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New in REC+: Magento Integration For GMC Summary, Discontinued Product Variations & More


Magento Integration for GMC.
REC now supports Magento integration so you can pull Magento product and order data into your REC instance, for reporting and monitoring using GMC Summary & Top Products reports. Contact us to find out more about this.
Once enabled, as well as new connect details in the Admin > Connect area, you can also view a log of activity in Admin > Magento Log.

Discontinued variations
Product Variations now support the "Is Discontinued" tickbox like top level products. This allows you to discontinue just specific versions of a product such as a limited edition Red variation while keeping other colours live. 
Admin > Product manager > Add/edit products > Variations > new checkbox for "is discontinued".
Also in Admin > Exports > Variations > now supports a variation_is_discontinued column which uses either, the top level product if it has no variations, or the specific variation

More GMC

GMC conversion source switcher
Via the Boost Performance tab you can select the conversion source tracker as either Google Ads or REC (recommended if you use REC for your ecommerce system). 

GMC pause tracking
Pausing a product in GMC allows you to temporarily remove it from Ads without needing to remove it from the feed entirely.
We now track this so that if you're monitoring products in promotion groups and some are paused that you'd otherwise expect to be available to buy on your site, you'll see it on the GMC summary emails & in the GMC admin area. 

Design improvements to the GMC email & loading bar.
We've reworked how the GMC email and admin areas handle differences in monitored grouped products so they display better. 
Additionally, we also now show a loading bar when re-syncing with GMC so you can see progress.

Ecommerce & Reporting

Sales Summary product group filters
New improved filters are available on the customer view of the sales summary to let customers discover more products they haven't yet purchased including a switch between showing all top products they haven't bought before vs ones just relating to makes they've bought from before.
Enable which individual groups to show in the Sales Summary via Admin > Product Groups > Add/Edit > Filterable in Sales Summary.

Product Manager > new filters
New search filters are available for Tag Groups & tags.

Refund only required state
A new Refund Only order state can now be used for where a customer requests a return but the items haven't yet been set out. If enabled on an order via Admin > Order statuses, then the system will pick this status if the order item hasn't been despatched instead of return required.  

Price list exclude switch per product
Previously to exclude a product from the Price List available to Distributors you'd need to exclude the product from Google Shopping as well, this is now split out so you can have products in or out of Google and not impact if a product is in or out of the price list. 

Product filter > new setting to hide blocks where only a single result shows.
Building off the existing setting to remove blocks where no filterable values are found, this new setting lets you also hide where there's only a single value found as that doesn't really give the user much option to actually filter. This is optional for cases where you don't want this, such as where you only add a tag where it has something, but generally we'd recommend enabling this new setting to simplify filters for your end customers. 
Available in Admin > Product Filters App Manager > "Also remove single value blocks".

SagePay renamed to Opayo by Elavon
Recently Opayo was bought by Elavon, all existing old SagePay endpoints & references are being removed by them and replaced with Opayo by Elavon. To keep sites up to date and not confuse users, we've renamed this for you and updated references ready for their migration. 

Multi Store > ability to batch exclude products from Multi Store
When discontinuing products on one store, you may not want to discontinue them on the other. To do this you'll need to disable that product's updates in multi store and this can now be done en masse at the same time as discontinuing them via Admin > Batch Product Processor > new "Exclude from Multi Store & API Webhooks?" switch.

Product groups > counts of products
You can now see counts of products in each product group and these are clickable to reveal those grouped products. 

VIP Club

Manually trigger VIP club calculation run via this new button. 
This works especially well when initially designing and building out your VIP club so that you can test it faster. 
Once your VIP clubs are live, you'll normally not want to use this as running it can trigger emails to customers. 
Available via Admin > VIP Clubs > Manually Run

Prospect Manager

User Manager comments for calls
Using User Manager for call lists? With this new feature you can quickly review existing user notes/comments and add to them on the fly. 
Contact us to talk more about this feature. Once enabled, this shows as a new column in Admin > User Manager, as a comment icon against each user in the table.


Exit Popup > Country Setting
Restrict your exit popups to only show for customers in specific countries. 
This requires your site to be using Cloudflare which provides the customers country. 

Increase file uploads from 16mb to 24mb.
This doesn't impact images, instead use to optimise your images. We're adding links to this service around image uploads as well to help you do this. 

Google connect/OAuth changes
In accordance with Google's branding requirements, we've re-designed the connect / sign in with Google buttons in Admin > Connect for GA, Google Ads, Google My Business, GMC & YouTube integrations. 
Our REC+ Terms, Privacy Policy & Support links are now available in the footer of the admin area of all pages. 


New in REC+: Ad Feed Tracking & Customer Sales Classifications

Two major new feature sets have been added to our Advanced Edition of REC+ to help track issues stopping ads appearing in Google and to increase revenues based on segmenting customers based on purchasing patterns and displaying suggested products in their account area.

Google Merchant Centre Summary & Alerting Tool

Advertising on Google? Don't miss out on sales! Make sure your products are able to be advertised on Google Ads with this essential monitoring and alerting tool.

How GMC Works 

Products are uploaded from your website to Google Merchant Centre (GMC) to then be advertised within your Google Ad campaigns. GMC has strict conditions on whether a product is set up correctly to be advertised.

What This Tool Does

This tool enables you to monitor higher level account issues and which products have issues according to GMC and send out email alerts to staff plus to be able to view them on a summary screen within Admin which is easier to access  rather than logging into GMC. The issues shown are a direct reflection of how GMC reports them. More features will be added over time.

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Customer Sales Classifications, Sales Summary & Product Discovery

These features help you achieve greater revenues by better understanding your customer base in terms of their buying patterns, performance against annual targets and showing customers best selling products & categories they haven't previously purchased, plus producing customer-based reports. This feature set comprises:

Sales Classifications
Classify customers according to their sales performance and risk levels

Sales Targets 
Measure customers actual v target revenue over a 12 month period

Individual Customer Reporting
Use Report Builder to build customer-specific reports which can be printed / saved as PDFs

Sales Summary & Product Discovery
Show trade/distributor customers a summary of their sales on their account page and display other popular categories & products they haven't yet purchased 

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