New in REC+: Runners, Repeaters & Strangers, Email Task Analytics, New Page Slices & More


Runners, Repeaters & Strangers For Enhanced Product Demand Analysis.
Introducing Runners, Repeaters & Strangers. Allowing you to easily determine the average weekly demand of your products and feed this into your procurement and manufacturing teams to optimise purchase ordering and manufacturing schedules. 
Contact us to enable this on your store. Licence upgrade required.

Email Task Analytics
Introducing Email Task Analytics. Gain valuable statistics on your automated emails, for example views and clicks for abandoned carts. Easily accessible under Admin > Email Tasks > Stats, this powerful feature provides you with comprehensive data in a simple, user-friendly format.


New Form Builder filters
These new filters to help you sort through responses including date range and traffic source/medium
You can also now group the responses to remove duplicates.

Page slices > new "hover tile" slice
When hovering over an image show content over the top of it.

Page slices > new "text carousel" slice
Similar to image carousels, these text carousels let you rotate text such as slogans or select testimonials on your site.

Page slices > new "content switcher" slice
Similar to sliders or carousels, these switchers are a 50/50 split with image to the left & content to the right, with numbered buttons to switch between each slide.

Page slices > border styles & radius
Round your slices with the border radius & optionally set different border styles to have further control over the display of slices.

Page slices > new featured slices for common uses.
Quick reusable patterns to display content such as: Articles, Services you offer, Quick Feature Overview, Team members.

Page slices > new tabs & FAQ slices
Easily add an FAQ section to your site with this new slice type or build a more interactive area with the new tabs.

Duplicate page
Quickly make a copy of a page with the new Duplicate Page button, available in Admin > Page Manager > Edit Page > new button to top right for Duplicate Page.

Page slices > gallery modals for image grids
Optionally enable modal popups on click of images in your grids, as well as control aspect ratios of the thumbnails to maintain a clean looking grid layout.

Ecommerce & Reporting

User Group Delivery Address Matching & Restrictions
Restrict delivery for specific groups to require either their full address, or just the country being delivered to is the same as the customer billing address. This lets you optionally require that your UK distributors aren't using you to dropship abroad. 
User Groups > Edit User Group > Enable Address Matching?

Report Builder exclude manual orders by default
Now possible by enabling the existing "exclude vat" site setting: Reports > Default the Order Info Reports & Report Builder to exclude VAT & manual orders

Coupon Manager search
As your store grows, the number of coupons/deals increases. This new feature lets you search through them faster by name or the coupon code.

Payment method address match restriction
Restrict payment methods to only show when a users billing & delivery address matches. Useful for selecting the most appropriate payment processor for financial inspection, for example Stripe may prefer the same billing and delivery addresses to process an order.

Unlimited YouTube videos per product. 
You're no longer limited to a maximum of 3 YouTube videos per product, now you can upload as many as needed, each displayed with thumbnails on the product page. 

Reports can now exclude restricted access products
This allows you to filter reports to exclude items restricted for sale to specific dealers only. 
Admin > Order Manager > Quick Search > Additional search filters > Restricted Access
Admin > Report Builder > Advanced > Exclude Restricted Products

Order Manager > Delivery method filter
Quickly find all orders placed with a specific delivery method quickly with this new filter e.g. all orders set to Collection or ones awaiting to be delivered through DPD for example. 

Prospect Manager

Prospect Manager > optional comment field on batch edit quotes.
You can optionally batch set a comment on multiple quotes at once for example setting which invoice they are part of.
Available under the table of quotes in Prospect Manager.

Prospect Manager > Auto watcher
When adding a quote for a customer, if that customer record has a Sales Manager set they will be automatically added as a watcher on the quote. This helps ensure your sales team are kept up to date on quotes relating to their clients.

Designer / Developer Changes

Modules > new colour type field
You can now use colour pickers directly inside modules to help make design changes per module item for example.

Meta tag character counts
All meta title, descriptions & keyword fields now have recommended maximum character counts 


SPF record examples
An important piece of email security is setting up an SPF record to help ensure emails are delivered correctly and not spoofed from mail servers you don't trust.
We now show example SPF records for you in the admin area > SMTP settings to help you get this sorted for your site. 
SPF is also becoming a requirement for delivering to many email providers such as Google/gmail so it's an important step for all sites to consider.

Admin login IP checks
When logging in we now verify the IP/location you're logging in from is one we've seen from you before. 
Edit Customer > Subscribe to Security Emails

Suspended admins are now immediately logged out.
Previously suspending another user would only affect them on log in, this has now been re-worked to immediately invalidate their session in the case that they are already logged in, letting you take action right away if an admin needs to be removed from your site.


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