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Business Growth

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New in REC+: AI for content, translation and sentiment reporting plus other features


OpenAI Generated Content
Say goodbye to writer's block and hello to AI-powered content creation. With our OpenAI helper, you can now effortlessly generate content ideas and improve your existing copy. Use it to write blog posts, product descriptions, and more. Plus, we've added a feature that enables the creation of engaging email campaign subjects. You have control over the tone and style of your content by setting a constant prefix.
Available in REC Advanced Edition. Contact us for pricing. 

OpenAI Reports
New AI-powered reports are now available that analyse your customers' form replies and questions to help you understand their overall perspective. This simple but powerful feature lets you grasp your customers' views on your site quickly and efficiently. 

Google Cloud Translate Integration
With our new Google Translate integration in CKEditor, you can now easily translate your content directly from the page editor. This means that you can offer your products and services to an international audience without having to master multiple languages. 
There is also added support for translating questions submitted by non-English speaking customers, along with the ability to translate responses directly within the admin area. 
Available in REC Advanced Edition. Contact us for pricing.

And yes, we used AI to help us generate the above descriptions!

CMS & Design

Expert answers > spam detection improvements & the reason we marked them as spam are now recorded.
There are several improvements to our spam detection for the question/answer system including recording the reason we marked something as spam against the question itself.

Personal email template
There is a new email template available which can help you send emails that look more personal and hand written but can be sent en masse. 
This feature also brings in better support for preview emails and the From name/email selection has autocomplete to pick any admins set up on the site. 
Available via Admin > Email Manager > new "Personal Email" layout.

User manager > Add User lets you select from existing business names in the business name field.
This helps when adding new users who are from an existing business already registered on the site and ensures spelling of business names is consistent.

Page slice width & alignment settings now available
These allow you additional customisation options when building slices in page manager.
Found in slice settings > Width & Alignment against all slices. 

Image carousel slice speed setting
You can now set the speed at which carousels rotate.

Page slice gradients
The new background gradients section on the slice style popup allows you to make your backgrounds more interesting. This also brings the ability to set alpha transparency for all background colours, the 2 combined allow you to add semi transparent colour tints over background images.

Admin Content Search
Introducing a useful new program to search the site to find specific words or phrases quickly including pages, product descriptions, blog posts and more.

Ecommerce & Reporting

Trade/Distributor Sales Targets
Do your trade customers have targets they need to meet each month or over a year? Track they are meeting these targets with this new feature. Targets can be set and viewed per customer and reported en masse via the new report in Admin > Reports > Sales Targets. 
This can also be displayed on a revamped distributor hub using the template system.
Contact us for pricing. 

Edit Product > Lifecycle Graph
The orders tab on the Edit product screen has had a refresh and offers a whole new product life-cycle report, which is well worth a review on your top products. 

Top products report now shows products that have not been purchased.
Using the qty sold sort in reverse order you can now see products that have not been bought at all between a date range. 

Forms tab on the Edit Product screen
This new tab reveals enquiries made about the product. Also if the product is set to upcoming with a launch date, this tab will list the subscribers signed up to be alerted when it goes live. 

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