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New in REC+: Modules within Page Slices, Expert Answers reporting, security and more


Using Modules With Page Slices
Our modules system, for use when adding data records in a structured way, is now even more flexible. You can bring in module items directly to pages built with page slices. This gives you the best of both worlds, allowing you to build pages with the flexibility of page slices while keeping your content structured for easy reuse, mass management, importing, and uniformity. 
PR 2984

Expert Answers Sales Report
Our Expert Answers system has a new report available that helps you identify sales resulting from answered questions, thereby gaining insight into the impact answering questions has on your revenue generation to help motivate sales and support teams. 
To access the Expert Answers Sales Report, go to Admin > Reports > Expert Answers Sales Report.
PR 2943

CMS & Design

We've added a quick link to Content Search from Page manager.
Content Search, our useful admin program for finding content on your site, can now be accessed right from the page manager screen where you'd find most site pages set up.  
PR 2945

Timeline reminders
In the admin area, we have a website timeline available for you to track when key changes on the website and it's marketing have been made. 
Now when saving Site Settings, the Connect area or making a new template live, we prompt to ask if this is something worth adding to the timeline to help encourage the use of this. The info is then useful when tracking changes in visitors & conversions on your site to see what made the improvements. 
PR 2971

Ecommerce & Reporting

Product filter tags cleanup.
While managing large volumes of tags against all your products, over time there will inevitably be old tags no longer in use. This new report helps you track these down and keep the tag list on your site clean, as this is used by customers when filtering products. 
Available in Admin > Product Filter Tags > Report: Tags not in use
PR 2981

Users Making Purchases report includes additional fields. 
This is a useful report showing each customer and their sales as well as other key data about them. the new fields include their business names, VIP club & level if you use this on the site, their saved vehicle (again if in use), smart type including if they are a Retail, Trade or Dealer account, as well as if they have been granted access to the Dealer/Shopify exports. 
PR 2969

Shopify export for Dealers now offers additional non standard Shopify fields. 
These currently include the packaging sizes but we'll expand on this in the future. This is primarily for use with other platforms and is not supported by Shopify.
PR 2987

The categories export now also contains a "shopify_category" column.
This allows you to set the related category for the Shopify export for it's sub products. 
PR 2987

Price List > Exclude specific categories
If you're using some categories only for promotional purposes, you may want to exclude that category from Price Lists shown on the site and their export. 
Available via Add/Edit Category > Exclude this category (and all sub-categories) from the Price List App.
PR 2961

Price List > Indicate discontinued products on the front end
The Excel version of the export already marked discontinued products in red but this now extends to the front end of the website.
PR 2956

User Manager > Revenue Range setting
To the bottom right of the user manager screen you'll now find a new drop-down for "Show Revenue over the last:" where you can select the range you want to use for the revenue totals shown against each user in the above users table.
PR 2952

User Manager > VIP override filter
If you're using the VIP club, from time to time you may want to set several specific customers to be in specific levels. Using this new filter in User Manager you can find all the customers with these custom levels set.
PR 2951

Purchase Order Coupons
The purchase_order.html.twig can now also show coupons/discounts applied to orders for dispatch teams that need to take actions when these are on the order .
PR 2957

Purchase Order VIP Club Tags
Your Purchase Orders can be customised based on the VIP club and level the customer is part of via the purchase_order.html.twig file.
PR 2950

Picking lists can now show more details about orders with new template tags.
New template tags inside each order object in the picking_list.html.twig file for user details, order dates and item prices.
PR 2963


Alto properties feed
For Estate Agent sites, we have a new integration to bring in your properties to display as items on the website directly from the Alto feed using their Zoopla format. 
Contact us to find out more about this.
PR 2964

Further security improvements on the platform and servers to keep everything secure and up to date.
PR 2967 PR 2977

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