New in REC+: July - Create a PDF Print-ready Catalogue & more


PDF Product Listing Catalogue
You can now generate PDFs (300dpi / print quality) of your product catalogue to distribute to customers or resellers easily. Read in full.
The templates are flexible and we can build fairly custom layouts for your products split out by category chapters inside the PDF while letting you add custom pages and cover/back images.
Admin > PDF Product Listings
Admin > Product Manager > Edit Category > Exclude category from PDF product listings
Also requires a cron to be set up.

User Manager mass search
Adds a way to mass search on a list of pasted in emails, as well as a column for their order total in the last 3 months and a simplified newsletter subscribed indicator.
Admin > User manager > Filter users > Mass search on emails

Ecommerce & Reporting

Order Manager filter for User Smart Type
Adds a way in Order Manager to filter the User Smart Type and show the smart type against orders in the main table and on the dashboard.
Admin > Site Settings > Display > Show Smart Types on Order Manager
Admin > Order Manager > Quick Search > Smart Type

Top Products report now shows conversion rate
Adds conversion rate to current and comparisons colums.
Available via Admin > Reports > Top Products report.

Top Products report filter for User Smart Type
Adds a smart type filter to the top products report

Top Products report category field select
The top products report now lets you select which of the 5 category fields it should use when selecting a category.

Back in stock admin alerts now email two reminders
We now email 2 business days before stock hits the back in stock date, as well as on the day to help remind you to check the stock positionahead of time.


Unleashed retail customer code prefix
We can now add a prefix to retail customer codes we send to Unleashed to help you see which accounts are retail  more easily.
Admin > Connect > Utilities > Unleashed > Retail Customer Code Prefix

SMTP auth mode support when sending emails via SMTP
This helps improve compatibility with 3rd party email providers when using SMTP such as Office 365
Admin > SMTP & Email Settings > SMTP config > Auth Mode, Send Source IP & Ignore SSL verification/errors


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