New in REC+: Global Search, Report Builder, Top level GTINs and more

Feature Spotlight

  • Global Search
    This fantastic new feature is available to the top right of the admin screen you'll now find a search icon that lets you quickly search key areas of your site admin. 

    Key areas this covers: Orders & Invoices (by ID), Customers (by ID, Name or Business Name), Products (by ID, Code or Name), Product Variations (by Code), Categories (by ID or Name), Manufacturers (by ID or Name), Pages (by ID, Name or Slug). 
    The autocomplete will start to show after 3 characters entered, but you can also press enter to force showing the autocomplete, e.g. if you're looking for product 42. 
  • Report Builder BETA PREVIEW
    This is a powerful new reporting tool to help you better understand your ecommerce business. Based on the order info reports, Report Builder allows you to build a print/pdf-able report with selected combinations of data including ecommerce, google analytics & adwords data and form scores.
    There is support for date ranges as well as comparison dates, and you can also build re-usable report templates to generate them more quickly next time. 
    Available in: Admin > Reports > Report Builder

  • Email Task Criteria
    Filter your email tasks to send when customers buy from specific categories, manufacturers & product tags.
    When add/editing an email task you'll now find a new criteria area where you can add these rules. 
  • Top level GTIN fields on products & variations
    We now have fields directly on products & their variations for GTINs to use instead of having to add these via product attributes. 
    Available in: Add Product > Barcode / GTIN, as well as on Edit Product > Main details > Barcode / GTIN and Edit Product > Options > Variations > GTIN against each variation.


  • CurrencyLayer enhanced / international currencies support.
    We offer a default currency integration with the ECB (European Central Bank) but CurrencyLayer is a paid service where you can gain additional currency rates such as TWD (Taiwanese Dollar)
    Available to set up in Admin > Connect > CurrencyLayer > Currency Adapter,
    once set up, you can enable in Admin > Settings > Prices & VAT > Currency Adapter
    Contact us about setting up a currency converter onto your site such as in your header for easy customer access. A small charge applies.
  • Make/Model/Year filtering in Admin of your auto parts site 
    In product manager & the auto parts export you can now filter based on your make, model & year options just like customers can on the front end of your site. 
    The MMY export has also been optimised and enhanced to make sure exporting multiple chunks of data keeps the variable option & attribute columns the same. 
  • Order Info Report Speed Improvements.
    We've improved speed so you can view reports and  analyse your performance.
  • Added postcode helper icons next to all postcode input fields around the site.
    These link over to to help international customers find out about their postcode or if they are in a country that doesn't have postcodes then they recommend entering 00000 where needed. 
  • Google product feed can now auto send category name as a custom label.
    Speeding up Google Ads campaign management.
    Enable in: Site Settings > Ecommerce > Show Categories as Custom Labels in the Google Product Feed
  • Google product feed now auto removes any enquiry-only products from the feed
    Products without the price showing and ability to buy online are not allowed in the Google Products as per Google's terms of use.
    To make complying with this easier we now auto remove those enquiry only products from the feed for you the same as draft or discontinued products. 
  • Edit Product "return to products manager" link has been replaced by a breadcrumb instead. 
    This helps you navigate back and forward in Product Manager faster from the edit product screen. 
  • Delivery Band Export
    Make changes to your delivery rates faster with this new export.
    Available in Export Manager > Delivery Bands, and import back in through Import System > Step 2 > Delivery Bands
  • Multiple coupon use improvements. 
    When a customer applies multiple lump sum coupons, e.g. a £10 off deal and a gift voucher, these now both take each other into consideration when applying the min spend limits and when reaching zero to avoid any calculation issues. 
  • Coupon invalid message improvements
    Applying an expired coupon or a coupon that is not available to a customer will now give the customer more details as to why the coupon cannot be applied to their order such as not meeting the criteria of items in cart etc. 
  • Gift Voucher emails are now fully templatable
    Previously editable as a page they now have full template functionality available, find them in /html/email/templates/voucher/
  • Manual orders > customer selector improvements
    You can now more easily search for users to attach to an order and this supports finding users by business name and membership code.
  • Tradebox support for our new Bundles system
    The new product bundles feature was released recently and now integrates with Tradebox / Sage integration sending each component product on its own order line.


  • Gallery albums tidy up
    We've simplified the process of entering album names on the built in gallery app.  
  • New "country_to_alpha_2" twig function that will convert a country name to the ISO Alpha 2 format for country names. 
    In addition the invoice template has a specific variable for using this as well {{ line.country_of_origin_alpha_2 }}
  • Deleting a template now auto clears your session preview. 


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