New in REC+: GDPR Is Now In Force - Here's What To Do If You Still Need To Comply

GDPR Is Now Live!

Find out what you need to know to set up and implement the changes required to make your website GDPR compliant before 25th May 2018.

GDPR implementation

Features added on 22nd May include making Cookie Manager available to non-responsive design sites and allowing the Subscribe link to work with Mailgun integration and showing 3rd party domains correctly in the non-essential section of the cookie pop-up. All users are being asked to sign our latest terms and conditions which include GDPR updates mainly in the form of the new Data Processing Agreement.

Read all features and how to implement them here

You also have access to our full GDPR section which includes how to run processes that help you comply.

Do You Need Help WIth Your GDPR Website Compliance?

We are helping users to achieve compliance on their websites by performing cookie audits, form reviews and updates to cookie and privacy notices. These typically take around 3 hours and are charged at £75+VAT per hour or part thereof. Book your site in for GDPR via a freshdesk ticket.

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