No CRM? We've Got You Covered!

Every growing business should record and track all their business opportunities to keep on top of progress and avoid things slipping through cracks. However, research shows that 60% of businesses who start off in earnest using a CRM give up over time. Mainly because it's too complex, too costly or doesn't integrate to their website where they take enquiries and store customer records. Recognising this, we introduced Prospect Manager - a simple-to-use CRM system which is built in to your website. Some of the key benefits include:

  • Store unlimited opportunities and users
  • Fully integrated with your REC+ website
  • Set up multiple agents in teams and management levels
  • Easy to enter leads and track progress across custom statuses
  • Receive email reminders for key actions and followups
  • Get Alerts when prospective clients open your emailed quotations
  • Easily see when revenues are due to land

Find out more about what it does and how to use it in our knowledge base.

Prospect Manager is also free when you have our Premium Ecommerce subscription or available for a low cost subscription. Contact us for pricing details on 0330 322 2810.

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