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New in REC+: May - Using Google Places for Postcode Lookup, Country Rules for Personalisation & more


Address & postcode lookup with Google Places Autocomplete
You can now offer faster address/postcode lookup during checkout using the Google Places Autocomplete.
Admin > Connect > Delivery > Google Maps API
Site Settings > Delivery > Address Finder / Postcode Lookup > Adapter > Google Maps Javascript API
Important: This feature requires that API Accounts > Allow using CSRF Tokens as API Access Tokens is enabled so that it can lookup up the ISO2 Code that Google returns to us

Country Personalisation Rules For Content
This lets you customise certain site content based on a visitor's country using Personalisation Rules.
Requires your site to be on Cloudflare due to use of their IP Country feature.
Available in Admin > Personalisation Rules > add/edit > country dropdown.
Also exposed to the page JS via jsMaster.visitorCountry

Highlighting orders requiring payment
You can now more visibly see which orders remain unpaid in Order Manager, for example if you accept payment on delivery or bank transfers rather than taking a credit card payment. The orders will display in red on the order screen and ask admins to mark as paid.
Set this on the payment methods that apply in Admin > Payment Methods > Edit > "Mark orders that use this payment method as unpaid?

Product images in the cart & checkout now show the image related to a selected option.
For example if a customer buys a specific colour option which has had an image uploaded for it, then that specific image will be displayed. 

Faster Manual order entry - add or update user details 
When manually adding an order, there is a new line under the user select field which allows you to add a user, or if you select a user it'll let you edit their details. You'll then be able to view, update or create the user for the order.

Reminder: A small set up charge applies if you request we set up any new features for you or need training.

Ecommerce & Reporting

'Back in stock' date added to products
Enter this via Edit product > Stock > Back in stock date, & display it on the product page via the product_info.html.twig template with {{ dump(product.back_in_stock_date) }}

Order Info reports filters added for special offer & discounts
You can filter the reports to see orders where items were on special offer, where coupons were used, or for a specific tag group and tag.
Available via Admin > Reports > Order Info Reports & these reports in Report Builder.

Top Products report filters added for special offer & discounts
You can now filter the top products report to only show orders where items were purchased on special offer or where discounts/coupons were used.
New filters in Admin > Reports > Top Products Report for: "Special offer sales only" & "Coupon/discount % sales only".

Quickshop autocomplete for product codes & names
To make quickshop easier, rather than having to enter the exact product code you can now quickly search based on the product name or code.

Product filter tag pages can now have custom text/content shown on their results page.
This can be used for SEO, similar to setting category page content.
Admin > Product Filter Content (if Product Filters are enabled).

Order confirmation and update emails now have access to the same {{ order.* }} tags
Order update emails now share the same {{ order.* }} tags the order confirm email uses in order to make them more consistent.
This includes item lists, addresses, etc. allowing you to list order items on the update emails.

Disable the grouping of same products on pages
By default, we group different variations of same products when they are saved as unique products (based on the google variation id) however you can disable this on pages via Admin > Edit Page > + Store Content > Group products with the same group/variation ID

Loyalty coupons removed if the order they were added from is cancelled or refunded.
If you're using the Loyalty coupons system it will give out coupons to customers to encourage repeat buying. This change closes a loophole where customers cancel the initial order then re-order to receive the loyalty discount.

Warning for successful but not paid/processed orders.
When changing order statuses, if you change the status to a successful state when it was previously pending but don't then process the order it will warn that it still needs to be manually processed. 

Product each views can now access array of categories
Using product.categories the product.html.twig templates can now make changes based on the product's categories.


Unleashed > Users are now marked as not taxable by default if they are in a non taxable group
This helps set the correct customers' taxable status in Unleashed.


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