New in REC+: Email to users based on purchase history, integration, full emoji support 🤠& more.


  • Full UTF-8 emoji support 🚩
    We previously supported many of the simpler emojis in the system but we have now launched full support for any utf-8 emoji.
    Useful especially on emails and blog posts to help grab users attention, such as for seasonal posts: 🌇 🎃 🎄 🎁
    Many emoji's available, both Windows & Mac's have emoji keyboards built in, but you can also lookup emojis from sites such as:
  • Ckeditor template improvements
    Inside our text editor, click the 2nd icon from the left to find pre-set responsive templates for building content in your page such as 2, 3 or 4 column layouts.

    These have been refreshed and given screenshots so you can easily pick the one that will help you add content in the design you are looking for.
    Remember, be careful if you tick to 'Replace actual contents', it will completely overwrite whatever text is already in the content block.
  • Forms > Multiple checkbox fields
    You can now ask users multiple choice questions on the forms displayed as multiple checkboxes on a single line.
    Available when adding a form field as the "multi-checkbox" field type.
  • Image optimisation: WebP support for sliders, products & more
    Our thumbnail script can now convert images to WebP to help optimise them further.
    We've also introduced a new helper to embed picture elements into pages to upgrade images to WebP where supported in the browser:
    {{ picture('/userfiles/path/to/image.png', { thumbnail: '250x250' }) }}
    {{ picture(product.image, { alt:, thumbnail: '250x250', class: 'pcl-product-each-image' }) }}
    This is used on sliders by default too, on mobile we've optimised this to compress the files by up to 4X smaller.
  • Longer title input on add/edit blog posts
    Making it easier to read long titles for your blog posts
  • Admin design refresh tweaks
    A few minor tweaks around the admin area such as a simpler sidebar design to help keep focus on the main area. 


  • Personalisation > New ecommerce targeting available in Email Manager
    As part of a set of new personalisation features that we are rolling out over the coming months, Email Manager has been significantly extended to allow emails to be sent to your ecommerce visitors / buyers based on the same range of criteria that is now also available in the Users Making Purchases Report. This allows you to send a much wider range of highly targeted emails to maximise relevancy and increase uptake. Users can be filtered based on order date & status, groups or tags, categories & brands they have bought right down to the tags on products.
    Contact us to talk about personalisation pricing.

    Personalised ecommerce emails
  • / integration
    You can now merge product reviews collected by your site with reviews from the service so they both display together on product pages.
    Admin > Connect > API Key & Site ID
  • exclude groups of users getting review notification reminders
    When selling to freqent buyers such as dealers or distributors you may want to stop them getting review notifications for every order. 
    This setting let's you blacklist groups from receiving these notifications: 
    Site Admin > Settings > Ecommerce > Do Not BCC Order Confirmation Emails for the following Groups (i.e.the selected groups will not be sent a product review email from the service; 'ungrouped' retail buyers will always receive the product review email).
    Reminder: the emails will be sent after the number of hours specified in the Site setting > Ecommerce > Abandoned Carts > Abandoned After How Many Hours?
  • Email Tasks are now templatable
    Introducing templates into Email Tasks means you can now have better designed content to send to your customers with more control over what content is displayed in emails such as abandonded carts, for example showing the products that were in the abandoned cart.
  • Despatched email task event
    Allows you to delay sending review reminder emails or similar until after the order is despatched to account for delivery time so that the review email arrives after the package has actually turned up.
    Admin > Add/Edit Email Tasks > New despatched.order event that can be hooked into, e.g. only send a review request emails a few days after order is despatched.
  • Coupon assignment area cleanup
    New tabs have been introduced to separate Coupons vs Gift Vouchers vs Expired in the Assign Coupons area in Admin.

  • Coupons category exclusions
    You can now prevent specific coupons from applying to categories such as clearance or ones with discounts already applied. You can multi-select a number of categories. All sub-categories will be included automatically.
    Admin > Add/edit coupons > "Exclude applying this coupon to the following categories"
    Also in Assign coupons > an edit coupon button has been added directly in here along with an indicator if category exclusions have been added back on the coupon, as shown above.

  • On invoices, you can now group the products and options together as a single combined line
    Allows you to simplify the invoice lines for customers, especially useful if you have a large number of items placed on orders as it will cut down the amount of printing.
    Admin > Site Settings > Prices & VAT > Display Products and their Options as single lines on Invoices
    + New template tag in html/invoice/table_row.html.twig > line.item_name_inc_option_values (like line.item_name but with option values only instead of groups in front)
  • Order info screen, delete lines now moved into edit line screen.
  • Google Analytics: Custom dimensions & metrics now sync with orders When a customer makes a purchase, if you're tracking custom dimensions against them such as user group, you can now track them to the point of making an order or other system level events like form submissions and downloads.
  • NOTICE: Legacy Order Manager info view - removal 15th January 2020
    We have now deprecated the legacy order view and as of 15th January 2020 we will be removing this old area.
    The new order view has been in place and working well for the last year,  make the switch today to get the latest order management features.


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