New in REC+: Page Slice, VIP Club and other changes, plus server security updates


Redesigned Page Slices Interface
We have updated the page slices interface to make it more straightforward and intuitive. The new design includes new features that allow you to name different blocks/slices on the page for quicker reference and collapsible sections for easier drag and drop positioning.

Twitter API Version 2 Update
To keep pace with Twitter's latest updates, we have upgraded to the new API version. In order to keep posting your new products and posts to Twitter, you may need to reconnect with Twitter via the Admin > Connect screen. 

Ecommerce & Reporting

Top products report conversion rates are now 2 decimal.
This allows you to view this metric at a more granular level.

The Partial Shipment option can now be restricted by smart type.
There's an existing site setting that can be enabled which allows customers to select if they are happy for their order to be sent in partial shipments or wait for the entire shipment at once. This new setting allows you to restrict this to a specific smart type, e.g. only your dealers.
PR 2912

Product Launch alerts are now fired at point of change rather than on an hourly schedule.
Customers subscribed to product launch alerts will now receive these whenever the status changes, especially useful when it is changed by an import rather.
PR 2850

Vehicle search > further customisation for text
We've added customisable definitions so you can modify all the content shown to users around the Vehicle search, find these over in Admin > Site Definitions. 
PR 2937

VIP Club

VIP Club Rewards & Requirements can now be dragged into the order you'd like them to display on the front end to users in their VIP club page.
VIP Clubs > Levels > Add/Edit > Rewards & Requirements
PR 2924

VIP Club requirements for reviews can be marked as optional.
There's often a delay between an order being placed and it then being dispatched, received and used, meaning there can be a longer time to collect reviews. To cater for this we have made reviews an optional requirement so that customers can still move between bands without reviews. Set this in VIP Clubs > Levels > Add/Edit > Product Reviews Requirement > Do not make this a compulsory requirement to achieve this level
PR 2918


ShippyPro Click & Collect
When using our ShippyPro delivery adapter, you can now offer an alternative click & collect delivery option at checkout. 
Connect > Delivery > ShippyPro
PR 2908

Discontinued products now indicated in Shopify export.
The 'Published' field will now be set to False when the item is discontinued, also Status will be set to archived instead of active. 
Contact us to find out more about our export options for Distributors.
PR 2903

Server security
We wish to highlight that several new server security improvements have been implemented to keep your websites up to date and secure. 
PR 2906

Unleashed weights support against products can now be disabled.
Sometimes you may want to use "each" as your measurement rather than an exact weight.
This lets you switch all products away from using weight measures when sending them to Unleashed.
PR 2923


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