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REC+ powers successful, mobile-friendly ecommerce & business websites with in-built AI and BI tools to support your business growth. Made and supported in the UK, REC+ is fully hosted and continuously updated. Includes our CRM & targeted email marketing systems plus integration with Unleashed, Sage and Xero accounting. Utilise the power of REC+ to succeed online

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Boost Ad Revenues
Monitor & analyse your Google product feed and ads to optimise product visibility, improve performance & boost your revenues with our new reporting console


What do you need?

Use REC+ Ecommerce to sell products online, REC+ CMS to build your business website, use Prospect Manager* to grow & manage your sales pipeline, use GMC Summary* to track and improve product ad visibility and performance (*also available as a standalone system)

Client Success

Creating value for our clients

Our depth of technical expertise plus business and marketing experience allows us to add value to our clients, both in terms of generating revenue, providing innovative direction on the web and driving cultural change within their teams to achieve more.

"Switching to REC+ was the best thing we ever did. We have 10x the volume of sales using this software than ever before. The support is unbelievable, professional and quick. The team understand us as a business and keep us updated with astounding functionality." Russell Butt, Business Manager

"Prospect Manager is helping us to transform our internal sales culture and drive more revenues." Sarah Ryan, Managing Director

"The combination of the software together with marketing support has provided significant year-on-year growth for our business." Emmanuel Charbonnel, UK Managing Director