New in REC+: October - Option Special Pricing, Top Categories Drilldown & more


Option special pricing
You can now set special prices on products right down to the option level, with additional template functionality for styling.
Edit product > options tab > next to option price & the group icon is a new discount tag icon which when clicked reveals a special offer price field.
This field is also available when editing group based option level prices. 
Requires a licence upgrade.

Top Categories Drilldown
Top Categories report now lets you drilldown through to sub-categories to explore which are bringing in the most sales for your site.

3D secure v2
We've reviewed and made relevant changes to all the payment processors we support to ensure they support the new 3D secure version 2 so your customers payments are kept secure, including PayPal, Stripe, SagePay, Barclaycard EPDQ and more. 

CMS & Design

Page access control using user smart type
You can now set access control rules by user smart types (which can contain multiple user groups e.g. retail, trade, dealer) meaning pages to only be viewed by users within that smart type. This lifts the previous limit of only setting up to 3 user groups for page access control.
Available via Admin > Page Manager on the edit page screen under the existing user group dropdowns.

Content Blocks > Links New Tab option
Content blocks that have links inside such as images can now be set to open in a new tab for additional flexibility when building up pages. 

Ecommerce & Reporting

Coupon Assignment design improvements & multiple selections
We've redesigned the way you can add coupon assignments to simplify the process and make it easier to select multiple products, categories and brands / manufacturers.

Report Builder percentage revenue change between comparison date ranges
Running Report Builder order info reports with a comparison date range set now shows you the percentage revenue change between the two date ranges.

Report Builder new advanced filter for excluding manual orders
Compare year on year sales without manual orders included to separate out online web v telesales orders. 

Refer a friend email task links
When sending email tasks e.g. order reminders, you can now include the template tag {{ user.refer_a_friend_link }} to remind customers about the refer a friend deal that's available.

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