New in REC+: Product Addons, Smart Types, Additional Unleashed Features and more

Feature Spotlight

  • Product Addons
    Product Addons allows you to prominently display additional products / services on the product page which the buyer can choose to add to their order if they want them. For example, addons could be useful additional parts, warranties or other services like gift wrapping.
    There is a new Add-ons tab on Edit product to add the required products.
    These addons show through on product info pages, quick shop, manual orders and customer re-order screens.  
    Note: May require template changes which are chargeable.
    Read more about addons
  • Smart Types
    Smart Types allow a way to define a user's primary group classification on a site primarily for reporting purposes currently, but this might be extended. 
    Read more about Smart Types


  • Export counts
    Exports of products now have counts showing on them so you can quickly work out if you need to increase the export limits. Applies to some other exports too.
  • Batch product processor update by product ID list
    Batch product processor now let's you search for products to update based on lists of product IDs, e.g. if you have a spreadsheet of products to update, you can copy the ID column values and paste them into this new search field.
  • Product filter now offers a quick reset button
    Especially useful for when you have many filters on a page and you want to let your users reset everything at once.
    Admin > Product Filter App Manager > Show a reset button
  • Delivery manager warnings
    Delivery manager now warns you if you have regions setup that are in countries where you don't have a default entry for the country setup, or when you don't have the required ISO code data added on the regions (needed for 3rd party integrations such as delivery systems and some payment processors)
  • Price list change email updates
    Price list update emails now only log a single primary reason against them, e.g. price changes and discontinued items will prioritse the reason for the change as being discontinued. 
  • Expert answers > All tab
    There is a new tab in Admin > Expert Answers > 'All" which offers a quick way to lookup recently asked/answered questions without needing to go through all products once the question leaves the 'New' tab. 
  • Per user group setting around allowing backorders. 
    This feature allows certain groups to still order your out of stock items, e.g. your dealers. 
    Admin > User Groups > Edit > Stock > Allow Back Orders?
  • Switch added to allow delivery price bands to include coupons in the total or not.
    By default, coupons aren't included when calculating delivery price bands to make sure the user gets the same price before and after discounts. This new setting allows you to calculate delivery price bands including or excluding the coupon amounts.
    Admin > Site Settings > Delivery > Calculate delivery price bands based on item total less discounts/coupons.


  • Page delete audits now log names
    The audits now keep track of the name & slug of deleted pages.
  • Email Manager > Send to users using pasted in email addresses 
    This new feature allows you to paste in multiple email addresses to send emails to, while maintaining GDPR compliance by checking if each has a record in the system and if they allow us to send emails to them.
    Read more about how this could be used


  • Product description layouts
    This feature allows designers to create more interesting templates for products and allows admins to choose between multiple product description designs. 
    The product description layouts is a new dropdown on edit product screen that only shows when there's more than just the default file in the html/store/product_info/descriptions/ folder.
    The default is default.html.twig which literally only contains the description tag, this allows quickly copying the file to a new name to work with.


  • Options sync key
    This can be used as a common code (other than ID) to keep options in sync such as with Multi Store.


  • Unleashed integration updates
    Our Unleashed integration is now fully out of beta and supports a range of additional options such as:
    Setting prefixes for order & customer IDs to allow sending orders from multiple sites to a single Unleashed account
    Filtering to only send retail customers orders over
    Send all products en mass to Unleashed, especially useful for after imports, batch updates,  price updates etc. 

Development & Servers

  • Google cookie updates, and (the older) domains are now included with the Google Adwords Cookies as well as other updates to their cookies used to keep your cookie complience in check. 
    Please remember to review your site cookies from time to time to make sure your site remains compliant. 


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