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Business Growth

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New in REC+ in November: Early bird & exclusive deals, new order exports for delivery, improved imports for sales and more.


'Early Bird' access and 'Exclusive products'
For selected customers, allow the purchase of specified products on an 'early bird' basis (allowing the purchase of upcoming products before the offficial launch date), or on an exclusive basis for products set as 'Enquire Only' (selected customers can purchase whereas everyone else can only send an enquiry).
Both new features are enabled on each product record and each customer that has access either manually or used in VIP Clubs as rewards within specified levels where the customer assignment is then handled automatically.
Read more about this and also the VIP Club feature.

Order exports for delivery companies
Delivery companies are working towards increased automation and some now ask for uploads of order items. The first file format is available for DHL.
In Order Manager you go into the order items section and in the export section select one of the available courier formats . You can then upload it to the courier company.
Additional formats will be quoted for other delivery companies upon request.
Contact us to enable this for you on your site and to find out about our other delivery integrations. Charges apply.

Set Special Offer pricing more easily using the Product prices columns export/import
The Product prices columns import/export now also handles changes to product statuses and special offer dates ranges.
This means you can change prices and put products on offer in the same import/export file without needing to use Batch Products Processor.
This also provides a good alternative to using Price Manager.

CMS & Design

Personalise site content using VIP club rules 
You can now personalise sliders and content displayed to visitors based on their VIP club and level via the Personalisation system and in templates. 
Admin > Personalisation Rules > Add/Edit Personalisation Rule > Smart Type, VIP Club & Level
New template tags available inside the "user.vip_club" object.
VIP club is now shown on the customer homepage for logged-in users displaying their current level and the ability to scroll through and view other levels.

Page Slices by default for building pages 
We've been working on improvements to our page slices system and now all new sites will have this newer page builder available to them by default. 
We've also made it easier to get it enabled on all existing sites, contact us to find out more about this new method of building pages. 

Page search improvements
Site search for pages has been improved to use a better scoring system and now also includes content blocks as well as the default page content. 
This returns better search result matching especially when multiple pages talk about the same topic.

New page slice blocks available
We've added a range of new slices in including buttons, horizontal lines, lists of links & page menus. 
These all help building up new landing pages using the page slice builder and building more custom experiences without the need for designers, while still letting designers customise the slices themselves where needed.
We've also added further settings to some of the existing slices, for example setting the aspect ratio of a map easily.

Ecommerce & Reporting

Discontinued products can now longer be purchased 
Products marked as discontinued can no longer be bought from the site. 
If this change affects you, please reach out to us and we can help improve the flow going forward.

New delivery report for 'county/state'
US sites can use this  to see sales performance across each state. UK sites can see performance across counties.

Prospect Manager 'Funnel by status' filters
Easily filter your sales funnel status to distinguish between open, won and lost quotes over time. 

New product slices and content blocks
You can now easily list your products onto pages by status/category/etc using the system products slice, or pick specific products and drag and drop into order with the curated products slice.

Price List "You Save" Column
Show a column of how much your dealers/distributors save per item vs the retail price in the Price List feature.
Enable via Site Settings > Prices & VAT > "Show difference between "Your Price" & "Retail Price" as a percentage"

Product import column checks
Both the product and user imports now have improved checks to recognise if required fields are missing, and the file format is correct.

Coupon improvements
We've reworked how coupons are checked to ensure they still qualify while in the cart, as well as soime small design improvements for the display of coupons in the cart. This includes showing the before and after discount price more clearly, crossing out the before price, plus cleaning up the line showing total discount & which code was used.


Google Site Name & Website Schema Support
Adds Google Site Name support.
By default we use the Company (Site) name, but this introduces a new setting to "Override site name" and "Enable website schema markup (includes site search action)"
Admin > Site Settings > SEO > Site Name

Faster Google Analytics load after cookie popup
We've optimised how Google Analytics runs on the site after a user accepts the cookies to run immediately if permission is granted, ensuring any visitors who bounce quickly between pages are fully tracked. 

'Connect' and 'Edit user' areas new modal prompt for confirming & describe the changes being made
A confirmation modal pops up when changing and saving data for better audits. You can also set a note here at the same time to remind you or other admins why a change was made.  


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