal and they would assume the user came here directly instead of via organic search or Ads. To resolve this, we now hold onto the visitors previous and entry URLs so that even if they are several pages down the line when they accept cookies, we replay the original pageview event for Google so they can track them correctly.
PR 2996

Designer / Developer Changes

Modules > New file upload field type
Similar to the existing image field type, you can now have modules attach related files such as PDF downloads. 
PR 3004

Module audits
We've now implemented audits for the Modules system so any new modules created, updated or removed will have full audits as well as changes to their items inside. 
PR 3033

Form Builder > Ajax helpers for forms
If you're building custom forms or calculators on sites and using frameworks like Vue.js, you'll want to submit the data via Ajax. We've simplified how this works and also offer a helper example ajax call directly from the edit form screen in admin.
PR 3003

jQuery upgrade
Allows easily switching from 1.x to 3.x as well as a 3.x-preview where it'll stay 1.x for most visitors but admins will see 3.x to help test the migration. 
Admin Site Settings > General > Front end Javascript > jQuery Version
PR 3019

New template keys for detecting subscribed users
user.send_emails now allows you to detect if a customer is subscribed or not, as well as user.send_emails_encrypted_id which gives you access to the hash used in subscribe or unsubscribe links for logged in customers. 
PR 3040

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