New in REC+: Top Products Report Custom Date Ranges, Exclude Options From Variations & More


Top Products > Custom comparison date range
Previously Top Products report would automatically calculate a comparison date range for you, this still happens but you can now override it. 
This lets you run monthly, quarterly and half-yearly reports.

Ecommerce & Reporting

Exclude options from variations
Some options on products may not mean that a product needs to be split out by variations. For example, size & colours combinations would be variations whilst a part being painted with primer does not form a variations, they are simply fixed price increases in the cart.

Product Variation Lifecycle
The product lifecycle report on the edit product screen can now be filtered to a specific variation, using this you can see trends of sales for specific option combinations of a product. 

Append content to product descriptions in a category.
Need to add some text to the bottom of all products in a certain category? This new feature allows you to do this en masse.
Available via Admin > Product Manager > Edit Category > Append content to product descriptions

Variation option combinations can now be shown to users with custom built product option templates.
Option level stock can already show on options to disable different values, but if you're out of stock of only specific variations (red in a medium size for example), then you can now make it so after selecting red, the Medium size disables automatically for the customer so they can instantly see availability. 
This is a custom template change which can be applied, contact us to find out more about this and what else is possible to improve product page designs.


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