New in REC+: VIP club dropout emails, new page slices for ecommerce categories, Dealer export files & more.

CMS & Design

Categories Page Slices
We've added 2 new Page Slices for adding categories to pages easier:
"Categories - System" - List all categories on the site, or ones from a sub category. 
"Categories - Curated" - Select each category manually and drag and drop the sort order they are displayed in. 

Embed responsive iframes in Page Slices
When using page slices to embed 3rd party code into your site, if they utilise iframes for embeding the content (as many do), you can now tick to automatically make the iframe responsive for better display on mobile and tablets.

Further enhancements for Page Slices will be coming out soon.

Prospect Manager

Bulk delete quotes
You can now delete quotes entered in mistake or as duplicates of others. 
This can be done via Admin > Prospect Manager > tick the quotes you want to remove and at the bottom of the screen click the "Delete Selected Records" button.
Contact us to find out more about our Prospect/Quote management tool. 

Ecommerce & Reporting

VIP club dropout emails
To help make sure users don't suddenly drop out of the VIP club without warning, we've added 3 new email notifications you can send via Email Tasks:
1 month, 2 weeks, 1 days 
Create persuasive messaging within these emails in the /html/email/templates/vip_club_warnings.html.twig template 

Cart indicators for items excluded from in cart deals. 
"Excluded from offer" will appear next to cart items when a deal message shows and the item isn't part of it. This currently supports category exclusions but we plan to expand this to other coupon settings as well. 

New Product Issue report for products with encoding issues
When importing data we require the files in UTF-8 encoding and our exports are in this format as well. 
However, if you convert from UTF-8 to another encoding, and then back again, it may cause encoding issues in your data. This new check highlights any issues on a list of products. 

After product imports we now run Product Issue checks
Important product data quality checks are now run directly after an import with an option for you to easily view them. You'll see these after your next product data import on the site. 

Improved VAT reporting when changing settings
We now record VAT settings against orders so that if they are updated in the future then we have a record of the settings at the time. 


PDF product catalogue
Our auto generated PDF catalogue listings of your products now gives even better control over the category chapters of the PDF. 
We show the existing category description that displays on the website, but there is a new field on the edit category screen which allows you to enter different category text to appear in the PDF. 
Additionally, there is another field to show content directly after the categories products, better allowing use of the available space of that page for adverts or information 

Distributor product data exports
We can now enable a feature on your site to send a common format export file (in this case we used the Shopify export format) to allow distributors to import your products easier (especially if they use Shopify, however the file's columns with a few changes should in theory work well with many other systems).
Contact us to find out more about this paid feature for Premium licence manufacturers only. 

Following on from the above feature, we also now have a way for Distributors to request access to the file.
This allows you to control who can have access and monitor if they are frequently downloading the file to keep their stores up to date. 
Once this feature is purchased, you can then enable it in Admin > Customize User Area > Enable Shopify Export Area?
Customer home > Shopify export (only shows if smart type not equal to 1/retail and it's enabled).
Admin > Dealer Export Access Manager
Admin > Email tasks > new event available for Dealer Export Access Approved
Admin > Email Notifications > new notification for Dealer Export request

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