New in REC+: June - Refer A Friend System Launched & more


Refer a friend
Encourage customers to share your site with friends with a discount and when friends order the sharer gets a discount too. Read in full.
Licence upgrade required, contact us to enable this, then manage via Admin > Refer a friend system
Customers can find their sharing link in Customer home > Refer A Friend 
Reports updated to show 'R' for refer a friend as the source including Order Traffic Analyzer and the Order Info report
Email tasks > new event for "Refer a friend complete order" > page contains "coupon_code" and "coupon_end_date" template tags.

Coupon User Smart Type & country restrictions
Adds support for setting User Smart type and delivery country restrictions directly on a coupon.
Admin > Add/edit coupon > "Make this only available for a specific user smart type" & "Filter this coupon to specific countries only?"

Single use coupons
You can now make coupons only apply once and then remove their assignment rule after use, this is auto set for the order anniversary and refer a friend coupons.
Admin > Assign Coupons > new tickbox for "Single Use"

Ecommerce & Reporting

Order anniversary restriction improvements
The order anniversary coupons can now be restricted to specific user smart types and countries.

Back in stock alerts to admin
We now check product back in stock dates every day so if the day comes and no stock is set on the product yet it will email you to remind you to get stock or update the date it's back in stock.

Product tag counts
In the admin management area for product tags we now show counts of tag groups and tags.


Viewing user form responses now links to the full form response info.
We've added a " View Response" link to form entries on edit customer > forms to help you track customer contact more easily.

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