Google Analytics v4 tracking switch over

Starting July 1st, Google is discontinuing the use of old Universal Analytics that all sites used and will be switching to GA4. 

You can find our migration guide here


If you prefer, we can take care of the migration process for you. 

Our charge is £95 + VAT, and we will handle setting up your GA4 account with our production-ready settings, connecting your site, and conducting thorough tests to ensure everything is functioning correctly. To request this service, please email us or contact us here with a subject line of "GA4 migration"

We can also assist you with any Google Ads changes that may be required if you utilise this feature. 


If you have already requested our migration service or if you are a current marketing customer of ours, your site has already been migrated. 

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us

Thank you. 

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