Enterprise Services

Enterprise clients require robust levels of functionality, scalability, security and in-depth support as well as access to expert knowledge and quick responses to their issues and enquiries.

Feature Rich Software For Larger Online Retailers

REC+ is a mature platform which has been enriched with features across the Content Management System (CMS), ecommerce, prospect management (CRM), email management, forms and process building, marketing and admin rights making it a robust choice for larger sites generating £millions in online revenues.

Continuously Updated Software & Quality Support

Our software is hosted on our own dedicated servers hosted by Bytemark, which has been optimised for high performance and hardened security. Updates and security patches are rolled out via Continuous Integration (CI) after passing through our release management processes and quality assurance. Our software is documented in our freshdesk knowledge centre and we provide a full support service including 1st line call handling, 24/7 technical support and developer support via our full time and experienced staff who have been working on the software in most cases since it was first launched in 2008. 

The core software is proprietary, unlike open source, which means that all enhancements are always tested to work with the core system during the release program, meaning you avoid issues with code contributions breaking when new versions or security patches are rolled out as can happen on open source platforms where a proper release mechanism is not in place. There is a great deal of flexibility for designers to create the look and feel they require and to build 'apps' for front end data control and manipulation and integrate to third party systems via the API.

Secure Environment

Security is always foremost in our minds and we follow strong security practices throughout our technology stack and application, performing regular security scans using Acuentix and applying patches automatically via our overnight updates. Data is also synchromised across two data centres and a copy also taken on a separate backup server. 

Direct Support By Experienced Developers

Direct Developer Support is available with our premium 'Enterprise' service for larger, more complex sites where support is handled directly by the Development team due to the more in-depth questions that arise as well as assisting with software changes and configurations specific to your installation. 

Sensible Pricing With No Recurring Annual Licence Fees

Our one-time licencing charge avoids paying expensive repeat annual licence fees and our development and hosting costs are up to 30% cheaper than our major competitors bringing long term savings. Because you are always kept up to date on the latest version of the software, you also avoid upgrade charges and the re-application of bespoke software development, for example as many are experiencing with Magento 1 end of life being announced by Adobe for June 2020.

Discuss Your Requirements Today

Contact us to discuss your Enterprise requirements on 0330 311 2810 and ask for Neil Whelan, Innovation Director.