New in REC+: Google Ads Integration In Report Builder, Stock History Tracking & More


Report Builder Google Ads integration
We now have reporting integration with Google Ads in our Report Builder tool. 
Using this you can add graphs of clicks, impressions, conversions, CPC, CTR, ROAS and much more. directly in your reports. 

Track in and out of stock products & variations
Available in Admin > Reports > Stock History, this new report lets you track the history of your in and out of stock items at both top product level as well as variation level. 

Ecommerce & Reporting

Run reports for specific customers
Looking to see sales details of specific big customers? Our Report Builder tool now allows you to filter to a specific customer. To make this easier, there's now a dedicated button to the top right of the user profiles to go direct to Report Builder with this customer pre-selected.

Edit Product > Orders Tab Lifecycle Date Range
By default the Lifecycle report on products defaults to the date range the product has been live on your site, but you may want to restrict this down to a specific range to see recent sales for example. 

Customer level address matching switch
On a per user basis, require their billing & delivery address/country match for added restrictions, optionally overriding the group level settings for this. 
Enable via Admin > Site settings > Ecommerce > Checkout > "Enable Checkout Address Matching Checks"
Admin > User Manager > user profile > status & levels > Address Checks

Reworked design for Report Builder > Saved Templates
Saved templates have been redesigned to be easier to use and modify with drag and drop support.

Filter by Product Groups in Report Builder
Use this to see sales growth for specific groupings of your products for example ease-of-fitment levels.

Sales Targets have moved to the top of the user profile.
This makes it easier to set these for your customers and spot them at a glance when opening their user profile. 

Purchase orders can now render product tickboxes checked by the customer on each order. 
Access `detail.options` directly as an array in the `purchase_order.html.twig` file.

Invoice PDFs can now generate with the Order ID in the name instead of Invoice ID if preferred.
Enable in Admin > Site Settings > Prices > Invoice Display > Generate Invoice PDF with Order ID instead of Invoice ID in the filename.
As part of this we also simplified the order lines CSV available from the order info screen's filename and it uses either the Order or Invoice ID following this setting as well. 

Product data validation for GTINs
Adding to our automated safety checks for product data in the system, we now monitor for invalid GTINs such as "#", "N/a" or "none" where these may have been imported by accident. Our checks run each hour so if this happens on your site, it is reported to you to fix the issue so it doesn't affect your products on Google.

Security & GDPR

These are now re-recorded behind the scenes for sessions where the user returned with cookies already accepted. 
This fixes an issue where though initially we let you know if cookies were accepted on a session (such as against an order or form) where the user accepted them in the same session. But as cookies stick around for multiple sessions, they are now associated to those new sessions as well so you have a complete picture when reviewing sessions like this. 

Bot Blocking
Further improvements in Bot Blocking added to help block new bots from slowing down sites. 


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