New in REC+: Order Manager redesign, multiple product downloads, PayPal Credit & more

In this issue of REC developments we have a number of fantastic new features to help run your website, let's take a look:


  • Order Manager redesign went live.
    We've been working on a new Order Manager experience for a while, focusing on what's most important to you as an admin when you view orders. It's now live & we've incorporated lots of suggestions already but we'd love to hear your feedback.
    Read more about this here.
  • Multiple product downloads now supported.
    Allowing you to show several documents on product pages rather than just the one. 
    This is available when adding/editing products in Product Manager.
    Once you have uploaded files, you can change their display names in Edit Product, or it will simply display the file name in a friendly way.
    This also requires template code changes to display multiple downloads on the product page itself.
  • Google Optimize support built in. 
    Opening up A/B testing to all sites through free Google Optimize accounts. Find out more about Google Optimize here.
    Available in Connect > SEO/Analytics > Google Analytics > Optimize Tracking ID.
  • PayPal Credit now in beta via the PayPal In-Context JS Express Checkout.
    The In-Context checkout is a smoother way to take PayPal payments & convert faster, while Credit allows users to pay using Paypal's new credit facility. 
    Find out more about PayPal Credit here.
    Available in Connect > Payment Processors > PayPal Express > Enable In-Context Checkout & Enable PayPal Credit.
  • Collecting user first and last name separately during Checkout.
    Avoid customers entering only their first names by enabling first and last name fields on checkout. This is also important for some 3rd party delivery services as part of their security and validation processes. 
    Available in Site Settings > Ecommerce > Checkout > "Require customers to enter both their First and Last names".
  • Categorise your product filter results pages. 
    Useful if you often have many results and want to offer users more structure to help them find what they are looking for by only showing categories whilst drilling down to the lowest category level. 
    Available in Setting in Product Filters App Manager > Categorize results.
  • New Email Notifications area.
    Control who receives which type of admin notifications, including the ability to select by user group. This gives you much more fine grained control over all emails sent to admins. 
    Available in Admin > Email Notifications.

Tweaks & Improvements

  • User manager more clearly indicates the status of the user.
    Allowing you as an admin to know if each user can or can't login (e.g. they are only part-approved / guest checkout users).
  • Our Google Products, feed integration now lets you customise which delivery methods are shown.
    Available in Delivery Manager for all delivery methods. This change allowed greater control in case Google misinterpreted your delivery.
  • Improved search for mistyped products.
    When no products are found on site search, find similar products using the Levenshtein distance system, which looks for words or product codes that are a close match. For example this is useful where people searching on the site mistype a product code or name by one or two letters and the system will be able to work out what they were most likely looking for.
    Enable in Site Settings > Ecommerce > tick the field “When no products are found on search, find similar products using the Levenshtein distance system.”
  • Admin theme improvements for light colours.
    The system now picks to either use light or dark text over the coloured area in your admin area for greater contrast.

Designers & Developers

  • User tags are now available in the template system.
    Enable this in the Template Preloads area & it will return an array via {{ user.tags }} 
    Use this to control how data is used on the front end. 
  • Product templates have support for multiple downloads.
    Boilerplate for this is available in the standard build (responsive-base/html/store/product_info.html.twig).
  • The Template syntax (Twig) now supports maps & filters.
    This gives you greater control over how data is shown, especially in modules.
    More details on this here.
  • New PayPal "Buy Now" buttons available for product pages to help increase conversions.
    Boilerplate for this is available in the standard build (responsive-base/html/store/product_info.html.twig) and behind a switch in Connect > Payment Methods > PayPal Express > Enable on Product info pages.
  • Email / SPF Debugger tool introduced.
    Allowing you to test if a site's email issue might be due to faulty SPF setup. Try it out here. 
    Follow the full guide on better email deliverability & troubleshooting here.

Custom Work Highlights

  • Country redirects for international visitors.
    Allows a site to detect where in the world a visitor is and offer the user a redirect to their country specific site. 
  • Product tag driven full width navigation menu .
    Allows you to perform drill down through a menu using tags to get to relevant products.
    We display a standard ‘All Products' image /userfiles/images/sys/all-products.png which can be changed by simply replacing it.
    First application has been used for a vehicle parts search. 
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