New in REC+: Exit popups, Customer-specific products, 2 Factor Authentication and more


Exit popups

Engage your customers before they leave your site with our new exit popups feature.
You can use these popups to ask customers if they want to subscribe to your newsletter or offer them a special deal before they exit.
You can set up exit popups in your admin account by going to Admin > Site Exit Popup.
PR 3036

User specific access to products

With this new feature, you can restrict access to specific products to individual customers. This is useful for offering custom items or exclusive deals to specific users.
Once enabled, you can set up user-specific access to products in the Add/Edit products section by going to the Prices tab and selecting Restricted user access.
To enable this feature, please contact us for pricing.
PR 3044

Admin 2fa on login

Two factor authentication is now available for all Admin level accounts.
This feature adds an extra layer of security to protect access to your admin account.
You can enable this feature in your admin account settings by going to Admin > Top right dropdown menu > Your 2FA Settings.
PR 3056

Expert Answers > Brand new UI

We've redesigned the Expert Answers area in the admin interface to make it easier for you to manage customer questions on a large scale.
The new UI includes helpful filters to navigate through questions more efficiently, and you can now close questions without answering them.
Enjoy the improved experience!

VIP Club

Admin VIP Club Override
We've added the ability to fake that an admin is part of a specific VIP Club & Level so they can preview the VIP club on the front end of the site.
PR 3059


Preview blog urls
Send previews of your blog posts for review before publishing them to others without your reviewers needing to login.
PR 3051

Page Slices > new height setting
This new height only kicks in on desktop but lets you design even better layouts. This can also be combined with vertical alignment if you set a container with the height and then the alignment on the inner slice.
PR 3070

Audits added to the Customise User Area in Admin.
Similar to Site Settings & other areas, we've now implemented full audits of each change made here so it's easier to know when key features have been enabled for your customers to see.
PR 3061

Ecommerce & Reporting

Product price imports renamed
We've clarified the difference between the 2 different price imports, "Product Price Columns" vs "Product Qty Break Price Rows" and why you'd pick either method.
PR 3057

Report Builder > New table display when comparing between 2 dates.
We have a brand new display for showing each value and the % difference so you can see if your sales have gone up or down highlighted in green or red.
PR 3086

Report Builder > % ratio columns for the traffic sources.
With this change it's easier to see which traffic source makes up the largest percent of your sales traffic.
PR 3086

Report Builder > new Traffic Medium filter
The order info reports now have a traffic medium filter available. 
PR 3084

Report Builder > Charge types report
When using custom charge types (e.g. Delivery Duties Paid), you can now get a sales report in Order Information Report. 
PR 3064

Report Builder > more fields on the Ecommerce Revenue. report are now optional
Allowing you to build reports easier and not need to select "All" when running through the different options. 
PR 3052

Delivery method & region audits
We now keep audits when you add/edit and remove delivery methods and regions, further helping you keep track of when changes are made on your site.
PR 3053

Autocomplete for many areas around admin now support ID based search as well as their existing searches. 
E.g. Restricted access products lets you search on User name or email but if you type a "#" and then an ID it'll only bring up that specific customer, letting you find people easier when you have 2 customers with the same name but you know the ID of the one you want.
PR 3072

Designer / Developer Changes

Products API now exposes back in stock dates.
This is useful for any trade/distributor customers you may have that access your API list of products so they can find out when you're aiming to have an item back in stock to keep them and their customers up to date easier. 
PR 3062

Admin tips have been disabled after logging in.
These quick tips have been disabled for now, they previously showed to the bottom right of the screen but we've decided to disable them while we rework their tips and reconsider how best to help you with these.
PR 3071

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