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New in REC+: Direct Support, New server updates, Cookie policy updates, Speed improvements, Product page tabs (released: September & October)

Direct Support For Reseller Clients

We introduced direct support available to REC+ users who wish to transfer to us from their existing reseller.
Read about transferring to us here

Feature Spotlight

This covers features released in September and October. You can also read about features released in July & August here.

  • The launch of our new updated & faster servers!
    We were pleased to migrate to our new server infrastructure in September after more than 12 months of meticulous planning and preparations. This included performing housekeeping on the data we stored, optimising the application for the newer programming and database versions to which we migrated,  increased processing power, adding extra capacity for continued growth, significantly faster data backups, and adding additional security protection against the increasing threats from botnets, DoS attacks and other bad actors. 
  • Cookie policy - stricter default setting, only essential cookies enabled by default
    We updated our cookie compliance so that scripts that load non essential cookies, such as Google Analytics, no longer load until the user gives permission, improving GDPR compliance. 
    Read more about the impact of this here.
  • Speed improvements for key admin areas
    The admin dashboard and user profiles are 2 areas we've focused for speed improvements to help ensure you can get to the information you need faster.
  • Product page tabs
    You can now add additional blocks of content / tabs onto product pages using this new feature. Contact us about enabling this on your site.
    Setup new tabs in Admin > Product Tabs & when tabs are set up they list under product description as ckeditor fields.
    e.g. in product_info.html.twig see tab content with{{ dump(product.tabs) }}


  • Product review filters
    Through admin you now have filters available so you can find reviews that mention specific phrases or filter based on min or max scores. 
  • Product associations screen rework
    This screen has been reworked, introducing paging and faster response times for checking which products have associations. 
  • Variations system now highlights issues
    When options are removed we don't automatically remove the variations incase they are to be re-used by different options. When this happens, we'll now highlight issues with the variations in red and suggest additional variations in yellow.
  • Order manager ctrl click support
    You can now hold ctrl and click an order to open in a new tab. 
  • Order manager filter to only orders that used the new addons feature
    You can filter orders so only those with addons are shown so you can see how successful your saleshave been. This only applies to addons with qty sync enabled).
  • Orders flagged for manual review if values do not match cart total
    Orders are now flagged for manual review if values such as the total are different to the cart total, for example if a user makes modifications to the cart while paying in another open tab which therefore affects the order. Now supported by all our major payment processors.
  • Multi store syncs replica sites to their own Unleashed accounts plus other improvements
    Multi store can now sync changes on replica sites up to their own Unleashed accounts along with a few improvements to help migrate sites to using variations listed below.
    Admin > Connect > Unleashed > Sync On API Updates
    Admin > Exports > Product Variations CSV > new combined_min_stock column
    Admin > Imports > Product Variations > new "Step 4. Optional settings" appears for this type


  • Spammy email scanning and unsubscribe
    You can now run a simple scan to filter many spammy email addresses from your email lists to help keep them clean and up to date.
    Admin > Manage subscribers > Scan for spammy email addresses and unsubscribe them.
  • Admin DNS Page
    To help site owners know what DNS records are needed on their site we've added a handy DNS page with information about the A records needed as well as an example SPF record. (Please note, changing to these may cause your site to become inaccessible, always check before making a change). 
    Available in Admin > DNS Records
  • Admin SSL Page
    Available in Admin > HTTPS Information, this new screen gives information on your site's HTTPS/SSL status and advice if you need to enable further settings.
  • Cookie Policy Events
    For designers & developers, you can now hook into js events when cookie policy changes happen and react as needed.
    REC.Events.subscribe('cookie-policy.accept', function () { console.log('Accept'); });
    REC.Events.subscribe('cookie-policy.reject', function () { console.log('Reject'); });

API / Integration

  • Xero customer mapping
    We have a new tool available to relate users from your Xero account to customer email addresses on the site. This is especially useful when connecting to Xero via Tradebox.
    Admin > Tradebox Utils > Xero Customer Mapper
  • Cloudflare cookie updates
    The __cfduid is no longer required however Cloudflare customers do have some other cookies used to help protect their sites, our managed Cloudflare customers sites have been automaticaly updated but if you use Cloudflare it's worth checking these are enabled in your cookie manager.
  • Unleashed reset GUID
    New indicators for Unleashed connections have been added on user profiles and on edit product you can now easily disconnect the user or product from it's current Unleashed GUID.
  • Unleashed now supports your site setting's weight unit rather than being fixed to kg such as for lb.
    Allowing for international use of Unleashed integration.
  • Unleashed will no longer be sent orders flagged for admin review. 
    In these cases, a "Dismiss Review Warning" will appear to the top right of the order page for when the order has been manually checked.

Prospect Manager

  • Commenting and email subject improvements
    Prospect manager improvements around email subjects and commenting including quickly updating the next action date while adding a comment or emailing the customer.
    This is part of our work to help improve the workflow for using our Prospect Manager CRM platform built into your site.
  • Include previous comment trail in email
    New tickbox available when sending a comment on a prospect to include your previous replies. By also adding email piping via Mailgun's subscription service you will be able to show responses fromthe recipients as well.
  • Prospect Manager new tab icons
    New "open in new window" icons now appear on hover next to Prospect Manager links to help you open multiple prospects while by default the links open in the same tab. 


Direct Support For REC+ Users Now Available

We are pleased to offer direct support to REC+ users who have been using our resellers to date and prefer to have support directly with us going forward. 

To initiate a smooth transfer in your support services, please visit the Transfer page on our main site and complete the form. 

We will then be in touch with you shortly afterwards.

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